Finally, here’s a snippet of eps, Cash dividend and stock dividend and right shares of the four companies

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Thank you, Assalamu Alaikum, I’m Baizid Ahmed Zidan from the department of business administration. Now I will be presenting some of the the findings and discuss about those findings. Firstly, we can see here the total assets of the four companies and their return on asset on average scale. If we consider in terms of Assets, we can see that BBS cables has the highest assets among the other companies and Aziz pipes has the lowest among them. National tubes a government owned company has comparatively similar level of assets throughout five years whereas other companies seem to have their assets increasing year to year. And based on the assets we can also see that BBS cables has the highest Return on asset and National tubes has the lowest. Meaning National tubes even though having more asset than National polymer and Aziz pipes seems to have lower return than them.
Now for net income here BBS cables is seen to have increasing net income to 2019 then slowly declining in 2020. National polymer comes in second with increasing net income and Aziz pipes have stable income throughout the years. As for National tubes their net income were down in 2017 then increased in 2019 then again decreased in 2020.
Then we see retained earnings and in national polymer we see no retained earnings in 2016 and 2017. Other companies had retained earinings throughout the years and among them BBS cables has the highest retained earnings in average.

Finally, here’s a snippet of EPS, Cash dividend and stock dividend and right shares of the four companies.

For EPS BBS cables has the highest, following national polymer and Aziz pipes then national tubes.
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