Exposition using the basic five paragraph essay structure

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Question: Should there be a reduction in the amount of homework that students receive?


Paragraph 1

(Part 1): The amount of homework given to students needs to be reduced from the current unrealistic levels. (Part 2): The imposition of homework is an outdated concept that needs to be reviewed. (Part 3): The limited time in many students’ lives, combined with the tensions that homework causes in busy families are both clear indicators that too much homework can be harmful. At the same time, other students are showing alarming levels of obesity due to sedentary lifestyles.


Paragraph 2

(Part 1): Many students have after school activities that severely limit their available homework time. (Part 2): Part time jobs, music lessons or sporting commitments mean that there is only a small window of opportunity to complete homework at night. (Part 3): Often, students are too tired even to start their homework, or if they do, it is often of poor quality. (Bottom line): Therefore it is fair to say that there is not enough time after school to complete quality homework.

Paragraph 3

(Part 1): Homework places huge amounts of stress on already stressed out families. (Part 2): In many families both parents are working and the last thing they need is to fight with their children at the end of a demanding day. (Part 3): A confusing maths problem or an assignment left to the last minute can place unnecessary burdens on everyone. (Part 4): By reducing the amount of nightly homework, the family home would be a much more relaxed place.

Paragraph 4

(Part 1): Many young people are recording high levels of obesity because of their sedentary lifestyles. Traditional homework is not an activity that is known to raise the heart rate and so does nothing to improve students’ physical fitness. (Part 3): Sitting still in class all day is bad enough, but when combined with inactive night time activities such as homework, many people are receiving far too little physical exercise. (Part 4]: This is not good for their health and contributes to today’s high levels of obesity.


Paragraph 5

[Part 1]: It is an undeniable fact that homework should be limited. [Part 2]: It must be recognised that students’ time is limited, homework can cause an increase in family disharmony and sedentary work contributes to the high levels of obesity among Australia’s youth. [Part 3]: The wellbeing of students is far more important than excessive amounts of homework.

Note: When you are planning an essay, use the headings if you find them helpful, but do not include them when writing/typing the final copy.

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