Essay coversheet instructions: For each essay, complete a coversheet

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Student:_Kingsley Osuji_____________________ English 1000C Essay Number_#2________
Instructions: For each essay, complete a coversheet after you have written a discovery draft and then submit the coversheet with all subsequent drafts of the essay, revising the coversheet as needed if your approach to the essay changes. You may write on the back of this sheet if you need more room.
1. In a word or phrase, describe your topic.
I am profiling beat battles amongst music producers.

2. In a word or phrase, give your working title.

Battle of the Producers
3. Complete the following sentence that tells why you are an insider on this subject; that is, what qualifies you to write on this subject.?
I am an insider on this subject because I produce music that I enter into battles.

4. In two to four sentences complete the following, which should describe your target audience in specific terms: class, gender, race, age, educational level, geographical location and the like.

My target readers are music lover, music producers, beat battle critics, rappers,

Singers, etc.

I have chosen this specific audience because these are people incorporated with

Listening to music and critiquing it.

5. Complete the following statements that indicate (a) the purpose that you want to achieve in writing this essay for this specific audience and (b) the response you expect from this audience.

My purpose in writing this essay is to inform my readers on what beat battles


I hope my audience will respond by attending beat battles and showing us support

Much needed love and support.

6. Complete the following sentence to indicate what value your essay holds for its readers.

My readers will benefit from reading this essay by receiving knowledge on music

Production and beat battle competitions.

  1. In a word or phrase, identify the role you are playing as the author of this essay: Are you writing in your role as a university student, new parent, concerned citizen, dedicated worker, or what?

I am writing this essay as the role of a producer.

  1. In a complete sentence, state your thesis. Be sure that this statement is the same thesis that appears in your essay.

Beat battles are key to showcase a producer’s skills, to help him/her get better, and to get his or her name heard.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding goes the never ending sound of the metronome making sure that my recording will be at a steady pace. I wait for the fourth tick and start to play a very loud, monstrous melody from my USB connected electronic keyboard. I lay the eerie synth sound over a repetitive Notorious B.I.G. sample which I chopped up in my Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (a sound fixing/editing program). The track is being produced in my Fruity Loops 6 sound generator program. In the track, Biggie repeats “Catch me if you can, like the gingerbread man”. I think to myself that this will be a real street anthem that should get plenty of votes amongst all the Notorious B.I.G. fans. I chuckle and say, “This should be a winner”.

Once a “beat” is completed it goes through a process of being mixed down and generated so a good, clean product can be produced. After mixing is completed, a record is now ready to be created by a recording artist (rapper, singer, etc.). Many producers save their beats as a sign of accomplishment, some sell their art for large sums of money, and some test their abilities by placing their beats into battles. I will be entering mine in a battle.

After placing my finishing touches on my Notorious B.I.G. sampled record, I reach for my cell phone and call Anthony a.k.a Supreme, a fellow up and coming producer from Brooklyn with whom I was supposed to be participating in a beat battle against. This is my first time entering a beat battle; however, Supreme has participated in over a dozen beat battles up to date and has already made a name for himself. He already has what I am seeking to gain, and that is producer credibility. When a producer has “cred”, more artists want to buy his/her work and when a producer’s “cred” steadily rises, the more likely a famous industry artist would hear his or her product.

Supreme is a close friend of mine from high school and he has been producing for a much longer time than I have (roughly 4-5 years), so I thought that a friendly challenge between us will not only get myself recognized, but possibly get my music into public circulation. Being that this is my first competition, I decide to ask Supreme for a bit of insight on the world of producer battles.
“So what exactly are beat battles?” I ask him.
He explains to me that a beat battle is a showcase of a producer’s work. He tells me that the producer will be judged on different bases of criteria. I became curious of what those bases of criteria were and decide to ask. Supreme tells me that the producer will be judged on originality, quality, ability to gain the listeners attention, energy of the tracks, and plenty others, but originality and the ability to gain the listeners attention are crucial to a victory.
“So where are these battles held?” I ask
I learn that the battle can be held in front of an audience where there would be judges who would vote for the strongest producer, or we can hold the battle online via Myspace or Youtube and have the members vote on the winner. I thought that for my first battle I would prefer to do it online since I may get a little nervous in front of a large crowd, but I wasn’t too sure about the rules of an online battle.
“Okay! First we must create a music Myspace page where we will hold this challenge. You will then post three beats, two hip hop and one R&B and I will do the same. We will then build a fan base and have them vote for their favorite 3 records” he says.
We set a date for the battle and decide that we will start the competition on Monday March 17, 2008 and the battle will end on Monday March 24, 2008. At the end of the competition, we will tally up the votes and whoever has the most votes will be declared winner.

We create a Myspace page on Monday March 17, 2008 and post our unique works of art. We created this page to attract the views of our visitors. Since both of us are Brooklyn producers, the page contains a backdrop of New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge. The page’s main picture depicts me and Supreme facing off. It should without a doubt grasp the views of plenty Myspace members. We finalize the page and the battle commences eight P.M. that night.

This will be a very interesting battle for we both have to different styles of production. I make all my beats from “scratch” using pounding 808 drums and heavy, eerie synthesized sounds while Supreme uses sampled records (sampling is a technique where the producer “recycles” older records and uses them to make new records by taking clips from that song and adding on to it).

Beat battles are great ways for producers to showcase their skill and get to know other talented artists. It is key to developing one’s skills and techniques while at the same time observing who their competition is. Battling is a way to build “cred” and get your name heard. Finally, beat battles are essential in helping producers stir up noise to get recognized by record labels and industry artists.

*Our battle continues with updated material*

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