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Roll No.__________________ 02 March, 2017

Paper : English - Elective (Paper B) - SBA1820

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Examination: Final, Fall - 2016

Total Marks: 75, Passing Marks (23)

Sarhad University, Peshawar

(Distance Education)

NOTE: Attempt Five questions in all, in which Question NO 1 is compulsory. Attempt Two Questions from each of the Sections. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are not allowed in the examination hall.

Q1. Explain with reference to the context any THREE of the following.
(a) But Richard, in office they offer you all sorts of things. I was once offered a whole village , with a mill, and a manor house, and heaven knows what else – a coat of arms I should not be surprised.
(b)……..When Wolsey and Warham began the proceedings that led to the Vatican, the Vatican itself was already in view of the most terrific gang of bloodcurdling adventures………………
(c )Let him die without an heir and we’ll have them back again. Let him die without an heir and this ‘peace’ you think so much of will go out like that……………
(d)I drew the soul of the cow, which I saw their plainly walking before me in the sunlight; and the soul was all purple and silver, and had seven horns and the mystery that belongs to all the beasts.
(e)From this tropical plateau of tea and cakes he descended into the street, where the harsh night air suddenly smote him.
(f)Will it ever go on like this? Graceless fellow! You are fit to live only in the mountains and barbarous caves, where good manners were never taught. Get out of my sight.


Q2. Comment on the mingling of realism and romance in Twelfth Night.
Q3. Taking in view the plots of Twelfth Night, to what extent this play is a ‘comedy of errors?’
Q4. ” The Common Man is ‘ that which is common to us all’ for he is both within the play and outside it’’ . Discuss the role and function of the Common Man in A Man for All Seasons.
Q5. In A Man for all Seasons, Trial Scene is the most important scene. Do you agree?


Q6. Give a synopsis of the main characteristics of Lord Oxford s discussed by MacCarthy in his essay “ Lord Oxford and Asquith “.
Q7. How does Sir William Beveridge propose to transform the world in just seven days into a place where we could feel at home? Discuss in detail.
Q8. What according to Arthur Clutton-Brock is the purpose of education?
Q9. Discuss the role of symbolism in G K Chesterton’s A piece of Chalk.

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