El Alfabeto a (ah) [au

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El Alfabeto

A (ah) [autumn]

B (beh) [bell]

C (ceh) [celery]

CH (cheh) [chess]

D (deh) [demo]

E (eh) [enemy]

F (efeh)

G (heh) [hectic]

H (ah-cheh)

I (eeh) [eel]

J (ho-tah) [hotel][tall]

K (kah) [cart]

L (ele) [elephant]

LL (eh-ye) [ed][yell]


N (eneh) [enemy]


O (oh)

P (peh) [penny]

Q (cooh) [cooper]

R (eh-reh)

RR (eh-rreh)

S (eseh) [essay]

T (teh) [tech]

U (ooh) [igloo]

V (veh) [venue]

W (doble veh)

X (eh-keys)

Y (eeh-gree-eh-gah)

Z (zeta


Download 24.84 Kb.

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