Essay Grading Scale and Tips Mabie ap english

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Essay Grading Scale and Tips Mabie

AP English

  • AP means "analyze prompt" AND "attack prompt."  In other words, determine your task and stay focused on what the prompt asks you to do.

  • The AP Lit Timed Writing Essays assess your ability to write a persuasive argument, analysis or synthesis in response to a specific prompt.  This writing is expected to present a well-reasoned argument for interpretation and to support that argument with sophisticated, insightful analysis.  The analysis is expected to include well-developed inferences of specific details from the text.

  • Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the AP Rubric and understand the criteria that correspond with the numerical scores, ranging from 9 (the highest) to 0 (the lowest).  Students are expected to carefully review these criteria when their scored essays are returned to them.

Out of 100 Points

Your AP Score       Your Grade                   

9                            100                                                                              

8                            93-99                                                                             

7                            88-92                                                                             

6                            80-87                                                                              

5                            70-79                                                                              

4                            61-69                                                                              

3                            61-69                                                                             

2                            50-60                                                                              

1                            50-60                                                                             

Download 12.53 Kb.

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