Example of a Weak Essay

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Example of a Weak Essay
Students were asked to consider censorship in Canada.

Censorship is a hot topic today. For many years now it has been one of the most significant factors in our world. It is important for us all to consider the ramifications and the many various aspects of censorship. In my opinion, censorship should not exist in any format. I believe that all people should have freedom. No one should allow censorship to exist because to do it hurts our freedom, it prevents us from reading what we want, and out education is limited in what you need to learn to become a mature adult and contribute to the world.
First of all, allow the profiligation of censorship hurts our freedom. We should be allowed to say and do anything we want without fear of retribution and recriminations. This is supposed to be a free country, and we should have the right to express our opinions on any topic without being subject to persecution. Who has the right to say there opinion or ideas are better than the next guys? That’s what our country stands for. If we don’t have freedom than what do we have? The people who want to commit censorship on us are just a bunch of control-freaks and communists or fasciests.
Second, censorship also prevents us from reading what we want. What I like to read might be different from what you like to read, and who is to say which of us is right or wrong. If you are old enough to read that sort of stuff, than I say ok to what you want to read and why should anyone else care what you are reading? They always say that reading is good for you, so why not just let people read what they want and leave them alone. It’s not hurting anyone anyway so what is the point of doing that? There is too much fighting going on in the world now anyway and most of it is happening by people who are trying to tell everyone else what to do. So live and let live is what I always say.
Third, I think our education is limited in what you need to learn to become a mature adult and contribute to the world. When we get censorship. We come to school to study and learn about the world. If someone puts censorship on us, we can’t do that. They’re many aspects of the world that we all have to know for own good. If we can’t learn them than we will not be very good citizens so it is important not to make censorship in any aspects of our lives.
Therefore we can see that no one should allow censorship to come in to our world because it hurts our freedom, stops us from reading what we want and when we want to and most of all it doesn’t let us become mature adults and contribute to the real world which we need to do especially since we want to make significant contributions and become world leaders in a free world like what we have now.

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