February Coping Skills

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February Coping Skills

Happy February. I hope everyone is staying warm! This month the counseling program will be focusing on coping skills. Coping skills are simply how we handle our problems. We can have negative (eating too much food when stressed, hurting ourselves or others) coping skills or positive coping skills (using breathing techniques, counting to ten ect.). Coping skills are very important to regulation of our emotions and used in everyday life. In order to effectively use coping skills we must first learn to talk about and understand our emotions. The primary levels will be doing lessons on emotions this month. I hope the information below will help you as you begin to teach your child coping skills.



  • Improves kids self-love

  • Improves students’ independence

  • Helps students to be more assertive

  • Provides students a good life long skills

  • Gives students more personal freedom

  • Improves behaviors

  • Improves student problem solving

  • Can improve grades and focus at school

  • Helps with healthy relationships

Resources as listed from http://polkdhsd7.sharpschool.com/staff_directory/p_b_s_behavior_intervention/tier_1_interventions/teach_coping_skills


General Coping Strategies:

    • 468 Coping Skills Lesson Plans Reviewed By Teachers

    • Coping Skills For Kids

    • Helping Kids Develop Coping Skills

    • Students Teach Students: Using Student Essays To Build Coping Skills and Self-Esteem

    • Teach Relaxation Skills

  • Coping With Anger:

    • 6 Ways to Help Kids Handle Anger


    • Anger Management: Get Your Angries Out

    • Helping Children Cope with Anger

    • Helping Young Children Deal with Anger

    • PBS Kids Dealing With Anger Video

  • Coping With Boredom:

    • Deal with Boredom at School

  • Coping With Change:

    • Helping Children Cope With Change

    • Helping Children Cope with School Transitions

    • Helping Children Deal With Change.pdf

  • Coping With Disappointment:

    • Help Kids Handle Disappointment: Learning to cope in the face of frustration is an important life skill. Here's how to teach it to your child.

    • Helping children cope with disappointment

    • Helping Children Handle Disappointment

    • Helping Kids Handle Rejection and Disappointment

    • Teaching Guide: DEALING with DISAPPOINTMENT for grades K-5

  • Coping With Embarrassment:

    • Embarrassing Moments: How To Deal

  • Coping With Fears:

    • 7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure

    • Fear of Failure: A Childhood Epidemic

    • Help A Child Wrestle Worries And Fears.pdf

    • Helping Children Who Fear School

    • How To Conquer Public Speaking Fear

    • Overcome the Fear of Speaking to Groups

    • Phobics-Awareness.org

  • Coping With Frustration:

    • Children's Feelings: How Children Express Frustration

    • Fight Frustration: Help your child learn the patience, practice, and perseverance he needs to overcome obstacles

    • Techniques To Help Kids Deal With Frustration

  • Coping With Low Motivation:

    • Motivation -- Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence

  • Coping With Nervousness:

    • How To Get Children To Overcome Shyness Free Online Video

    • The Nervous Child

    • Tips for How to Deal with Back to School Nervous Feelings

  • Coping With Sadness & Depression

    • Dealing with Childhood Depression


    • Depression in Children with ADHD

    • How to Help Your Child With Depression

    • Making Sense of Sadness

    • Nine Ways to Help Children Cope With Loss and Grief

    • PBS Kids Depression Video


    • Tips for Handling Depression in the Classroom: Helping Students Cope with Depressive Disorders

  • Coping With Stress & Anxiety:

    • Coping With Math Anxiety

    • Coping with Stress: How Anxiety and Stress can Affect Children

    • Help Kids Cool Down When They Are Stressed Out.pdf

    • How To Relieve Back To School Stress and Anxiety

    • How To Relieve School Anxiety

    • Managing School Phobia: Helping Teens and Kids Cope with School Anxiety and Avoidance

    • School Phobia Tips: How to Deal with Anxiety about School

    • Separation Anxiety in Children: Easing Separation Anxiety Disorder

    • Social Causes Of School Anxiety

    • Teaching Children/Youth Coping Skills For Stress Management

    • Test Anxiety: How To Deal With Test Anxiety and Actually Do Better On Tests

    • The Medical Basis of Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Drug Use! Explained in a FUN, easy to read format!

    • What are some ways I can calm down quickly when I'm feeling overwhelmed?

  • Coping With Worry:

    • Helping Children Cope with Worries

    • Helping Kids Handle Worry

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