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As stated in the Portfolio Assignment, your portfolio is a collection of your work that reflects a higher level of thinking and understanding of many of the key learnings of the course. It is an opportunity for you to explore and learn more about areas of passion and interest in this course. The collection of work will focus on the following areas of study in Exercise Science:
For this project you must create a 12 page magazine containing information pertaining to your chosen areas of study from Exercise Science. The front cover, table of contents and back cover may be included as part of the 12 pages.

Your magazine must include:

◦ Cover Page

◦ Table of Contents

◦ At least 8 pages of the magazine must be articles personally researched and written on your own.

◦ Back Cover

◦ The rest of the space should contain other info that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of the course. This can include smoothie recipe’s, advertisements, etc.
1. You must write a one page article which demonstrates your understanding from each unit we studied in Exercise Science. They include:
Unit 1: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Unit 2: Human Performance and Biomechanics

Unit 3: Motor learning and Skills Development

Unit 4: The Evolution of Physical Activity and Sport

Unit 5: Social Issues in Physical Activity and Sport
2. Research a career you are considering which requires skills you have learned in this class. Use this information to create a one page article for your magazine.
3. Motor Learning and Skills Development

Case study of your experience in working with youth and athletic movements. Refer to the research you acquire from your workbook and the time you spend with a young student.

4. Research and create an article discussing an injury and injury common to people in our society.


◦ all magazines must be typed.

◦ font must be no larger than size 12.

◦ margins must be 1.5 left, 1 right, 1 bottom, 1 top

font must be Arial, Helevicta, or Times New Roman

◦ your page layout must reflect a professional image and can contain small photos or diagrams complete with a caption.

◦ articles must have between 500 – 800 words.

◦ spacing must be set to 1.5


Each article must demonstrate your level of understanding pertaining to the topic being discussed. Your approach to the article may be in the format of any type of essay (persuasive, editorial, etc). Below is the rubric used for evaluation.

Essay Rubric










First paragraph is catchy. Thesis is evident and point to be argued well stated.

First paragraph has a weak "grabber." Thesis is mixed among many sentences and hard to piece together.

A catchy beginning was attempted but was confusing rather than catchy. Thesis is not entirely apparent although topic is evident.

No attempt was made to catch the reader's attention in the first paragraph. Thesis is not apparent nor is the topic of the essay.

A1 ___ A5 ___

A2 ___ A6 ___

A3 ___ A7 ___

A4 ___ A8 ___

Accuracy of Facts

All facts presented in the essay are accurate and relate back to the thesis.

Almost all facts presented in the essay are accurate and occasionally relate back to the thesis.

Most facts presented in the story are accurate (at least 70%). Evidence is sputtered about rather than used to prove your thesis.

There are several factual errors in the essay. There is no real effort to make the piece cohesive.

A1 ___ A5 ___

A2 ___ A6 ___

A3 ___ A7 ___

A4 ___ A8 ___


The essay is very well organized. Three paragraphs evident. One idea or scene follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions.

The essay is pretty well organized. Three paragraphs evident. One idea may seem out of place. Clear transitions are used.

The essay is a little hard to follow. Paragraphs are unclear. The transitions are sometimes not clear.

Ideas seem to be randomly arranged. No effort at paragraph organization.

A1 ___ A5 ___

A2 ___ A6 ___

A3 ___ A7 ___

A4 ___ A8 ___

Focus on Assigned Topic

The entire essay is related to the assigned topic and allows the reader to understand much more about the topic.

Most of the essay is related to the assigned topic. The essay wanders off at one point, but the reader can still learn something about the topic.

Some of the essay is related to the assigned topic, but a reader does not learn much about the topic.

No attempt has been made to relate the essay to the assigned topic.

A1 ___ A5 ___

A2 ___ A6 ___

A3 ___ A7 ___

A4 ___ A8 ___


The essay has few, if any, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, or usage errors.

The essay has two or three mechanics errors.

The essay has four or five mechanics errors.

The essay has more than five mechanics errors.

A1 ___ A5 ___

A2 ___ A6 ___

A3 ___ A7 ___

A4 ___ A8 ___

Student _____________________________________ Final Mark ________/ 200

Cover Page - attractive, organized, reflects higher level thinking, promotes health, attracts target audience ______/ 10
Article 1 _____/ 20 Article 2 _____/ 20 Article 3 _____/ 20 Article 4 _____/ 20
Article 5 _____/ 20 Article 6 _____/ 20 Article 7 _____/ 20 Article 8 _____/ 20
Advertisments, etc - attractive, organized, promotes health, attracts target consumer, accurate information ______/ 10

Back Cover - attractive, organized, reflects higher level thinking, promotes health, attracts target audience ______/ 10

Magazine meets all outlined guidelines ______/ 10

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