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The examination is divided into four parts: reading (1 hour), writing (1 hour), listening (45 minutes) and speaking (15 minutes). The course book Focus on IELTS is used. Within each topic/unit covered , the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed and practised, both on a macro and micro level. Listening and reading skills focus on understanding gist and specific information. Writing skills focus on understanding and production of language structures and vocabulary and the ability to plan and organise a text using cohesive devises and paragraphing, along with appropriate style and register. Speaking skills focus on fluency, clear development and organisation of ideas and argument, pronunciation of individual sounds, word and sentence stress and intonation. Students are assessed on their performance in class, written homework, regular tests from past/practice papers and by full mock examinations.

Topics From Focus on IELTS


Work Produced

Term 1

Introduction to the IELTS examination
Health and Fitness
Life -style and Society
Culture and Leisure
The Environment
Supplementary materials

Vocabulary for IELTSI P67 Healthcare, P78 Food and Diet, P92 Men and women, P80 Children and the family, P87 Town and country, P84 The Arts, P100 Global problems, P73 Social Tensions

Advanced Language Practice U13 Health and the Body ALP U 9 People and relationships , U11 Arts and Entertainment

Advanced Writing Practice U17 Stating an Opinion

Advanced Grammar in Use U88/89 Comparison

Familiarisation with requirements of the examination


Skimming/scanning/reading for detail/recognising participle clauses/ using the topic sentence/ Recognising key words and synonyms/Recognising

structure and cohesion


Paragraphing/ Developing a formal argument/Describing a graph or table/Describing process and procedure/Definition/Exemplification/ Comparison and contrast.


Listening for gist and specific information/Noting down key information and detail


Talking about personal interests/ comparing and contrasting/Describing places/stages of a process/Sequencing/ Expressing reasons /Giving explanations/

Given a written account

Describe a graph showing unemployment rates in US/Japan

Describe a graph of CD/LP/cassette sales/ Describe the process of collecting weather information

Describe charts showing travel to and from UK

Write a discursive essay

Discuss government responsibility to improve health, education and trade

Discuss whether women with young children should work

Define happiness and discuss how it can be achieved

Discuss giving freedom to creative artists

Discuss government spending on museums and galleries

Term 2

The Media
Supplementary materials

Vocabulary for IELTS P75 Science and Technology, P54 Education, P56 The Media, P13 Reason and result, P14 Generalisation and Specifics

Recycling Advanced English U57 Travelling and Transport

Useful Exercises for IELTS Part 1 Communication and the Arts, Part 3 Technology, Part 5 Youth and Education


Understanding discourse and reference markers/recognising salient ideas/locating relevant information/transferring information to charts, tables and summaries


Describing cause and effect/Generalising/Qualifying

/Interpreting data/Using logical and grammatical links


Recognising synonyms/note completion/table and sentence completion/table and flow chart completion/short answers


Participating in a discussion/Pacing/pausing and chunking/Listening and responding appropriately/Formal and informal register

Give a written account

Describe a chart showing post school qualifications

Describe a graph/chart about electricity usage

Describe a chart/graph about Japanese tourists

Write a discursive essay

Discuss the reporting of news

Discuss reasons for and solutions to bad student behaviour

Discuss testing in schools

Discuss whether prevention is better than cure

Discuss advances in science and technology

Discuss capital punishment
Full Mock Examination

Term 3

Review and further practice of topics from supplementary materials as appropriate

Review and further practice of skills as appropriate

Timed examination practice of all skills

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