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End-of-semester essay (exit exam) for basic reading/writing ESOL class. Students are asked to choose a topic [several choices are provided] and write an essay with a minimum of three body paragraphs. The essay must contain an introduction with a clear thesis statement, and paragraphs in the body of the essay must have clear topic sentences and at least two supporting examples. A concluding paragraph should also be included.


What are possible causes of increasing divorce rates?

As the society is changing, the technology is evolving, the citys are getting bigger, the population is growing; they are also changing in their mentality. If we compare the before-after mentality of the society, we will find that in this days the people is more independent, in the way of how they control their life, friendships and more important their family.

In the past years, the women was attached to have a life were she stayed in home. She didn’t had studies, didn’t work, so she spended her time as a housewife. Today she or almost all the women work and study, and some other sustend their families. Another thing that we can see in the past years is that, the people got married very young, and maybe they didn’t had the opportunities to met someone else or to enjoy being single if they want to; but in this years we can decide at what age do we want to married, with who or even if we want to get married or not, and if we don’t like to be married, but you are now married, you can get divorced.

Now the economy is changing, and the prices are increasing; in some families there aren’t enough money, even the parents need to have 2 jobs to make the family survive. The lack of money always causes problems, but this problems get worse if you have a family to support. There will be fights, maybe violence and you will notice that the relationship is failing.

Getting divorce can cause a lot of problems, that at the beginning you don’t notice, but with the past of the year will appear; the more affected are the childrens. They can have emotional and psychological problems, that when they grown up can development in violence, troubles with law and even get to jail. Maybe when they get married, they will do the same as their parents and they never will have a family.

The process of divorce is not cheap, and it will cost you more if you don’t talk with your couple about the money, custody of the kids, pension, and if the case become longer, the lawyers will charge your more money.

In order to finish, I think that if you notice troubles in your relationship, try to solve it, talk to your couple, see the future of your kids, if we continue like that in some years nobody will get married; but if you see that the problems can’t solve and the only was is getting divorce, do it; but think for you, your couple and, your childrens.
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