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Subject: Physics Grade: MYP 1 School year:2008/09 Teacher: Martina Michaličková

Number of lessons: 2/week




Can we “play” with electricity?

Human Ingenuity, Health and Social Education


2 months


Atom, ion, electric charge, everything is made of atoms

Atoms of different elements and their properties

Attractive and repulsive electric force

Electric field lines – analogy with magnetic field


To charge, to ground, to carry el. charge

Electric conductors and insulators

Production of electric charge – friction, heat

Electrostatic induction


Lightning, protection against lightning

Electrostatic “toys”

Protection against electricity


- safe work with static electricity

- discuss and understand that not all materials and object are able to live in different temperatures

- discuss the difference in thermoregulation between warm – blooded and cold – blooded animals

- describe and explain how we use different types of atoms in our daily life

- appreciate the need of different elements in our body

- present scientific information in format of leaflet and poster

- present scientific information on public – oral presentation

- formulate simple hypothesis, make simple experiments, describe it and state short result

- identify the possible danger of static electricity and protect against it

- work with different sources in appropriate way

- identify basic scientific components found in information from different sources

- explain and apply the information from static electricity to solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar way


- reading from The Short History of Nearly Everything

- creating own electrometer

- playing with electricity (hedgehog from hair, the horses’ competition, electric circus, “jumping paper creatures”, “spell for snakes”, electric “toys”, balloon stuck on the wall)

- experiments with a can and aluminium strips

- worksheet – Static electricity – find and reject information from text – note taking

- making and observing experiments + giving predictions – experiments with electrometer – charging the electrometer, carrying the charge (through aluminium foil, plastic), grounding the electrometer, experiments with “magic bar” – ebonite bar

- research – what kind of materials like electrons and what material loose them easily?

- discussion about different elements and their usage in everyday life

- discussion - How different elements affect our body?

- work with sources – finding information and evaluation of them

- oral presentation of students’ work

- self evaluation and peer evaluation

-short writing – use of insulators and conductors in household

-essay writing – Static electricity around us


pair work work with different types of sources finding information

reading comprehension essay writing paragraphing and note taking

self evaluation peer evaluation making poster and leaflet

oral presentation


One world essay – Static electricity around us – A, B

Worksheet – Static electricity B

Create your own electrometer – D, F

Poster – Elements around us – A, B

Leaflet – Elements in our body, their sources and usage – A, B

End of unit test – C

All practical work – F


Macháček – 6. ročník – 1. diel

Heuréka – zošit

Science Encyclopedia, Dorling Kindersley

To je sila!

Oveges – Fyzikální kratochvíle

Rojko – Fyzika kolem nás I

Bryson - Short History of Nearly Everything

Download 18.73 Kb.

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