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J. Maichle Bacon M.P.H., R.S.

Public Health Administrator

Promoting a Safer and Healthier Community Since 1854

CONTACT: Geri Alten, Project Director, Violence Prevention Collaborative

PHONE: 815-720-4261

DATE: April 7, 2009
The Awards Luncheon for the Violence Prevention Collaborative’s third annual Essay, Poetry and Art Contest will be held on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at Patriot’s Gateway from 12:00-2:00 pm. Rockford School District winners were chosen in four divisions from 35 submissions. The divisions are: Division 1 (1st- 5th grade); Division 2 (6th-8th grade); Division 3 (9th-12th grade); and Division 4 (after-school program). This year’s contest question was “How do you stop a bully?”

For the past three years the Violence Prevention Collaborative has given youth an opportunity to voice opinions on a topic. The first annual contest’s question was “What do the words gun violence mean to you”, while last year’s contest asked, “What is a Bully?”

The winning entries will be on display at the Winnebago County Health Department, University of Illinois College of Medicine, and the two Weed and Seed sites.

The winners in each division are:

Division 1 (1st-5th grade):

Jaqueline Sosa (Art) – Nelson

Division 2 (6th-8th grade):

Matthew Nelson (Essay) – Lincoln

Deja Sims (Poetry) – Eisenhower

John Finley (Art) - Flinn
Division 3 (9th-12th grade):

Tyris Love (Essay) – Roosevelt

Trish Timbush (Poetry) – Roosevelt

Robert Stacker (Art) – Jefferson

Division 4 (After school program):

Marcos Diaz (Essay) – Walker

Djelonte Moore (Poetry) – King

Claire Mathiesen (Art) – Bloom

Celebrating 150 Years and Beyond


Download 342.42 Kb.

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