Evolution – Diversity vs Unity

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Evolution P.

Evolution – Diversity vs Unity


ne of the most striking facts emerging from a study of natural history is the v_____ of life; another, paradoxically, is its underlying u____.

Of the two million or more species of organisms alive today, each can be grouped with others which it resembles. The natural class______ of organisms according to their sim______ suggests that organisms are related.
The Creek naturalist and philosopher, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) put forward the view that there was a grad___ change in living forms from plants to animals to man. This was the first recorded hypothesis that biological ev______ had occurred, that is that living organisms are descended from earl___, different ones#.

# An alternative viewpoint is that each kind of organism alive today was created separately and has not altered since its creation; that there is no relationship by descent between living forms. This hypothesis is called 'Special Creation'. e.g. the Bible declared that each living thing was ‘brought forth after his kind’ and the usual interpretation of the statement was a literal one: that a ‘kind’ or species was unchangeable.

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