Ethics: moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior; the moral correctness of specified conduct bioethics

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10th Grade English

Unit 4: Technology Due:

Writing Assignment

BioEthics Essay

ethics: moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior; the moral correctness of specified conduct. bioethics: the ethics of medical and biological research.

Prompt: Research a current bioethical issue online to find at least two articles on the issue. Write a two- to three-page formal response in which you take a stance on the issue. Your thesis statement should clearly define your stance on the subject. In your response, refer to Frankenstein first in the introduction as a thematic “hook” and then again in the conclusion to help drive home your argument. You must include at least two quotes from each article as well as at least one quote from the novel, and you need to cite each quote properly. Include a separate, properly formatted Works Cited page.

Potential bioethical issues:

human cloning genetically modified food (GMO)

organ donation surrogacy

human genetic engineering cryonics

genetic screening stem cell research

lobotomy euthanasia


  • Introduction: Begin with an attention-grabbing statement on bioethical issues by referring to the novel Frankenstein. Then briefly detail the basic argument surrounding the bioethical issue on which you are writing. End with a thesis that establishes your viewpoint on this issue.

  • Body Paragraphs: Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence that offers an insight that supports your position. Then provide details and examples that support that insight. Remember that one way to make an argument is to explain the opposing side’s argument and then prove why that point is incorrect. (Do not refer to Frankenstein in the body paragraphs.)

  • Conclusion: Restate points that you made in your essay, and explain what action society should take on this bioethical issue. Include another reference to Frankenstein in conclusion.


  • Follow the MLA format.

  • Make sure your essay has a unique title.

  • Include a Works Cited page at the end of the essay. (You may use Noodletools)

  • Cite sources parenthetically using the last name of the author, or one unique word from the title of the article in quotes. (Jones 13) or (“Science” 13)

  • If the on-line article does not have any pages numbers, then cite the author or title only. However, if you include the author’s name in the sentence, then you do not need to cite the name again at the end of the sentence.

  • Review past essay topics’ reminders, and review teacher comments on past essays.

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