Excellence. Always. If not excellence, what? If not excellence now, when?

“It’s always showtime.” —David D’Alessandro, Career Warfare

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“It’s always showtime.” —David D’Alessandro, Career Warfare

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  • “eighty percent of success is showing up.”
  • —Woody Allen

Give good tea!

“In the same bitter winter of 1776 that Gen. George Washington led his beleaguered troops across the Delaware River to safety, Benjamin Franklin sailed across the Atlantic to Paris to engage in an equally crucial campaign, this one diplomatic. A lot depended on the bespectacled and decidedly unfashionable 70-year-old as he entered the world’s fashion capitol sporting a simple brown suit and a fur cap. … Franklin’s miracle was that armed only with his canny personal charm and reputation as a scientist and philosopher, he was able to cajole a wary French government into lending the fledgling American nation an enormous fortune. … The enduring image of Franklin in Paris tends to be that of a flirtatious old man, too busy visiting the city’s fashionable salons to pursue affairs of state as rigorously as John Adams. When Adams joined Franklin in Paris in 1779, he was scandalized by the late hours and French lifestyle his colleague had adopted, says [Stacy Schiff, in A Great Improvisation] Adams was clueless that it was through the dropped hints and seemingly offhand remarks at these salons that so much of French diplomacy was conducted. … Like the Beatles arriving in America, Franklin aroused a fervor—his face appeared on prints, teacups and chamber pots. The extraordinary popularity served Franklin’s diplomatic purposes splendidly. Not even King Louis XVI could ignore the enthusiasm that had won over both the nobility and the bourgeoisie. …” Source: “In Paris, Taking the Salons By Storm: How the Canny Ben Franklin Talked the French into Forming a Crucial Alliance,” U.S. News & World Report, 0707.08

Make friends!

  • “Allied commands depend on mutual confidence
  • [and this confidence]
  • is gained, above all
  • through the development
  • of friendships.”
  • —General D.D. Eisenhower,
  • Armchair General* (05.08) *“Perhaps his most outstanding ability [at West Point]
  • was the ease with which he made friends and earned the trust of fellow cadets who came from widely varied backgrounds; it was a quality that would pay great
  • dividends during his future coalition command

“The capacity to develop close and enduring relationships is the mark of a leader. Unfortunately, many leaders of major companies believe their job is to create the strategy, organization structure and organizational processes—then they just delegate the work to be done, remaining aloof from the people doing the work.” —Bill George, Authentic Leadership

  • The Real World’s “Little” Rule Book
  • Ben/tea
  • Norm/tea
  • DDE/make friends
  • WFBuckley/make friends-help friends
  • Gust/Suck down
  • Charlie/poker pal-BOF
  • Eddie VII/dance-flatter-mingle-learn the language
  • Vlad/birthday party of outgroup guy’s wife
  • CIO/finance network
  • ERP installer/consult-“one line of code”
  • GE Energy/make friends risk assessment
  • GWB/check the invitation list
  • GHWB/T-notes
  • Hank/60 calls
  • MarkM/5K-5M
  • Delaware/show up
  • Oppy/snub Lewis Strauss
  • NM/smile
  • -$4.3T/tin ear
  • tp.com/Big 4-What do you think?
  • Women/genes
  • Banker/after church
  • Total Bloody Mess/Can they pay back the loan?
  • #92
  • “Some call it a blind spot, others naïveté, but Mandela sees almost everyone as virtuous until proven otherwise. He starts with an assumption you are dealing with him
  • in good faith. He believes that, just
  • as pretending to be brave can lead
  • to acts of real bravery, seeing the
  • good in other people improves the chances that they will reveal their better selves.” —from “See the Good in Others” (Mandela’s Way: Fifteen Lessons on Life, Love, and Courage, by Richard Stengel)
  • “Keep a short enemies list. One enemy can do more damage than the good done by a hundred friends.”
  • —Bill Walsh (from The Score Takes Care of Itself)
  • #93
  • The “19 Es” of EXCELLENCE
  • Enthusiasm! (Be an irresistible force of nature! Be fire! Light fires!)
  • Exuberance! (Vibrate—cause earthquakes!)
  • Execution! (Do it! Now! Get it done! Barriers are baloney! Excuses are
  • for wimps! Accountability is gospel! Adhere to coach Bill Parcells’
  • doctrine: “Blame nobody!! Expect nothing!! Do something!!”)
  • Empowerment! (Respect! Appreciation! Ask until you’re blue in the face,
  • What do you think?” Then: Listen! Liberate! 100.00% innovators!)
  • Edginess! (Perpetually dance at the frontier and a little, or a lot, beyond.)
  • Enraged! (Maintain a permanent state of mortal combat with the
  • status-quo!)
  • Engaged! (Addicted to MBWA/Managing By Wandering Around. In touch.
  • Always.)
  • Electronic! (Partner with the whole wide world 60/60/24/7 via all manner of
  • electronic community building and entanglement. Crowdsourcing
  • wins!)
  • Encompassing! (Relentlessly pursue diversity of every flavor! Diversity
  • per se generates big returns!) (Seeking superb leaders: Women rule!)
  • Emotion! (The alpha! The omega! The essence of leadership! The
  • essence of sales! The essence of design! The essence of life itself!
  • Acknowledge it! Use it!)
  • The “19 Es” of EXCELLENCE
  • Empathy! (Connect! Connect! Connect! Click with others’ reality and
  • aspirations! “Walk in the other person’s shoes”—until the soles
  • have holes!)
  • Ears! (Effective listening in every encounter: Strategic Advantage No. 1!
  • Believe it!)
  • Experience! (Life is theater! It’s always showtime! Make every contact
  • a “Wow” ! Standard: “Insanely Great”/Steve Jobs; “Radically
  • Thrilling”/BMW.)
  • Eliminate! (Keep it simple!! Furiously battle hyper-complexity and
  • gobbledygook!!)
  • Errorprone! (Ready! Fire! Aim! Try a lot of stuff, make a lot of booboos.
  • CELEBRATE the booboos! Try more stuff, make more booboos! He
  • who makes the most mistakes wins! Fail! Forward! Fast!)
  • Evenhanded! (Straight as an arrow! Fair to a fault! Honest as Abe!)
  • Expectations! (Michelangelo: “The greatest danger for most of us is not
  • that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we
  • hit it.”)
  • Eudaimonia! (The essence of Aristotelian philosophy: True happiness is
  • pursuit of the highest of human moral purpose. Be of service! Always!)
  • EXCELLENCE! (The only standard! Never an exception! Start NOW!
  • No excuses!)
  • PXEX =
  • People.
  • eXecution.
  • Error.
  • eXcellence.
  • “Excellence …
  • can be obtained if you:
  • ... care more than others think
  • is wise; ... risk more than others think
  • is safe; ... dream more than others think
  • is practical; ... expect more than others think
  • is possible.”
  • Source: Anon. (Posted @ tompeters.com by K.Sriram, November 27, 2006 1:17 AM)
  • People 1st/ “‘Cathedral’ for human development”
  • Best 1st-line managers
  • Quality of relationships (Internal/External)
  • Try it!
  • Try it again!
  • Passion!/Energy!/Wow!
  • Unstinting commitment to innovation by ALL
  • Excellence at “Plan B”/Adaptability
  • Fanatic about execution
  • XFX/Cross-functional eXcellence
  • Integrity/Decency/Thoughtfulness/Character
  • LX/Listening eXcellence
  • Commitment to SERVICE
  • Commitment to EXCELLENCE
  • Servant leadership
  • The end

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