Exam Reviews Part Two (Matza, hsc 425) Health Science 425: Unit Exam 2 (100 pts.) Exam 2: Review Chapters 8,15,16,9,11 (Yarber, Sayad). Read the book!

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Matza HSC 425

Exam Reviews Part Two (Matza, HSc 425)

Health Science 425: Unit Exam 2 (100 pts.)

Exam 2: Review Chapters 8,15,16,9,11 (Yarber, Sayad). Read the book! Lectures, Guest Speakers, Includes Class Presentations. Human Sexuality, 9th ed. (Yarber, Sayad, 2016). See textbook and slides from Matza Lectures 8,15/16,9,11. Plus Team Presentations (nmatza.net in course docs/group presentations).

The exams for Professor Matza's Health Science 425 (Human Sexuality) class will consist of objective and essay type questions. For exams 1 and 2 please provide Scantron 886E (100 questions and essay page attached). The Final Exam requires the standard Scantron 882. No essay questions will be on the final exam. Forms are available in the bookstore. Please remember to write each answer on the pages provided. Do not attach any pages, greenbooks, etc. You may write in an essay format, or prepare a list, chart or table to explain your answers. Most of the data below can be found in the textbook and class lectures. Focus your preparation on the suggested material below.

Note: The review comments, definitions on this page are merely a guide to help students focus on their study for the exams. You may wish to print out or write out the answers or definitions below.

Birth Control & Contraception

Sample Definitions:

Review entire chart from student health center on advantages/disadvantages of birth control methods. Birth control, family planning, contraception, population control, abstinence, celibacy, outercourse, barrier methods, cervical mucus, hormonal methods, male condom, female condom, douching, polyurethane, latex, nitrile, FemCap, oral contraceptives, Depo-Provera™, NuvaRing™, fertility awareness method, Today Sponge, vasectomy, hysterectomy, tubal ligation, Vasclip, morning after pill, spermicides, Implanon. Family planning clinics, sexual abstinence, ACHES (Abdominal pain, Chest pain, Headaches, Eye problems, Severe leg pain), tips for effective condom use, diaphragm, contraceptive film, IUDs, sterilization for women and men, abortion, the Patch, Implanon™, Plan B, Fertility Awareness. Review entire BC chart from student health center.

Sexual Pleasure

Sample Definitions:

Asexual, autoeroticism, sexual fantasies, oral sex, anal sex, lesbian and gay couples, cohabitation, erotophobia, erotophilia, epidemiology, anal and penile cancer, Abreva, tribadism, partner selection, domestic partnership, conception, menstruation, ovulation, spermatogenesis, ectopic pregnancy, douching, zygote, oocyte, fetus, masturbation.

Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Sample Definitions:

Review STI facts/myths worksheet discussed in class. Pandemic, Tuskegee syphilis study, incidence vs. prevalence, gender, racial, ethnic disparities of STIs, viral STIs vs. bacterial STIs, genital warts, genital herpes, cold sores, HIV/AIDS, HSV 1, and HSV 2, Chlamydia, Kaposi sarcoma, alopecia, gonorrhea, syphilis, yeast infection (Candida) hepatitis B, epididymitis, syphilis and gay men, teratogen, groping, fondling, chancre, fungi & protozoal STIs, gonococcal ophthalmia, ectoparasites, pubic lice, inch mites, canker sores, scabies.

Signs/symptoms and treatments for common myths re STIs. HPV & cancer prevention, Gardasil™, jaundice, opportunistic infections, PREP & PEP to prevent HIV infection, HIV/AIDS pandemic, worldwide AIDS prevalence, cervicitis, HIV & blood, semen, HIV testing, vaginal secretions, breast milk, opportunistic infections, asymptomatic period for HIV, PID in women, medical complications, prevention of STIs, condom effectiveness ‘controversy,’ protective factors & youth, HIV, STIs, pregnancy.


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