English 96 Feedback

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English 96 Feedback

I am always learning how to be a better teacher and would appreciate your honest and constructive feedback.  This is an anonymous feedback form.  I will not open the envelope with all the feedback forms until after I have turned in the final grades. Basically, it would help me to know what aspects of the class you would advise me to keep the same when I teach it again.  How could the class be improved?  What worked well for you?   Feel free to write on the back or attach an additional page.

The readings (Useful? Interesting? Too challenging?  Not challenging enough?  Which ones would you keep and which would you lose?)

  • From Inquiry to Academic Writing

  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

  • "Food That Travels Well"

  • "Big Foot"

  •  "The Story of Stuff" 

  • The excerpts from The Rough Guide 

  • "Environmental Harm Disproportionately Impacts the Poor and Minorities"

  • “The Elusive Green Economy" 

  • The excerpts from Thomas Friedman's Hot, Flat, and Crowded 

  • "Green Manhattan" 

  • "Beyond Eco-Apartheid" by Van Jones

  • "The Nurture of Nature"

The essay assignments (Were the assignments clear? Too difficult? Interesting?)

The blogs (Did you prefer blogs to journals or handwritten discussion questions? Did you find it helpful to read other students’ blogs?)

Instruction on the research process and MLA format

Library workshops B and W (worthwhile?)

The homework assignments (Were there too many? Were they useful?)

The error logs (Did you feel you improved your grammar or word choice this semester? Did the optional individualized approach to grammar instruction work for you? What could have helped you improve your grammar more?)
The grading (Fair? Transparent?)

In-class discussion

In-class group work

The teacher’s explanations in class

The teacher’s explanations one-on-one

Would you suggest that I use an environmental theme in 1A again? Why or why not? What about a food theme?

What could I add or change about the class or my teaching to improve things?

What did you learn in this class?  What was most worthwhile?

Download 14.1 Kb.

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