Emily dickinson love as a connecting force in Dickinson’s poetry

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MPHIL 2-Americanlit dickinson
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Ayshum Irfan
Fatima Gul Khan
Fatima Shahid Khan
Fizza Hasan
Khalood Bharwana
Mahnoor Anwar
American Literature
Dr. Waseem Anwar
19th April 2022
Love as a connecting force in Dickinson’s poetry

  • Appeal to the Muses

  • To love is to serve God

  • Loveless existence equals damnation

  • Poem 1 written in the Valentine week of 1850


Stylistic Features of Dickinson’s Poetry
Emily Dickinson’s style was very different from the general trends of writing poetry in her time. Even a quick glance at them would reveal that they are different: not just in their themes but also composition.

  • Stanzas

  • Rhyme

  • Punctuation

“I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,
And Mourners to and fro
Kept treading – treading – till it seemed
That Sense was breaking through –”

  • Titles

  • Word choice and a play on meanings

Reasons behind her experimental writing may vary as per interpretation, as she did not provide an explanation herself.

  • Personal preference

  • Stream of consciousness

  • Feminist reading of Dickinson’s style

The drama in Dickinson’s poetry
How can poetry be dramatic?

  • Addressed like a poetic speech.

  • A display of the speaker’s emotions and psychological insights.

  • Her poems take a dramatic shape.

  • Division of the poems into acts and scenes.

  • A universal approach towards poetry.

  • The narrator is different and so is the point of view; histrionic imagination.

  • Use of the Aristotelian problem/crisis/climax-denouement progression.

  • Use of dramatic as well as dramatistic techniques.

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