Essay Three: Evaluation

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Essay Three: Evaluation
An evaluative argument can be summarized with the basic formula: X is (or is not) a good Y when measured by A, B, and C criteria.
For the purpose of this essay, we will fine-tune this equation: X is (or is not) a well-designed Y when measured by A, B, and C criteria.
Where X is a multimedia document or text, Y is a genre, and A, B, C are criteria for evaluating the design of documents and texts in that genre.
A multimedia document or text combines words (visual or spoken) with images (moving or static). Examples might include a particular film, television show, video game, website, magazine or book. A genre is a type of document or text. For example a (science) textbook is a genre of a book. A blog is a genre of a Website. A first-person shooter is a genre of a video game. A sit-com is a genre of television show.
The essay will take the form of a website with five pages: a home page, criteria pages, and a works cited page. Each page will combine text with an image or video clip.
Home Page ('index.html'): should have the following elements: a brief introduction to your X and Y, a well-developed thesis statement that contains your basic claim about X as well as your three criteria, and an introductory splash image representing your X.
Criteria Pages: Your criteria pages should have the following elements: a clear description of the criterion, a justification of why the criterion is vital for evaluating the design of Y, a citation supporting your choice of criterion, an example of how X satisfies or fails to satisfy the criterion, and an image or video clip illustrating your example or criterion.
Works Cited: In addition to documenting your X, this page should include sources you used in developing your criteria. You should use at least 3 sources in addition to your X. Also list the sources of images (if different from the above).

Topic Proposal: Your topic proposal should contain a thesis statement with your claim about the X and Y you have chosen and well-presented criteria that back up your claim. Email your topic proposal to

Other Requirements:

  • Working links

  • 1,000 words or more on the site, not counting works cited page, headers, or menu

  • Single space not double space

  • Legible text

  • Images should have captions with parenthetical citations that associate them with items in the works cited list

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