Fogey (For Old Geezers and Everyone Younger) 2017

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FOGEY (For Old Geezers and Everyone Younger) 2017

Round 6
Toss-Up 1

She appeared as Nurse MacIntyre on the medical sitcom Laurie Hill and played a caterer in the final episode of Mad About You. On one show, this actress played an internet executive who returns home after her company folds. She played receptionist Margo Van Meter on the last episode of Duet and transferred over to the spin-off Open House. On another show, she played the owner of a store called Buy the Book. After the first season, that program, These Friends of Mine, would be renamed for this actress. In an episode called “The Puppy Episode,” her character came out as a lesbian, and this actress soon followed suit. For ten points, name this actress and talk show host.

Answer: Ellen Degeneres

Bonus 1

Some movies show the determination required in sports through a player who must combat some fatal illness. For ten points, name these films which deal with dying athletes.

10] Originally shown on ABC, this 1971 film explores the relationship between Gayle Sayers and a running back who succumbs to cancer, played by James Caan.

Answer: Brian’s Song

10] In this film, Gary Cooper plays a baseball player who is diagnosed with ALS but considers himself “the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

Answer: The Pride of the Yankees

10] Catcher Bruce Pearson is dying of Hodgkin’s Disease, but his best friend, ace pitcher Henry Wiggen, helps him keep the management unaware of his illness in this Robert De Niro film.

Answer: Bang the Drum Slowly

Toss-Up 2

During the 2008 International Bowl, he ran for 280 yards including four touchdowns. Drafted that year, this player got his first professional start in the season opener against the Bengals while Willis McGahee recovered from knee surgery. After three seasons with more than 250 carries, he led the league in yards from scrimmage in 2011. The next season, during a regular season game against the Chargers, he converted on a 4th-and-29 play, preserving his team’s chance to make it to the playoffs that year. After a less stellar 2013 season, he was suspended indefinitely after a video emerged showing him knocking out his future wife. For ten points, name this former running back for the Baltimore Ravens.

Answer: Ray Rice
Bonus 2

Although Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy may be more famous, Peter Parker’s love life has included other women. For ten points, name these women once involved with Parker

10] Originally given powers by the Kingpin, this burglar has abilities now thanks to the Tinkerer’s work. She was primarily involved with Parker’s alter ego, Spider-Man, prior to his marriage to Mary Jane.

Answer: Felicia Hardy (Accept: Black Cat)

10] After the events of “One Day More,” Parker dates this forensics officer. She breaks up with him after determining he is Spider-Man and even works out that Otto Octavius has switched minds with Parker during the Superior Spider-Man run.

Answer: Carlie Cooper

10] After he helps her escape Norman Osborn’s goons, this member of the Avengers agrees to go on a date with Spider-man. He talks about Osborn, she about Mystique and Rogue, before they fight some hired thugs.

Answer: Carol Danvers (accept Ms. Marvel) (prompt on Captain Marvel)

Toss-Up 3

In one song from this album, the singer tells a former lover, “You got two fat children and a drunken man,” instead of having him, while another song states, “You can move your mouth forever, but the words sound just the same.” In addition to “Look at Your Hands” and “Hard Day,” this album features a song which was divided into three parts or rhythms entitled “A Last Request,” “Brass in Love,” and “Lust.” In the video for that song, the words “Explore” and “Monogamy” are written on Kathy Jeung’s back. The songs “Monkey,” “Father Figure,” and “I Want Your Sex” were among the six singles off what first solo album by George Michael?

Answer: Faith
Bonus 3

In the film The American President, Martin Sheen played A.J. MacInerney, the White House Chief of Staff. Four years later, Sheen had moved to the highest ranking official in the land. For ten points each:

10] Name this President of the United States played by Sheen on The West Wing.

Answer: Josiah Edward "Jed" Bartlet

10] Bartlet’s Chief of Staff for the first six seasons was this character, portrayed by John Spencer, until the character suffered a heart attack and switched to being Senior Counselor.

Answer: Leo McGarry

10] This former head of the Women’s Leadership Coalition, played by Mary-Louise Parker, becomes Chief of Staff to First Lady Abby Bartlet. She resigns in season five.

Answer: Amelia “Amy” Gardner

Toss-Up 4

He wrote and directed a film in which Sterling Hayden’s character plans a race-track robbery. That film, The Killing, impressed William Wyler who asked this person to help write How To Steal a Million, but delays led to this man instead directing a film about Colonel Dax’s attempt to defend three WWI soldiers of cowardice. Kirk Douglas, who played Dax in Paths of Glory, starred in this director’s next film along with Lawrence Olivier, Jean Simmons, and Tony Curtis. Subsequent works by this director include a film in which a college professor becomes infatuated with a 14 year old and one where Dave Bowman shuts down a sentient computer. For ten points, name this director of Spartacus, Lolita, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Answer: Stanley Kubrick
Bonus 4

He played with the Yardbirds and John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers prior to joining Cream. For ten points, identify the following associated with Eric Clapton.

10] Cream released four albums in four years including this double album containing “White Room” and a live version of “Crossroads.” One disc is live while the other is a studio album.

Answer: Wheels of Fire

10] This band – consisting of Clapton, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Gordon, and Carl Radle – released only one studio album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. They dissolved in less than two years.

Answer: Derek and the Dominos

10] Prior to forming Derek and the Dominos, Clapton was a member of this supergroup with Steve Winwood, Ric Grech, and Ginger Baker. Their eponymous album cover features 11-year old Mariora Goschen holding a plane.

Answer: Blind Faith

Toss-Up 5

In this character’s first appearance, he prevents Evelyn Curry from being executed for the murder of Jack Kennedy. In other early stories, he drugs Tommy Burke so that he can take his place on the Cordell University football team to foil an attempt to fix the game, and he threatens to suffocate the superintendent of the Coreytown prison who has been torturing prisoners. These adventures see him picking up cars, outrunning a train, and leaping up to an eighth of a mile. Not until later would he demonstrate the ability to fly and see through walls. For ten points, name this Kryptonian who made his debut in Action Comics #1.

Answer: Superman (prompt on “Clark Kent”)
Bonus 5

For ten points each, name these unseeded men who won Wimbledon.

10] This German’s 1985 win made him the youngest Wimbledon champion ever. He defended his title the next year and would win Wimbledon again in 1989 though losing in 1988 and 1990 to Stefan Edberg.

Answer: Boris Becker

10] The only person to win Wimbledon as a wild card, this Croatian had been the runner-up in 1992, 1994, and 1998, losing to Agassi and Sampras, before winning in 2001 with 213 aces in that tournament.

Answer: Goran Ivanisevic

10] This player was unseeded when Thomas Muster pulled out of the 1996 tournament. As a result this Dutchman received Muster’s draw and beat Sampras, Stoltenberg, and MaliVai Washington to win Wimbledon.

Answer: Richard Krajicek

Toss-Up 6

In a June 2012 email, a man named Stefon compared her to a monster from his dreams. After Davy Wavy flew from Boston in 2013 to visit her, she persisted in believing he was her boyfriend despite his #YesHomo shirt. She first came to notoriety for a video in which she claimed that she would tape a small recording device underneath her potential boyfriend’s sleeve. A meme using her image states she would learn your mom’s recipes so you wouldn’t need her anymore while another says she knows you received her e-mail because she checked your inbox. For ten points, name this character created by Laina Morris in response to a Justin Beiber contest, sometimes abbreviated OAG.

Answer: Overly Attached Girlfriend (Accept: “Laina Morris” or “OAG” before mentioned)
Bonus 6

Rob Schneider’s Deuce Bigalo is not the only gigolo on film. For ten points, identify these other actors who played male prostitutes.

10] In My Private Idaho, this actor played Scott, the son of a mayor who engages in prostitution partly out of rebellion. He eventually inherits his father’s wealth and abandons that lifestyle.

Answer: Keanu Reeves

10] This actor was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role as Joe Buck, a naïve prostitute from Texas, in Midnight Cowboy.

Answer: Jon Voigt

10] In the film Sonny, this actor plays the title role, the son of a brothel owner who falls back into the trade after his prospective job at a bookstore falls through.

Answer: James Franco

Toss-Up 7

Essays by this author have included “Murdered for Money” and “Surviving Fractures.” A New Yorker essay about this author’s struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since her days at Kenyon College, entitled “A Sudden Illness,” won the 2004 National Magazine Award, while the article “Four Good Legs Between Us” served as the origin for a 2001 non-fiction work which in turn was the basis for a 2004 Best Picture Nominee. More recently, she penned a biography about the eighth-place finisher in the 5000 meter race at the 1936 Olympics, Louie Zamperini. For ten points, name this author of both Seabiscuit and Unbroken.

Answer: Laura Hillenbrand

Bonus 7

Name the Mortal Kombat character, given a description of the fatalities he or she inflicts.

10] In addition to his original spine rip, this character’s fatalities include freezing and then shattering you and Mortal Kombat X’s “Chest Cold” which involves freezing you, punching a hole, and then breaking your spine.

Answer: Sub Zero

10] While in the second Mortal Kombat, he could turn into a dragon to bite your head off, he drops an arcade game on your head in MK III and rips out your throat in MK X.

Answer: Liu Kang

10] This character often uses some version of her scream as a fatality, whether sonically flaying you or exploding your head by screaming in your ear. She can also spin you with her hair.

Answer: Sindel

Toss-Up 8

In Nip/Tuck this occurrence prevents Monica Wilder from going to the police and falsely accusing Sean of raping her. Harold McElroy threatens to go to the cops when this happens on a webisode of The Black Donnellys, and it happens in the season finale of the British version of Skins while Tony Stonem is telling Michelle that he loves her. It happens to Edmund Burke after Juliet meets with him in an episode of Lost, and on Supernatural, it happens to Shawn Russo. Todd Mulcahy dies this way after saying, “I am down but not out,” on Felicity, and Barney Stinson breaks nearly every bone in his body when this happens to him on his way to the hospital. For ten points, name this kind of accident involving public transportation which also occurs to Regina in the film Mean Girls.

Answer: Getting Hit by a Bus (accept reasonable variations involving a bus)
Bonus 8

The introduction for DeFord Bailey on the show “Barn Dance” marked the first use of a moniker still in use. For ten points:

10] Name this country music concert series which was performed at the Ryman Auditorium from 1943-1974.

Answer: Grand Ole Opry

10] After Bailey, this “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin” singer was only the second African-American to be inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Answer: Charlie Pride

10] In 2012, this “Come Back Song” and “Alright” singer, formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish, was invited to become a member of Grand Ole Opry.

Answer: Darius Rucker

Toss-Up 9

Side B of this album begins with a cover of Willie Dixon’s “Back Door Man” while Side A includes the Brecht and Weill work “Alabama Song.” One song on this album asks for another kiss before “you slip into unconsciousness,” while another describes a woman who is “fashionably lean” and “fashionably late.” Those songs are “The Crystal Ship” and “Twentieth Century Fox.” During the performance of one song from this album on the Ed Sullivan Show, the band did not change the line “Girl, we couldn’t get much higher.” For ten points, name this self-titled debut album containing the songs “Break on Through” and “Light My Fire.”

Answer: The Doors
Bonus 9

For ten points each, identify these recurring villains from James Bond films.

10] Played twice by Richard Kiel, this 7’ 2” villain with steel teeth wins an underwater battle with a shark in The Spy Who Loved Me and survives jumping out of a plane without a parachute in Moonraker.

Answer: Jaws

10] Played by Jesper Christensen rather than Harvey Keitel, this character kills Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, escapes from MI6 custody in Quantum of Solace, and dies in the Bond film Spectre.

Answer: Mr. White

10] Also appearing in Spectre is this From Russia With Love villain, played by at least five different actors over multiple films, who is responsible for Tracy Bond’s death and tries to build a laser in Diamonds Are Forever.

Answer: Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Toss-Up 10

The Alvin and Dexter expansion to this game involves moving monsters on the board. In another version of this game, a player may receive 27 points for playing nine cards with an object of the same color. In that same version Umea and Vaasa are connected by a ferry. The third installment of this game series introduces merchandise tokens worth various points and a +4 wild card which can be used only for routes of four spaces or longer. In the original board game, the most points is garnered by the destination card involving Seattle and New York. For ten points, name this Days of Wonder game connecting various cities via train routes.

Answer: Ticket to Ride
Bonus 10

Characters on this show included James Trivette, Francis Gage, and Sydney Cooke, all of them holding the same office as the title figure. For ten points:

10] Name this 1990s show in which Chuck Norris shows off his martial arts skill while dispensing justice in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Answer: Walker, Texas Ranger

10] For two seasons, Sammo Hung played a Chinese law officer living in Los Angeles on this show. Arsenio Hall played Lieutenant Terrell Parker who helped Hung’s character solve cases.

Answer: Martial Law

10] Preceding Walker, Texas Ranger and Martial Law, this show teamed Gil Gerard and Ernie Reyes, Jr. as a police sergeant and his adoptive son. The show was a spin-off of the Disney tv movie The Last Electric Knight.

Answer: Sidekicks

Toss-Up 11

A move named for this athlete begins by slamming the hips against the lower uneven bar and then moving directly into a front flip which ends with the gymnast seated on the high bar. At 15, this athlete was a last minute replacement for Dianne Durham at the McDonald’s American Cup, and she went on to win the vault, floor exercise, and all-around. The first female athlete to be featured on the front of a Wheaties box, she scored a perfect 10 the next year on both the floor exercise and the vault to edge out Ecaterina Szabo for the All-Around medal. For ten points, name this perpetually perky gymnast from the 1984 Olympics.

Answer: Mary Lou Retton
Bonus 11

Name these games published by Gamewright, for ten points each.

10] The follow-up to an earlier game set on an island, this game sees players trying to locate and dig out parts to a flying machine which will allow them to escape before being covered in sand or dying of thirst.

Answer: Forbidden Desert

10] In this game inspired by a six year old’s dream, players uncover the title figures using cards such as the Chess King, try to steal with a knight, or defend using a dragon or a wand card.

Answer: Sleeping Queens

10] In this card game, players try to capture merchant vessels carrying gold using purple, blue, green or gold pirate ships worth 1-4 skulls. Players can defend their ships with their own pirates or with an admiral

Answer: Loot

Toss-Up 12

This character is named Samantha in the original pilot. In a second pilot she is renamed, with Susan Lanier replacing Susanne Zenor in the role. The daughter of a reverend, this character says she was named as she was because her father is a fan of Bing Crosby. She works as a typing receptionist at a law firm run by J.C. Braddock and Herbert Penrose, the latter of whom tries to seduce her. After five seasons, this character was written out of the show on which she appeared and was replaced by the character’s cousin Cindy as the third roommate. For ten points, name this roommate of Janet Wood and Jack Tripper, played by Suzanne Sommers on Three’s Company.

Answer: Chrissy Snow (accept either name, accept: Christmas Snow)
Bonus 12

Last minute trades sometimes pay off for teams. For ten points, name these NHL teams who beat the deadline to acquire some needed talent.

10] In 2014, the LA Kings acquired Marian Gaborik from this team in exchange for Matt Frattin and 2 future picks. Gaborik had two goals a one assist in the Kings’ Stanley Cup win that season.

Answer: Columbus and/or Blue Jackets

10] In 1991, in exchange for John Cullen, Zarley Zalapski, and Jeff Parker, this team received Ron Francis, Grant Jennings, and Ulf Samuelsson from the Whalers. They then won back-to-back Stanley Cups.

Answer: Pittsburgh and/or Penguins

10] Ray Borque and Dave Andreychuk joined this team in 2000 after being traded by Boston for Brian Rolston, Martin Grenier, and Sami Pahlsson. Borque retired shortly after this team won the Stanley Cup.

Answer: Colorado and/or Avalanche

Toss-Up 13

This film opens with Harold Cooper washing his son, played by the director’s son Jon. The song the son sings during the bath is eventually played over the end credits. In the film, Harold is about to sell his shoe company Running Dog Footwear, and Sam Weber has become famous for his title role on J.T. Lancer. By the end of the film, Nick decides to stay in South Carolina with Chloe. In one scene in this film, Karen, played by JoBeth Williams, plays “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” at the funeral of the character played by Kevin Costner before his scenes were cut.. For ten points, name this 1983 reunion film featuring Kevin Kline, Glenn Close and William Hurt.

Answer: The Big Chill
Bonus 13

For ten points each, name these Southwest or Mexican grill restaurants.

10] While the $10 cup of fat has been removed from the menu, you can still get a John Coctostan or Joey Bag of Donuts at this restaurant.

Answer: Moe’s

10] Menu items at this Mexican grill have included the Drunken Yardbird Taco and a Mexican Gumbo.

Answer: Qdoba

10] Unlike Taco Bell, this restaurant does not serve a quesarito. In addition to the standard burritos and such, this “Food with Integrity” chain also offers vegan sofritas and margaritas.

Answer: Chipotle

Toss-Up 14

This artist sang lead vocals on the songs “Note to Self” and “The Latest Plague” while with the band From First to Last. One song by him includes the quote, “I can kind of envision a person with a lot of machines,” a sample of an interview with Jim Morrison which appears on the song “Breakn’ a Sweat.” Composer of the song “Bug Hunt” from the film Wreck-It-Ralph, he has also collaborated with Justin Bieber on the song “Where Are Ü Now. His solo work includes a song which samples speed stacking champion Rachel Nedrow saying, “Oh my gosh.” For ten points name this EDM and dubstep artist responsible for “Bangarang” and “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”

Answer: Skrillex (accept: Sonny John Moore)
Bonus 14

For ten points, identify these actors who use their first two initials in their stage names.

10] He played Howard, the assistant to Franck (“Frahnk”) in the two Father of the Bride films, provided the speaking voice of Shang in Mulan, and played Ngawang Jigme in Seven Years in Tibet.

Answer: B.D. Wong

10] This actor won an Oscar for his portrayal of Fletcher in Whiplash and has played O’Brien in Terminator: Genisys, and J. Jonah Jameson in three Spider-Man films.

Answer: J.K. Simmons

10] In addition to playing Mayor Big Bob Walsh in Pleasantville, this actor’s other roles include mental patient Charles Bushman in Sling Blade and FBI agent Jason Thune in The Client.

Answer: J.T. Walsh

Toss-Up 15

In April 2012, Indiana player David West knocked down this team’s mascot, giving him a black eye. It is not Philadelphia, but when Lucious Harris played for this team, he averaged only 4.3 points over 73 games, shooting under 40% for only the second time in his career. After he left this team for the Mavericks, DeSagana Diop’s field goal percentage improved from 29% to nearly 50%. During their 2007 finals appearance, they were swept by the Spurs, and lost to the Warriors in their next finals. Fortunately, between 2011-2014 they won the #1 draft pick three out of four years. For ten points, name the NBA team whose good luck in the NBA draft included drafting Mark Price and Lebron James.

Answer: Cleveland and/or Cavaliers
Bonus 15

Often songs are addressed not to the loved one but to the parents of the beloved. For ten points each, name these songs which appeal to the parent.

10] This Herman’s Hermits song from 1965 bemoans the loss of love, telling the title woman, “She’s made it clear enough, it ain’t no good to pine.”

Answer: “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter

10] Seen as an appeal to Erykah Badu’s mother, this song says, “Never meant to make your daughter cry. I apologize a trillion times.”

Answer: “Ms. Jackson

10] Speaking to the parents of girls, this John Mayer song claims, “Girls become lovers who turn into mothers” as an encouragement to parents to treat them right.

Answer: “Daughters

Toss-Up 16

One character on this show who is obsessed with dental hygiene has a dentist chair installed in his office. That character, Mark, replaced the title character’s ex-boyfriend who died of a brain tumor. Josh Groban once appeared on this show as a high school student suing a girl who wouldn’t go to the prom with him. The episode, called “The Wedding,” was supposed to feature the wedding of the main character until Robert Downey Jr was arrested on drug related charges. Noted for its use of remote-flushing toilets, hallucinations, and dancing babies, this is, for ten points, what legal comedy focusing on the law offices of Cage & Fish, starring Calista Flockhart.

Answer: Ally McBeal
Bonus 16

Preparing the way for Janet Evanovich and Sue Grafton, there have been many mystery series written for younger audiences. For ten points, identify these series.

10] These Gertrude Warner novels center upon Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny, four children who come to live with their grandfather James Alden and solve mysteries.

Answer: The Boxcar Children

10] In early books in this series, Frank and Joe solve mysteries involving stolen goods in a water tower and counterfeit money printed by foreign spies.

Answer: The Hardy Boys

10] Not to be confused with the Secret Seven or the Adventurous Four, this Enid Blyton series focuses upon Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina, and their dog Timmy who have various adventures during the summer break.

Answer: The Famous Five

Toss-Up 17

The Chief claims to be mostly responsible for this song in the film Josie and the Pussycats, and it is sung as a duet between Timothy Dalton and Mae West in Sextette. When it was first released as a single, it was the B-side to Neil Sedaka’s “Love in the Shadows.” As a result, in the subsequent cover version, the fadeout includes the line “Sedaka is back.” The cover of this song won the 1976 Grammy for Record of the Year. The song appeals to “hear with your heart and ya won’t hear a sound” when “some sweet talking girl comes along.” The ironic inspiration for a Joy Division song, this is, for ten points, what first hit for The Captain and Tennille?

Answer: “Love Will Keep Us Together
Bonus 17

Name these game show hosts, for ten points each.

10] In addition to hosting two blackjack-based shows entitled Gambit and the dice game High Rollers, he was the host from 1978-1985 of Tic-Tac-Dough.

Answer: Wink Martindale

10] The original host of Card Sharks, before Bob Eubanks, this Canadian also hosted $ale of the Century from 1983-1989.

Answer: Jim Perry

10] Although he has hosted game shows such as Million Second Quiz and the internet-based Click, he also served as host for 15 seasons of American Idol

Answer: Ryan Seacrest

Toss-Up 18

These actors appeared as Mary and John Maine, classmates of C. Thomas Howell’s character in Grandview, USA. They acted together in his film debut where she plays Julia and his Roscoe Maibaum flips a lit cigarette in his mouth. In addition to Class, they also both appeared in a film where his role as an angry messenger is easy to miss compared to her more central role as assistant director Blair Litton in Broadcast News. A few years later she played his character’s sister Constance in a film in which his character stands outside Diane Court’s window with a boombox. For ten points, name this brother and sister who have appeared together in such films as Grosse Point Blank and Say Anything.

Answer: John and Joan Cusack (prompt on just “Cusack” since other family members are actors)
Bonus 18

Given part of the pitching rotation for a particular year, name the team, for ten points.

10] Between 1993 and 1999, their rotation included Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, and John Smoltz.

Answer: Atlanta and/or Braves

10] This team’s 2005 rotation included Roger Clemons, Roy Oswalt, and Andy Pettitte.

Answer: Houston and/or Astros

10] Jason Marquis joined Jorge de la Rosa and Ubaldo Jimenez on this team’s 2009 rotation.

Answer: Colorado and/or Rockies

Toss-Up 19

This software company’s 2016 social-sim game Pridefest allows players to organize an LGBT parade in the city of their choice. Other games published by this company have included movie-related Enter the Matrix as well as Terminator 3: The Redemption. Through a series of purchase and buyouts, this company once owned by Hasbro became a subsidiary of the former Infogrames before that company renamed itself after this entity. Created in 1972 under Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell, this company has released updated versions of such games as Centipede and Breakout. For ten points, name this company responsible for Pong, Asteroids, and the 2600 home console.

Answer: Atari (accept: “Atari SA” or “Atari Inc.”)
Bonus 19

Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Stop The Fire” is not the only song which can name check. For ten points each, identify these other works which do so.

10] Many a fan of REM has sung this work which says, “The other night I tripped a nice continental drift divide / Mount St. Edelite, Leonard Bernstein / Leonid Breshnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs.”
Answer: “It’s The End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)”

10] This song by Reunion begins, “B. B. Bumble and the Stingers, Mott the Hoople, Ray Charles Singers,Lonnie Mack and twangin' Eddy” before mentioning, “Locomotion, Poco, Passion, Deeper Purple, Satisfaction.”

Answer: “Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)”

10] This song states, “Watchin X-Files with no lights on, / We're dans la maison / I hope the Smoking Man's in this one / Like Harrison Ford I'm getting Frantic / Like Sting I'm Tantric / Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy”

Answer: “One Week” (by Barenaked Ladies)
Toss-Up 20

In this character’s living room are three posters, including one for Teen Cops: The Movie and one for Macho and the Nerd. Later, in a vision, this character sees another poster, this one of a kitten. Despite expressing a love for chicken wings, croissants, and giant sausages, he is considered not that special by his co-workers Jim and Gail. In order to help everyone watch tv together and be buddies, he once designed a double decker couch, a creation which eventually saves his group after they flee Cloud Cuckoo-Cuckoo Land. He later convinces Lord Business not to be a bad guy. For ten points, name this most important person of all time, the hero of The Lego Movie.

Answer: Emmett Brickowski
Bonus 20

Name these players who edged out others to hold career records in the NBA, for ten point each.

10] Despite scoring nearly 37,000 points during his career, Karl Malone places second in career points behind this Lakers and Bucks center. Not bad for someone dragging Lanier and Walton up and down the court.

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

10] Kareem Abdul-Jabbar comes in second for career games, trailing this center by more than 50 games. This man spent fourteen years with the Celtics after being drafted by the Golden State Warriors.

Answer: Robert Parrish

10] Reggie Miller comes in second to this former Miami guard in career 3-point goals both attempted and made. This player’s 3-pointers helped the Celtics win the 2008 Championship alongside Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

Answer: Ray Allen

Toss-Up 21

Superman creators Siegel and Shuster both lived in this city when they met and set their original comics here. Ted Moseby on How I Met Your Mother is from this city as is show co-creator, Carter Bays. Along with Houston, this city is warned a storm is coming through in a Robbie Robertson-penned song, and it is the setting for The Pretenders’ song “Precious.” The film The Rocker opens here, and both the comic and the film Howard the Duck are primarily set in this city. The title location for a show about three women whose plane makes an emergency landing on the way to Paris, it is also the setting for The Drew Carey Show. For ten points, name this Midwestern city, the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Answer: Cleveland, Ohio
Bonus 21

After years of debate between DC comics and Fox entertainment, the 1966 Batman tv series is finally available on disk. For ten points each, identify the following related to villains who appeared on that series.

10] Two actresses – Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt – played this villain on the series. Lee Meriwether played her for the movie.

Answer: Catwoman

10] Three actors played the villain – George Sanders, Otto Preminger, and Eli Wallach – the latter playing the villain when he discovers an instant ice formula.

Answer: Mr. Freeze (accept: Victor Fries)

10] This actress played two villains during the series’ run – Zelda the Great and Olga, Queen of the Cossacks. She had been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for All About Eve and The Razor’s Edge, winning for the latter.

Answer: Anne Baxter

Toss-Up 22

In 2000, Padraig Harrington did this at the Benson & Hedges International Open, costing him the tournament. Kim Young finished his first round of the 1993 Shell Houston Open after a rain delay and was informed on the second tee of the second round that he had done this, thus disqualifying him. Doug Sanders, with a four shot lead going into the second round of the 1966 Pensacola Open, was disqualified for doing this after he was finished signing autographs. During the 2008 State Farm Open, Michelle Wie was called back to the tent by volunteers, but she had already left the roped off area and was thus disqualified for doing this. For ten points, name this violation (Rule 6-6b) related to affirming one’s score.

Answer: Failing to Sign the Scorecard (accept reasonable equivalents)

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