Exemplification Write your answers on this sheet. Also, mark the essay

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Peer Review: Exemplification

Write your answers on this sheet. Also, mark the essay where appropriate.

Writer’s name: (Writer: Please underline your thesis and topic sentences)

Editor’s name: _

  1. Does the essay have an attention-getter in the introduction? Is it effective?

  1. Does the introduction narrow to the main idea (thesis)? Is the thesis stated clearly and concisely as one sentence that contains a claim?

  1. Does the essay have an engaging title that makes you want to read it? Does the title help you understand the main idea?

  1. Identify passages where the language is too vague and needs more concrete and specific language. The body paragraphs especially should be full of specific, personal examples. Remember: this essay should use personal experience to develop a broader topic.

  1. Identify passages lacking in sentence variety and modulation.

  1. Is the essay organized clearly? Are there enough transitions between sentences and paragraphs so it reads smoothly?

  1. Check to make sure the topic sentences of the body paragraphs are worded clearly. Also, make sure they describe the main idea of their paragraph.

  1. What did you learn about this topic that you didn’t know before reading the essay?

  1. Does the conclusion provide a sense of closure while reiterating the thesis?

  1. Mark any errors of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.

Download 10.15 Kb.

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