English-Language Arts Released Test Questions

B Disguise your password when you write it down. C

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B Disguise your password when you write it down.

C Do not let people know your password.

D Change your password frequently when you write it down.

33. Based on information in the two boxes at the end of the document, lkjlkj would be a bad choice for a password because it—

A is someone’s initials.

B stands for a favorite saying.

C is a repeated pattern of letters.

D is an abbreviation of a familiar name.

The following is a selection from an employee manual explaining the job description of working at a video rental store. Read the article and answer questions 34 through 36.
Main Street Movies Employee Manual: Organizing Videos
In order to help customers find what they want quickly and to keep track of inventory, it’s important to keep the thousands of titles in the Main Street Movies store organized properly. This section of the Employee Manual will tell you how to organize videos so that customers will always be able to find them. It will also help you familiarize yourself with the store layout, so that you can help a customer find a particular film or a particular genre of film.
Each Main Street Movies store has three main sections:

1. New Releases Wall

2. Film Library

3. Video Games

New Releases Wall. Almost 70 percent of movie rentals are new releases, and that is the first place that most customers go when they enter the store. The center section of shelves on this wall holds Hottest Hits. When new titles come into the store (about 40 per month), place them on this wall in alphabetical order.
After 30 days, move the Hottest Hits titles to the shelves on either side, again in alphabetical order. The shelves flanking Hottest Hits are called Recent Releases. Titles stay on the Recent Releases shelves eight to ten months before being moved to Film Library shelves. The New

Releases Wall, including the Hottest Hits and Recent Releases shelves, holds about 350 titles.

Film Library. The thousands of titles in the Film Library are organized into categories (genres). The films within each category are displayed alphabetically. Here are the categories and their two-letter computer codes:







Science Fiction




Foreign Language*


Special Interest















*Foreign Language titles include films that were originally made in a foreign language, films that have been dubbed into a foreign language, and films with foreign language subtitles. A sticker on the back of each box specifies which type of film it is.
Special Interest includes these sub-categories:

AN Animation IN Instruction SP Sports

DO Documentaries RE Religion TR Travel

EX Exercise















Video Games. Main Street Movies carries games for Super Nintendo, Sony Play Station, and Nintendo 64 game systems. Games for all three systems are arranged together, in alphabetical order.
Although video games represent only a small percentage of our inventory, they are shoplifted more often than any other type of merchandise in our store. Therefore, video games are never displayed on the shelves. Shelves in the Video Game section of Main Street Movies hold

cardboard plaques with pictures and information about each game. When a customer wants to rent a particular game, he or she will bring you the plaque. You then retrieve the game from the locked case behind the counter, rent it to the customer, and file the cardboard plaque in the “Video Game Rentals” box. When the game is returned, put the plaque back on the appropriate shelf so that it is available for another customer.


34. What is the order in which new movies are moved through the store?

A from Hottest Hits to Film Library to Recent Releases

B from Film Library to Hottest Hits to Recent Releases

C from Hottest Hits to Recent Releases to Film Library

D from Recent Releases to Film Library to Hottest Hits

35. Which of the following is NOT a subcategory of Special Interest?

A animation

B exercise

C religion

D western
36. A customer wants to know if a Foreign Language video has subtitles. Based upon the manual, what is the best way to find this information?

A Look at the back of the box.

B Check the computer.

C Ask an employee.

D Watch a few minutes of the film.

The following document is from a training manual for new employees at a restaurant. Read the document and answer questions 37 through 40.
Staff Responsibilities

Your job as restaurant greeter requires that you greet every guest graciously and promptly. Upon greeting our early Sunset diners*, be sure to provide them with the regular dinner menu as well as the special Sunset menu. In addition, every evening the chef posts daily specials on the chalkboard at the entrance. Be sure to remind the customers of those dishes too, although those are not eligible for the early Sunset dinner price. (Diners who are seated after the early Sunset period should not receive the special Sunset menu.)

You will be working with a team of three additional members: the person who sets the table and provides the water and place settings (in some restaurants referred to as the busboy or busgirl), the waiter/waitress who actually takes each order to the exact specification of each diner, and the cashier who will accept the diners’ payments upon their way out the door after dining. Your job is to ensure that the diners feel welcomed, informed, and served pleasantly in every possible way. For example, if their coats are draped across the back of their chairs, creating a potential floor hazard, please suggest that you would be happy to hang them in the closet at the rear of the restaurant.
Our goal is satisfied, happy customers who will return to visit us again and will recommend our establishment to their friends. Each employee plays an important role in ensuring that our goal is met. If you smile, greet diners pleasantly, seat them as soon as possible, and provide them with the full range of dinner options, you should have every reason to believe that you have done your job well.
When customers have been unhappy in the past with the quality of service by the person who filled your position, it was generally because of one of the following reasons:

  • Customers were left standing in the foyer as the entry greeter continued a personal phone call ignoring them.

  • Customers were not told of their eligibility or ineligibility for the early Sunset dinner.

  • Customers’ seating preferences were not honored.

* Early Sunset definition: a choice from one of five set-price, three-course meals available to diners seated before 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Note: One of those choices is always vegetarian.


37. What is the purpose of this selection?

A to notify customers of Sunset dinner rules

B to describe the layout of the restaurant and kitchen

C to explain the duties of the greeter

D to make new employees aware of meal prices
38. The document provides the MOST information on—

A how to satisfy diners.

B how to get along with coworkers.

C the restaurant’s special offers.

D the restaurant’s payment policy.

39. Read this sentence from the selection.

Your job as a restaurant greeter requires that you greet each guest graciously and promptly.

According to this sentence, what must greeters do?

A Welcome customers warmly as they arrive.

B Quickly list the specials for the customers.

C Ask the customers what they would like to drink.

D Seat customers as soon as possible.

40. The document provides the LEAST information on—

A Sunset specials.

B food preparation.

C greeter responsibilites.

D customer dissatisfaction.

The following is a brochure provided for new volunteers at a pet hospital. Read the brochure and answer questions 41 through 44.
Pet Hospital
Being a volunteer pet-aide in the Community Pet Hospital should be lots of fun! You were

selected among many other applicants; so, you should feel proud that we recognize that you

have something special to offer—a passion for helping pets in need. We also hope that over

your eight-week assignment with us you will develop useful skills that will serve you well

when you seek employment in the future. Who knows? Perhaps you will want to become a

veterinarian too someday!

The pets who come to Community Pet Hospital are experiencing some level of illness, injury, or behavioral distress. Since we limit our practice to reptiles and birds, we can somewhat predict the activity in our waiting room on a typical day.
Frankly, we have more problems with pet owners than with the pets themselves. You will notice that we have signs prominently hanging around the office asking that owners should not release their pets from their pens or cages while in the office. Yet, nearly everyday some owner will permit his or her pet to crawl or .y about the office anyway. As a volunteer pet-aide, we ask you to discourage owners from this practice. But if and when it happens, we appreciate your

assistance in helping to retrieve the escaped pet.

When pets and their owners are being seated, we ask your assistance in separating, when possible, the birds from the reptiles. This can help prevent a noisy, distressing climate in the waiting room. Also, it is our experience that small birds need separation from large birds who tend to be aggressive and dominate the “chatter.”
While we only have a few snakes in our practice, their visits can provoke upsetting responses in the waiting room. Both pets and owners seem to respond poorly to the presence of snakes in the waiting room, even if they are caged. So our receptionist tries very hard to arrange snake appointments at the end of the day when most of our other patients have been seen and are gone.


We encourage your interest in every pet that comes through the door! However, there are a few basic rules in engaging with any pet patient that are essential for you to apply at all times:

1. The pet owner should be politely asked first if it is acceptable to interact with his or her pet.

2. Don’t assume that a pet wants to interact with anyone except his or her owner. You may like the pet but it may not like you (or anyone else).

3. Refrain from physically handling any pet except as absolutely necessary. Pets who come to us are in distress, so additional handling by strangers may exacerbate their fragile condition.

4. Pets in distress may lash out in self-defense and could injure you with a bite or a painful scratch.

5. Excessive attention paid to one pet may make an owner of another pet somewhat jealous on the other side of the room.

6. Sometimes it seems that paying attention to a pet causes an owner to feel it is all right to open the pen or cage in order to demonstrate pet tricks. We don’t want that!

7. In the event you do handle any pet in any way, immediately wash your hands well with disinfectant soap in the washroom. Absolutely never touch one pet immediately after handling another unless your hands are thoroughly cleaned between interactions.
Helping a pet in distress and its owner is a very rewarding experience. We’re sure you will come to feel the satisfaction of your contributions to the harmony of our waiting room here at the Community Pet Hospital.


41. What does retrieve mean as used in the following sentence?

But if and when it happens, we appreciate your assistance in helping to retrieve the escaped pet.

A help take care of the pet

B help the owners take care of the pet

C help the pet escape and leave the office

D help catch the pet and put it back into its cage
42. Which of the following is NOT a correct rewording of the following sentence?

Additional handling by strangers may exacerbate its fragile condition.

A A stranger handling a pet may worsen its condition.

B A stranger handling a pet may improve its condition.

C A stranger handling a pet may intensify its condition.

D A stranger handling a pet may aggravate its condition.
43. The main purpose of this brochure is—

A to explain to veterinarians how to care for hurt animals.

B to explain to pet owners how to care for reptiles and birds.

C to explain why pet owners should use the Community Pet Hospital.

D to explain how volunteers should interact with pet patients and their owners.

44. Which of the following is NOT discussed in this brochure?

A how snake appointments are made by the receptionist

B how to release pets from their pens or cages while in the office

C why small birds need separating from large birds

D why the hospital can predict the activity in the waiting room on a typical day


Read the story and answer questions 45 through 48.


By Lan Samantha Chang
1 The day before my sister brought her boyfriend home, we had a family conference over fried rice and chicken noodle soup.
2 “This is the problem,” my mother said. “The thistles are overpowering our mailbox.” She looked at my father. “Could you do something about them before Frances and Wei get here?”
3 My father grunted from behind his soup. He drank his soup Chinese-style, with the bowl raised to his mouth. “Frances won’t care about the thistles,” he said. “She thinks only about coming home.”
4 “But what about Wei?” my mother said. “This isn’t his home. To him it’s just a house that hasn’t been painted in ten years. With weeds.” She scowled. To her the weeds were a matter of honor. Although Wei had been dating my sister for four years and had visited us three times, he was technically a stranger and subject to the rules of “saving face.”
5 My father slurped. “Frances is a xiaoxun daughter,” he said. “She wants to see family, not our lawn. Wei is a good xiaoxun boy. He wants Frances to see her family; he doesn’t care about the lawn.”
6 Xiaoxun means “ filial,” or “dutiful to one’s parents.”
7 I was almost to the bottom of my bowl of rice when I noticed my parents were looking at me.

“Oh,” I said. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

8 “Thank you, Annie,” said my mother.
9 The next afternoon I went to work on the weeds. My father loved Wei and Frances, but he hated

yard work . . .

10 It was a beautiful midwestern afternoon, sunny and dry, with small white clouds high up against a bright blue sky. I wore a pair of my father’s old gloves to pull the thistles but kicked off my sandals, curled my toes around the hot reassuring dirt. Inside the house, my mother napped with the air conditioner humming in the window. My father sat in front of the television,

rereading the Chinese newspaper from New York that my parents always snatched out of the mail as if they were receiving news of the emperor from a faraway province. I felt an invisible hand hovering over our blue house, making sure everything stayed the same.


11 I was hacking at a milky dandelion root when I heard an engine idling. A small brown car, loaded down with boxes and luggage, turned laboriously into the driveway. Through the open window I heard a scrape as my father pushed aside his footrest. My mother’s window shade snapped up and she peered outside, one hand on her tousled hair. I rose to meet the car, conscious of my dirt-stained feet, sweaty glasses, and muddy gardening gloves.

12 “Annie!” Frances shouted from the rolled-down window. She half-emerged from the car and shouted my name again.
13 “Wow,” I said. “You guys are early. I thought you wouldn’t get here until five o’clock.”
14 “That was the plan,” said Wei, “but your sister here was so excited about getting home that I begged off from call a few hours early.” He grinned. He was always showing off about how well he knew my sister. But other than that he had very few defects, even to my critical thirteen-year-old mind. He was medium-sized and steady, with a broad, cheerful dark face and one gold-rimmed tooth.
15 My mother and father rushed out the front door and let it slam.
16 “Hi, Frances!” they said. “Hi, Wei!” I could tell my mother had stopped to comb her hair and put on lipstick.
17 We stood blinking foolishly in the sunlight as Wei and Frances got out of the car. My family does not hug. It is one of the few traditions that both my parents have preserved from China’s pre-Revolutionary times.
18 Frances came and stood in front of my mother. “Let me look at you,” my mother said. Her gaze ran over my sister in a way that made me feel knobby and extraneous.

19 Frances was as beautiful as ever. She did not look like she had been sitting in a car all day. Her white shorts and her flowered shirt were fresh, and her long black hair rippled gently when she moved her head. Wei stared transfixed, waiting for her to turn to talk to him, but she did not.

20 Still facing my mother, Frances said, “Wei, could you get the stuff from the car?”
21 “I’ll help you!” my father said. He walked around the back of the car and stood awkwardly aside to let Wei open the trunk. “So, how is medical school?” I heard him ask. They leaned into the trunk, their conversation muffled by the hood. I looked at their matching shorts, shirts, brown arms and sturdy legs. When Wei came to visit, my father always acted like a caged animal that has been let outside to play with another of its kind.

Copyright © 1994 by Lan Samantha Chang. Reprinted by permission of the author.


45. How does Annie’s father feel when Wei and Frances arrive?

A sad

B excited

C stubborn

D threatened
46. What motivates Annie to offer to do the weeding?

A She thought her father might become ill if he did the weeding.

B She wanted the house to look nice when Frances and Wei arrived.

C Her parents looked at her as if they wanted her to do it.

D Her parents were arguing about who would do the weeding, so she volunteered.
47. From whose point of view is the action in this story seen?

A Annie’s

B Father’s

C Frances’s

D Mother’s

48. How might the author’s background be reflected in the story?

A The story shows why the author became a writer.

B The story shows that the author had a brother and a sister.

C The story describes how the author developed her skills as a gardener.

D The story demonstrates an understanding of traditional Chinese customs.

This is a sample of California High School Exit Examination questions. This is NOT an operational test form. Test scores cannot be projected based on performance on released test questions. Copyright © 2006 by the California Department of Education.

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