Essay Due: Thursday October 9th by 4: 00 Pm

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Science Olympiad Try-out Essay.

Essay Due: Thursday October 9th by 4:00 Pm.

Students who write qualifying essays will be invited to attend try-outs in the Science Lab at 2:30 PM on Thursday Oct. 16th. Parents of the qualifying students will be notified by email.

Practice with Mr. Garrison and Ms. Willis will begin Wednesday October 22nd.

Science Olympiad is an Academic competition involving 3rd – 5th grade students that takes place in Chatham County in the spring. The top two scoring schools in county will go on to a state-wide competition in Kennesaw, Georgia in May. Our goal at Heard is to prepare our team for the county competition, in the hopes that we will qualify for the state competition. This is a website that can tell you more about Science Olympiad

To be on this team, students must be prepared to study their competition topics at home, and sometimes practice building structures. Parents should be prepared to monitor the student’s progress in their studies and encourage them along. The students will have to be available to practice after school from 4- 5 PM on Wednesdays. We will practice in 6 week sessions, each marking period, until the spring competition is announced.

To try out for this team students need the permission of their parents, and the recommendation of their classroom teacher.

Student name: ________________________________________

Parent signature (please also print name): _______________________________________

Parent email address: ___________________________________

Classroom teacher signature of recommendation: ________________________________

  1. Please write a short essay explaining why you would be a good fit for the Science Olympiad team. Include at least three reasons, and attach it to the back of this permission form. Include at least three events that you would like to compete in by reading here:

The essay must be submitted to your classroom teacher at the same time as this permission form. No entries will be accepted after the due date.

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