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Term 3 Achievements


University of New South Wales EL Writing Competition University of New South Wales Mathematics Competition

High Distinction

Chen Ian En

P3 Responsibility

Nicole Lim Ying jia

P3 Responsibility

Alyssa Lim

P5 Sincerity

Valene Lim Jia Xuan

P5 Sincerity

Overall: 4 High Distinction, 26 Distinctions,

57 Credits and 29 Merits.

High Distinction

Eer Jia Xuan

P3 Responsibility

Javier Ng Jun Jie

P3 Responsibility

Kieran Ng

P3 Responsibility

Fu Xuan

P3 Responsibility

Sean Chua

P4 Respect

Tan Wen Kai

P4 Respect

Liu Chuang

P5 Filial

Ryan Wong Yan Heng

P5 Sincerity

Joshua Han Rui Chou

P6 Filial

Overall: 9 High Distinctions, 79 Distinctions,

241 Credits and 64 Merits.

University of New South Wales EL Competition

High Distinction

Tan Bi Bin

P3 Respect

Enzo Tan

P3 Responsibility

Low Yi Ker

P3 Responsibility

Benson Ooi Wen Ze

P4 Responsibility

Benecia Thia

P4 Responsibility

Alyssa Lim

P5 Sincerity

Overall: 6 High Distinctions, 60 Distinctions,

193 Credits and 78 Merits.

National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore

Gold Award

Liu Chuang

P5 Filial

Joe Zhou Yubin

P5 Sincerity

Ryan Wong Yan Heng

P5 Sincerity

Silver Award

Jaryl Seah Rae Herng

P5 Humility

Ong Junwei

P5 Humility

Chng Guang Sen

P5 Filial

Ooi Wen Nuo Bernard

P5 Sincerity

Bronze Award

Ashton Choe

P5 Filial

Goh Chen Feng

P5 Filial

Tiana Huang Chienchi

P5 Filial

Justin Gwee

P5 Sincerity

Joshua Lim Wei

P5 Respect A

Commonwealth Essay Competition

Silver Award

Ryan Lee Han Tao

P4 Respect

Rayner Wong Jing Jie

P4 Respect

Joy Chew

P5 Sincerity

Tan Sian Yin

P5 Sincerity

Bronze Award

Justin Chua

P4 Responsibilty

Luu Doan Gia

P5 Sincerity

Hwang Qi Zhen


University of New South Wales Science Competition

High Distinction

Eer Jia Xuan

P3 Responsibility

Javier Ng Jun Jie

P3 Responsibility

Ang Jun Rong

P3 Responsibility

Hu Buyan

P4 Respect

Ho Jun Ting

P4 Responsibility

Marcus Wee Yu Zhe

P4 Responsibility

Leong Yuhao

P5 Humility

Isaac Ong

P5 Filial

Teng Jia Jun Zen

P5 Sincerity

Ryan Wong Yan Heng

P5 Sincerity

Overall: 10 High Distinctions, 89 Distinctions,

205 Credits and 96 Merits.

P5 Sincerity

Sean Khoo

P5 Sincerity

Charlotte Lee Jiale

P6 Filial

Ng Xuan Yi Alexe

P6 Sincerity

Co-Curricular Activities

Table Tennis

National Table Tennis Championship

Senior Girls Team

National 4th

Junior Girls Team

National Top 8

Junior Boys Team

National Top 16

Senior Boys Team

Term 3 Review





Kong Hwa Idol 2014

Our annual KHS Idol was held on 29 Aug (P1 & P2) and 2 Sep (P3-P5) to a resounding success. The finalists put up a wonderful performance that illustrated their passion and love for music.



First Runner-up

Second Runner-up

Primary 1

Callista Lim (P1 Perseverance)

Lee Yan Hui (P1 Responsibility)

Michelle Ong (P1 Tolerance)

Primary 2

Lye Jing-Yu (P2 Tolerance)

Natalie Tham (P2 Responsibilty)

Megan Sing (P2 Respect)

Primary 3

Nicole Lim (P3 Responsibility)

Anthea Quoid (P3 Responsibility)

Chia Cheng Han (P3 Responsibility)

Primary 4

Owen Lai (P4 Perseverance)

Gwendolyn Tan (P4 Responsibilty)

Isaac Teo (P4 Filial)

Primary 5

Claire Teo & Benedict Chong

(P5 Filial)

Victoria Ho & Charisse Wong

(P5 Humility)



49th National Day 2014

Our school celebrated our nation's 49th Birthday on 8 August. We had a meaningful time together as a school, crooning the National Day songs with pride in the school hall as one united body. The pupils' write-ups about 'our pioneers' gave everyone a chance to appreciate our pioneers' contribution. The inter-generational programme brought moments of joy to the grandparents who have joined us on that day.

Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day was celebrated on Monday, 21st July 2014. The theme for this year is "Harmony from the Heart". Pupils learnt about the Malay culture and dance during the assembly programme. Besides donning traditional ethnic costumes, teachers and pupils also sampled Malay cookies and played traditional games during recess.

Learning Journeys

Pupils from P4 level went to the Kampong Glam in Term 3 as part of the national heritage tour. This time, they used the iPad to answer questions instead of the usual pen and paper tasksheet. Pupils enjoyed the trip and learnt more about our Singapore's heritage

P5 pupils went to the Asian civilisation museum from Term 2 to Term 3. They were able to access information about the artefacts using the information downloaded in the iPad that they brought along. That made learning more interesting for them


P1 & P2 Math Enrichment Programme

This enrichment programme which was conducted during the September holiday received good response. Pupils had fun and learnt heuristics through hands-on and engaging activities.

P2 Maths Quest

P2 pupils participated in the school annual Maths Quest on problem-based activities. Pupils displayed their mathematical skills at the various stations in a fun-filled manner.



The P3 pupils have concluded the Gardening Project in Term 3. In each class, pupils grew their plants through the traditional soil method and the modern method of hydrophonics. Through this, pupils were able to compare growth of the plants based on the different methods.

Recess Activities

The P3 and P4 pupils have recently concluded their series of recess activities conducted by the department. The activities aimed to ignite the pupils’ curiosity towards Science. Aided by the Science facilitators, the pupils engaged in hands-on activities and eventually worked towards achieving either the Young Darwin (P3) or Young Newton (P4) badges.


Cleanest Class and Best ‘Creative Values Board’ Award (Term 3)

Cleanest Class and Best ‘Creative Values Board’ Award encourages pupils to work cooperatively as a class to keep their classrooms clean and proudly display their termly values drawings on the class noticeboards. The award recognizes Kong Hwaians who upkeep the cleanliness in their classrooms and take the effort to display the school values by decorating their classrooms’ values boards. The cleanest class with the ‘Best Creative Values’ boards for each level are as follows:

Primary 1: 1 Perseverance

Primary 2: 2 Responsibility

Primary 3: 3 Respect

Primary 4: 4 Respect

Primary 5: 5 Perseverance

Primary 6: 6 Filial Piety

Pupils’ Suggestion Scheme (Term 3)

All P3 to P6 pupils gave their suggestions on improvement to the school facilities. Three best suggestions for each level were selected by our P5 prefects and student leaders. Tokens were given to the 12 pupils concerned. Some of the selected suggestions were:

  • Put a desktop in the library to enable pupils to search for books easily.

  • Enhance the vending machines to accept the new coins.

  • Replace broken or old PE equipment and remind pupils to handle the equipment with care.

Head Prefect Election

Head Prefect Election has been a very smooth sailing process as our P5 prefects had put in a lot of effort into their projects and worked very well as a team through the journey. Candidates explored their leadership qualities and maximized their potential of being leaders. They helped to appreciate and strengthen each other’s abilities and strengths. The election process also helped to build up the candidates’ self-confidence. P4 and P5 pupils were given the opportunity to experience democratic election process.

P4 Student Leader Camp

On 6 September 2014, the Pupil Management Department organised a yearly Leadership Camp for our P4 Student Leaders. It was an exciting time for P4 pupils to be on a journey that tests his/her leadership skills and character values. Pupils were involved in obstacle course games and learned to overcome the obstacles through effective communication. This was followed by an introduction to Service Learning. At the end of the session, pupils were able to understand the difference between service learning and volunteering. Student leaders also generated ideas for plausible service learning. They had acquired knowledge and skills to enhance leadership and responsible decision-making.

Green Movement Recycling @ Kong Hwa

The school conducted the monthly recycling programme on the 1 August and 29 August 2014. Pupils and teachers did their part of conserving the environment by bringing in old newspapers and magazines for the monthly collection.

Environmental Champions workshop

During the September school holidays, three Green Captains from Primary 4 and 5 attended the Environment Champions (EC) Primary Workshop conducted on 8th & 9th Sep 2014 at Corporation Primary School. The Green Captains were educated on the present environmental issues and methods to deal with them. They worked in teams with pupils from other primary schools to come up with problems and solutions to the possible environmental issues they might face through skits. After attending this workshop, these Green Captains can assist the teachers in organising environmental activities within the school.

P3 Values-in-Action and Green Movement Programme: Clean Singapore Learning Trail

All P3 pupils participated in The Clean Singapore Learning Trail conducted by NEA on 2 and 3 September 2014. It was a trail that consisted full-filled activities which allowed pupils to gain an appreciation of what it takes to keep Singapore clean, the consequences of littering (e.g. pest infestation, breeding of mosquitoes) and how their personal behaviour affects the environment. Pupils had the chance to sit in the mechanical Road Sweeper. The pupils had an enjoyable time.

P4 Values-in-Action

The generosity of parents is much appreciated in the P4 VIA, Community Projects @ KHS. There was an overwhelming response for collection of food items and toys to Food from the Heart and Toys-on-Wheels. Together, we nurture a morally upright Kong Hwaian who actively contributes to the community.

SKM Project: A Classroom of Kindness Starts with One Thoughtful Me!

To promote kindness in the classroom and to create an environment that is conducive for everyone, the team of Singa Ambassadors held a Poster Design Competition in the middle of Term 3. Everyone was encouraged to participate in the competition and many creative entries were received. The ambassadors had a hard time deciding on the best entries for each level. Each class also dedicated a corner in their classroom for the Kindness Wall. As the Singa Ambassadors walked around, they read a lot of kind messages that students have written for each other. This Kindness Wall will remain in the classrooms till the end of this term.



Our school is embarking on SG50 cluster project where young Singaporeans learn more about the 50 symbolic icons that has shaped the culture of Singapore through the use of arts & technology. During Art lessons, P1-P5 pupils will embark on an interesting journey to know more about Singapore through the creation of paper collages, plasticine food models and ceramic tiles. QR codes will be created and pasted beside the symbolic icons relating to the first decade of independence (1965-1974). These QR code will link pupils to a website created by the school where they are able to learn and reflect more about the culture of Singapore. Pupils will be led by their teachers to look at the Art pieces done by their fellow schoolmates and access the online information through the QR code using mini iPads. Our school will be submitting a 3-minute video to showcase the student’s art pieces and how the QR codes are used to learn and reflect more about the culture of Singapore.

P4 ICT Trail

This ICT Trail for Primary 4 pupils aims to help provide an opportunity for pupils to use technology for learning and collaborating. Pupils will learn the use of Web 2.0 tools such as Google Chat, Blogs and File sharing to collaborate and discover the use of new media to build content and knowledge.


P1 Maths Quest

P1 pupils will take part in the Maths Quest this term. They will display their mathematical skills at the various stations in a fun-filled manner.

Annual Mathlympic 2014

8 of our pupils from P4 and P5 have made it to the final round for the Annual Mathlympic for all Singapore Primary School 2014. We wish them all the best in the coming competition


Hands-on Science Kits

To facilitate learning through self-hands-on experiment and discovery, each P3 and P5 pupil will be given a set of Science kits. P3 pupils will get a pair of mini bar magnets and P5 pupils will get a set of electrical kit consisting of wires, batteries and bulb.

Science Carnival

This year, the Science department will organize a Science Carnival based on the theme, GLOW. P3 to P5 pupils will get to make their own Glow-in-the-dark toys using materials found around them. They will also learn the Science concepts behind the toys in the process.


P6 Values-in-Action

To cultivate a righteous Kong Hwaian who is sincere in serving fellow Singaporeans, P6 pupils will participate in Seashore Life Programme. With the beaches dotted with filth, the pupils witness the negative impact of Man on the Environment. They will clean up the beach as a service to fellow Singaporeans and protect the ecosystem of our beaches. In doing so, they have a positive impact on the environment.


19 Sept 2014

PSLE LC (School Holiday for P1-P5)

25 Sept 2014

PSLE Written (EL/FEL)

26 Sept 2014

PSLE Written (MA /FMA)

29 Sept 2014

PSLE Written (CL/FCL)

30 Sept 2014

PSLE Written (SC/FSC)

1 Oct 2014

PSLE Written (HCL) (Early dismissal for P1 to P5 pupils at 12noon)

2 Oct 2014

Children’s Day Celebration cum ACES Day

3 Oct 2014

Children’s Day (School Holiday)

5 Oct 2014


6 Oct 2014


7 & 8 Oct 2014

SA2 EL/FEL/CL/FCL Oral (P2-P5)

9 Oct 2014

SA2 EL/FEL (List Compre & Paper 1)

10 Oct 2014

SA2 CL/FCL (List Compre & Paper 1)

7-10 Oct 2014

HE/ SS Examination

14-17 Oct 2014

PSLE Marking Days (School Holiday)

18 Oct 2014

Parenting Talk “ Women are always Right, Men are never Wrong” (EL & CL)

22 Oct 2014


23 Oct 2014

SA2 EL/FEL Paper 2 (P2 to P5)

24 Oct 2014

SA2 MA/FMA (P2 to P5)

27 Oct 2014

SA2 CL/FCL Paper 2 (P2 to P5)

28 Oct 2014

SA2 SC/FSC (P3 to P5)

29 Oct 2014


30 Oct 2014

P6 Inter-class Captain’s Ball

31 Oct 2014

P6 Inter-class Floorball

1 Nov 2014

P1 Orientation 2015

3 - 10 Nov 2014

SG 50 cum IT Trail (P4)

3 Nov 2014

P5 Inter-class Basketball & Ultimate Frisbee

4 Nov 2014

P4 Recorder Recital

5 Nov 2014

Promotion Day (School holiday for all pupils)

5 Nov 24

BICEP Graduation Ceremony (P6 Sincerity)(AM)

5 Nov 2014

P4 BICEP Quiz (P4 Responsibility)(PM)

6 Nov 2014

P2 Green Song Singing Competition 2014

6 – 8 Nov 2014

P4 BICEP Trip to Malacca (P4 Responsibility)

7 Nov 2014

P6 Graduation Lunch

8 Nov 2014

Parenting Talk (EL & CL)

10 – 14 Nov 2014

Annual IPW/ Art Exhibition

12 Nov 2014

P6 Graduation cum Prize-Giving Ceremony

13 - 15 Nov 2014

P6 Overseas Malacca Trip

14 Nov 2014

P1-P5 Prize-Giving Ceremony

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