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Maharashtra's refutations of the report

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Maharashtra's refutations of the report

Maharashtra insisted on 1951 census, as the dispute had arisen due to States Reorganisation Act of 1956. According to 1951 census the percentages of Marathi-speakers (with Kannada-speakers in brackets) were as follows:

  • Belgaum city: 60% (18.8%)

  • Shahapur: 57.0% (33.2%)

  • Belgaum cantonment: 33.6% (20.6%)

  • Belgaum suburbs: 50.9% (21.8%)

The Mahajan commission, however, used 1961 census. According to maps of 1961 census, Belgaum was surrounded by Kannada speaking areas on all sides. Mahajan commission said that its decisions on border dispute is not related with number of Marathi schools and students in Belgaum.

Maharashtra insisted that Mahajan Commission is not the final verdict on this dispute and ex-Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi himself had asserted about it.[9] The Maharashtra Government rejected the Mahajan Commission's report claiming that it was biased, illogical and against people's wish.


M2: You are from Maharashtra. You have bollywood in Mumbai. You may be knowing that in last 10 years, Hindi has got affected due to influence of Marathi? Do you know about the trends?

Me: (failing to understand as to how I am supposed to know this, I began saying what I knew). Sir, bollywood being in Mumbai, has led to Marathi words being incorporated into…. (interrupts)

M2: Let me put it this way. Are you aware of the grammatical and pronunciational changes in Hindi due to impact of Marathi?

Me: Sir, all that I am aware of is that Bollywood’s presence in Mumbai has led to heavy import of Marathi words in Hindi movies and my knowledge about this ends here.

LM: You are from Maharashtra, right?

Me: Yes, mam.

LM: You have Bollywood in Mumbai. Tell me how has bollywood impacted the image of women in last 10 years?

Me: Sir, I am so sorry! Mam, In the context of bollywood, I would say that in last 10 years, comodification of woman has happened.

LM: Comodification, why do you say so?

Me: Mam, I say that because if we look at the way woman is presented in movies, especially in item songs, it can be seen that the lyrics are about womans body and sexuality, the picturisation is also about womans body and her sexual gestures in large number of such songs. And why is it that it is always Munni – jo badnam hoti hai and not Munna? (…a big laughter. Since Mishraji had asked me something in Hindi I thought it alright to say a line in hindi. I realize now that I moved into gender inequality from comodification when I mentioned Munni.)

LM: but you must still be watching a lot of movies?

Me: No man. I am not a movie freak.

LM: Oh, you don’t watch movies?

Me: No mam, I do watch but very selectively and when I like a movie I watch it multiple times.

CP: (Mishraji got curious) Oh Yogesh, what are the movies that you watch multiple times?

Me: Sir, for example, I like chak de India, I saw it thrice. I liked Lagaan, I saw it twice. Sir, I liked Mohabbatein too and watched it twice.

CP: (looking at a male member) Mohabbatein! (He responded with a smile, so did I.)

LM: But how would you know if a movie is good or bad if you don’t see it?

Me: Sir, I am sorry (I erred on this once more). Mam, I get to hear about movies from my friends. My wife too is a movie fan and watches a lot of movies. She also informs me about movies.

CP: Oh, so you get movie reviews in-house? (I just smiled and he prompted the lady member to continue.)

LM: what does your wife have to say about it? (I think she was referring to woman’s image)

Me: Mam, frankly speaking, she is a very happy-go-lucky kind of a woman. She loves movies, watches them and forgets about them. (a big laughter followed. I did not know it would create laughter but was happy it happened.)


M3: Yogesh, you are from Maharashtra? Have u heard of Bombay high?

Me: Yes sir. It’s known for its petroleum refineries.

M3: Refineries? Are you sure? (there was a big question mark on his forehead)

Me: Sir, I admit that I am not very sure. I think it has oil reserves and not refineries.

M3: Reserves? (again a big question mark on his forehead)

Me: I am sorry sir. I must say that all that I recollect now is that Bombay high is related to petroleum. Not sure exactly what of petroleum.

M3: Yogesh, it’s known for its oil wells. (He wanted to hear this word ‘wells’, but how is that different from reserves? But he did succeed in confusing me. So victory for him.)

Rural Development in Maharashtra: Issues and Challenges




Condition of roads

Hampers economic development

Provide adequate funds, abolish the contractor raj system

Collapsed health care system

High rate of mortality in rural areas

Additional funds to health department; supervision while utilisation, increase responsibility of doctors and health officials

Decrease in quality of education

Government schools vacant, private education costly

Provide basic infrastructure to schools, take back additional work load from teachers

Corruption in selecting the beneficiaries of schemes

Unclean water supply

The desired beneficiaries are left out creating dissatisfaction

For transparency, the final selection should be made through gram panchayats

Effective use of sources of energy

Increase in health related problems, loss of productivity

Choose good sources of water in villages, give clean water

Interrupted Power Supply

Loss of fuel due to conventional sources of energy, health related issues

Give priority to biogas, solar energy and non conventional sources of energy

Illegal houses in semi urban areas

Major loss to rural economy and production

Efforts should be made for making villages load shedding free

Low public participation in Panchayat Raj

Villages have become bad, more pressure on facilities

The process of giving permission to houses should be made more friendly; act against illegal structures

Low number in Human Index

There should be strengthened in system, bring everyone together

Increasing quality of life in rural areas

Wider powers for gram Sabhas, make gram sabhas compulsory

Give more focus on providing social and material facilities

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