Examination: sos1001 Introduction to Sociology Home exam, October 2004

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SOS1001 Introduction to Sociology

Home exam, October 2004

The home exam will be handed out on Monday the 4th of October at 10.00 a.m. in the reception on the first floor in Harriet Holters hus, and it will also be available on the home page of the course at the same time. The home exam must be handed in on Friday the 8th of October at 2 p.m. in the reception on the first floor in Harriet Holters hus. You can not deliver the essay on e-mail.

This set of questions has 4 pages, including this page and an obligatory statement.
The grades will be posted on the bulletin board outside Auditorium 7, Eilert Sundts hus on the 29th of October at 2 p.m. You will also find the grades on the Studentweb some hours later.

The grades are considered official when they are publicized as above, and students are responsible for checking their grades at this time. Only authorized absence will give dispensation to this rule.

The candidate must hand in two examples of the essay. Along with the essay an obligatory statement will be handed in. This statement is on page four.
Remember to write down your examination number (kandidatnummer) so that you have it when you check the results.

Your home examination consists of an essay on one of the topics given below. The essay - as we discussed in the groups - is a genre that can begin with an empirical observation, something you can relate to, perhaps also something more personal or subjective. But this should be only a point of departure, and in the course of the essay you should also make use of sociology theory, and you could also collect more empirical data that illustrates the theme you have chosen. The essay is expected to have the form of a discussion, or a dialogical form. The way you decide to do this can wary, there is no clear recipe for how to do this.

Choose one of the following questions:

  1. Norway: a society characterized by gender-equality?

  2. Multicultural challenges

  3. Educational differences in Norway

Rules for home exam in SOS1001:

Retningslinjer/ praktisk informasjon om oppgaven for hjemmeeksamen i SOS1001:
* The essay must be between 1800 – 2400 words (There are

approximately 400 words per page).

* Use font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing

* The essay must have a summary of approximately 10 lines in the beginning of the essay. The summary can be on a page of its own, after the front page.

* Put page numbers on each page of the essay

* The list of literature must end with the sentence: “All sources that are

used in this essay have been given”.

* For guidelines on use of references, see: Litt tom skriving av oppgaver: http://www.iss.uio.no/studier/sos/studiekons/littomskriving.html

On the front page of the essay the following information must be given:

  1. The title of the essay

  2. The name of the course and the name of the person responsible for the course. (The name of the course: SOS1001 Introduksjon til sosiologi. Gunnar C. Aakvaag is responsible for the course).

  3. Date and place of delivery of the essay.

  4. Your examination reference number

  5. Number of words in the essay (Do not count the following: The cover page, the summary and attached data, etc., if used.


 will be handed in with the essay

Compulsory statement

I hereby confirm that my essay, which is delivered for:

 SOS1001  SOS1002  SOS1003  2000-level  hovedfag  master-level

  1. has not been used for other exams by other universities/departments/colleges in this country or abroad.

  2. does not cite other`s work without refering to the source.

  3. all references/sources are included in the list of references.

I know that any violation of these rules is considered as cheating.

I am familiar with the guidelines for home exams. The size of the essay is given in the essay, in numbers of words. I know that violation of these rules may affect the grade given for this essay.

Oslo, date _______________________

The student`s signature ____________________________________

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