Family assignment

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Family assignment

As part of the Swami Chinmayananda’s birth centenary year activities, we have designed a two-part activity for families. Part 1 is a quiz offered to the kids. Part 2 is a family activity. The goal is for each family to collectively write an essay on “The essence of Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s life and its impact on my family”. Here are some tips to help your family write this essay:

  1. What did my Family learn about Gurudev’s life before and after his transition into Sanyasa. What did that teach us?

  2. What are some of Gurudev’s most noticeable qualities and life skills that we learned about from the movie, Republic day play, or the books that we’ve read about him?

  3. How has my family benefitted from the platform provided in the form of Chinmaya Mission?

  4. What are some facts about Gurudev’s life that my family knows about that may not be very popularly known?

  5. What are the things that my family would like to do to express our gratitude and to take Chinmaya Mission to greater heights?

Instructions for the essay:

  1. The essay should be 500 words or under, and must be neatly typed

  2. The above tips are only meant to help you think thru what to come up with. You can always be creative too and come up with your own ideas on what to write.

  3. It is best to have all members of the family be involved in writing this essay. Remember: The goal is to reflect upon Gurudev’s life and learn from it.

  4. The evaluation is based on the essays as well as the quizzes taken by your kids in the classrooms.

  5. When submitting the essays, please ensure that each family member’s name is included in the cover page attached as a template below. The Kids full names along with grades and teachers’ names must be included.

  6. There will be 3 prizes for the best 3 family assignments (Again – includes BOTH! - Quizzes from the kids and the family essay )

  7. The due date for submitting the essays is May 31st, 2015. Late essays may be disqualified unless there is a very legitimate reason for late submission.

Template for Cover page (To be included with your typed essay):

Balvihar Location:

Family Last Name:

Mother’s Full Name:

Father’s Full Name:

Child 1 Name :



Child 2 Name:



Child 3 Name:



Child 4 Name:



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