Eng 1D – Exam Review

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ENG 1D – Exam Review

Much of review involves reading your notes over several times to reacquaint yourself with material. Begin early!

The Chrysalids”

1. Consider how “The Chrysalids” is a work of science fiction. (review intro notes!)

2. Identify at least two points about the following characters, events or terms from the novel and explain their significance in the novel.

David Fringes

Sophie offence

Aunt Harriet blasphemy

Uncle Axel Badlands

David’s father Badlands

Petra Sally and Katherine

Rosalind Sealand Lady

Alan Ervine true image

Tribulation chrysalid


3. Compare Axel’s and Joseph Strorm’s views about humanity and the world in general. Also, compare their relationship to David.

4. Trace David’s journey from a naïve youth accepting of Waknuk values to a mature, young man, confident in his abilities by referring to three specific incidents in the novel.

5. Be prepared to discuss the theme of prejudice. Give examples of how prejudice is often the result of fear or selfishness.

Twelfth Night”

1. Be familiar with the “Literary Devices” handout.

2. Define romantic comedy. List the comic conventions (devices) of a Shakespearean romantic comedy.

3. Who are the characters in the love triangle? In the “low comedy” plot? In the “high comedy” plot. Explain how the two plots come together.

4. Identify which characters represent different types of love in the play, and provide proof.

5. Discuss the women in the play: Viola, Olivia, and Maria. How are they more intelligent and resourceful than the men?

6. Describe how the play ends in “reconciliation and merriment”.


1. Make a list of the hero myths studied. For each myth, explain

A) the heroic and unheroic characteristics of the Greek hero

ENG 1D Exam Outline

The exam is scheduled for Thursday, June 20th from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm in Gym 3.

The exam is worth 25% of your final mark.

Part A: 5-Paragraph FORMAL essay: “Twelfth Night30 marks, 50 minutes

  • Choice of TWO questions

Part B: Sight Passage: “The Chrysalids”

  • 20 marks, 30 minutes

  • You will read a passage from the novel and answer a series of questions – some questions will require you to make connections with other parts of the novel

Part C: Mythology

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