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Unit 3: Narration October 24 – November 22, 2016

Essential Questions: How do language techniques add to the author’s purpose and overall meaning of a work?

What is the right balance of power between an individual’s need for expression and society’s need for control?

Possible Readings:

*Graduation by Maya Angelou

*No Name Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston

*On Being a Cripple by Nancy Mairs, *The Stranger in the Photo is Me by Donald Murray

*Salvation by Langston Hughes, *Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell

*Girl by Jamaica Kincaid

*Quiet The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

*I am Asian American by Andrea Bittle

*Poetry: In Memory of Fong Lee by Bao Phi

*How it Feels to Be Colored Me by Zora Neale Hurston


-Students will be expected to write informal responses to the texts as directed. These informal writings will include thoughts, connections to own experience, questions about the text, words, images, phrases or details that make an impression, along with identification of the author’s purpose, audience, and tone.

-Rhetorical Analysis paragraphs based on close reading of text

- Personal Narrative incorporating elements of Narration and rhetorical strategies and devices


-Personality inventory/quiz

-Current events / debates

Assessments: In-class discussions, NMSI Rhetorical Analysis Every day Practice, Narration Essay, Unit Binder

Unit Goals:

-Analyze and interpret samples of purposeful writing, identifying and explaining an author’s use of rhetorical strategies.

-Use effective rhetorical strategies and techniques when composing.

-Write for a variety of purposes.

-Create and sustain original arguments based personal observation and experience.

-Gain control over various reading and writing processes, synthesis of sources, drafting, revising/rereading, editing, and review.

-Demonstrate understanding of the conventions of the conventions of citing primary and secondary sources.







Rhetorical Strategies to Achieve Your Purpose – activities from Quiet and Whistling Vivaldi


4 corners discussion

No Name Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston – Part I

How does the author use language and techniques of language to community the community’s need for control?


Necessity vs. Extravagance

No Name Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston


Thematic Statements

No Name Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston

Text dependent Questions


Right balance of Power in people’s life

No Name Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston

Text dependent Questions


Requirements of Personal Narrative Essay

Notes on style and how to arrange paragraphs

Writer’s Workshop

Narrative Pre-Writing, Drafting

Writer’s Workshop – Personal Narrative


Writer’s Workshop – Personal Narrative

Final Draft of Personal Narrative due November 28, 2016

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