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ENC 1102 Summary/Analysis

Office Hours:

Important Dates
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Final Due:

Assignment Outcomes and Context
You will learn how to summarize an academic article, including how to quote brief passages, how to use attributive tags to cue your reader that you are reporting someone else’s ideas rather than your own, and how to cite an article. You will then interact with the article, illustrating your ability to critically read, analyze, and evaluate an argument.

Writing Requirements
In 600-800 words, write a summary/analysis essay that includes the following:

  1. A summary of an academic article—approximately 150-200 words of your essay.

  2. A response to the reading in which you examine the author’s strategies—how does the author try to influence the reader rhetorically and what are the author’s ideas? To do this:

  1. An analysis of how effectively the author convinces the reader—has the article expanded and deepened your thinking about its ideas?

When you turn in your final paper, you must turn in the following items:

  1. Final Paper

  2. Peer Review

  3. Discovery Draft

Download 8.12 Kb.

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