English for oral communication

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Oral performance assessment
Choose 01 scenario and assign each character to 01 member in your group. Note that you can choose to omit 01 character in the scenario if your group does not have enough members.

Scenario 1: Getting lost
A group of tourists (family or friends) are going on a holiday in a foreign country. However, they get lost and argue about their journey before asking the local people for direction.
- Character 1: The group leader. This person likes to make commands and take the lead. He / She would want the group members to follow his/her instructions.
- Character 2: The listener. This person always agrees with what other people says and changes his/her mind regularly.
- Character 3: The complainer. This person usually confronts with what the leader suggests and has his/her own viewpoint in everything.
- Character 4: The local. This person lives in this region and is having a break while this group of tourists approaches and asks for direction. He / She is happy and willing to give very detailed instructions for them.
- Character 5: The police. This person sees the argument and tries to sort out the tension among the group members. However, the tourists do not seem to listen to him/her.

Scenario 2: A class reunion
A group of students is having their class union after 2 years of graduation from university. They have dinner in a restaurant and tell the others about their lives and share some memories about the past.
- Character 1: The class monitor. This person has always been the leader from the past until present. He / She is decisive, matured and somewhat disciplinary.
- Character 2: The vice-monitor. This person studies very well and has had various academic achievements in life. He / She is ambitious and has good command of speech.
- Character 3: The class clown. This person’s basic personality is playful. He / She jokes around a lot while keeping up the atmosphere of the whole class. Sometimes, his/her jokes are a little insensitive.
- Character 4: The show-off. This person boasts tremendously about his/her life from the past until the present. He / She likes to compare among members of the class regarding their achievements.
- Character 5: The commoner. This person is quite sensitive and gets emotional easily. He / She genuinely loves all the members of the class and would like to share every joyous moment with all of them.

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