Film essay assignment (800 words)(4 pages + reference page)

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FILM ESSAY ASSIGNMENT (800 words)(4 pages + reference page)

  1. Talk about the movie but please DO NOT just give me a synopsis of the movie. If you just summarize the movie you will receive a failing grade.

  2. Make sure you explain all the topics of the movie.

  3. This paper must be typed.

  4. Use parenthetical note (MLA) as appropriate; you need notes for:

  1. Students will include a bibliography.

Information in the paper should include:

  1. Rationale: Why is this film relevant to our studies? What knowledge is gained by watching the film?

  2. Film Facts: Who is the director? Why did he/he make this film? When was it made? Who are the main actors and actresses?

  3. Plot, setting, and characters: This should not be the whole paper. Give a brief synopsis.

  4. Historical Accuracy: What period does it relate to? Is it historically accurate?

  5. Cinematography: What unique devises or techniques are used? How do they help enhance the film?

  6. Analysis: Relate the film to what we have studied in class.

List of possible movies:

  1. Bitter Sugar

  2. Danzón

  3. Camila

  4. La estrategia del caracol

  5. El crimen del Padre Amoro

  6. Old Gringo

  7. Honey for Oshun

  8. Martin (Hache)

  9. El silencio de Neto

  10. Apocalypto

  11. La historia oficial (The official story)

  12. Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry & Chocolate)

  13. Como agua para chocolate (Like water for chocolate)

  14. City of God

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