Emotivism (cl stevenson)

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Emotivism (CL Stevenson)


  • Write 1 paragraph to summarize emotivism.
  • Give 3 advantages of emotivism.
  • Give 3 weaknesses of emotivism.

Stevenson and emotivism

  • What is Stevenson’s key text?
  • How does Stevenson explain emotive words?
  • How does he explain a moral judgement?
  • How does he explain ethical statements?
  • Give three criticisms of Stevenson

CL Stevenson’s Emotivism

  • Emotive meaning of words.
  • Moral judgements are based on our experiences of the world.
  • Ethical statements are due to fundamental beliefs.
  • Arguments are disagreements in attitude.
  • Moral judgements express approval or disapproval.
  • Some moral disagreements are not really disagreements.
  • Talks about ‘self persuasion’’.

How are Ayer and Stevenson similar and different?



  • “Stevenson’s and Ayer’s emotivism are so different that they cannot both be called emotivism.”
  • Consider:
  • What is emotivism?
  • How are the two similar?
  • How are the two scholars different?

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