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April, 2014

Spencer Keith Thompson

e-mail (Office)


1969 B.S. Psychology (major) Brigham Young University

German (minor)

1971 M.A. Psychology University of California

Los Angeles

1973 Ph.D. Developmental Psychology University of California

Minor areas: Personality Los Angeles


1974 Postdoctoral fellow, Neuropsychiatric Institute

(Pediatrics) University of California

Los Angeles

1974 Biobehavioral Aspects Summer Institute

of Aging University of

Southern California –

Gerontology Center


Spencer Thompson Athlete Academic Excellence Award awarded to one athlete each year at UTPB

Winner UTPB Outstanding Professor Award 2010 U.T. Permian Basin

Nomination for AMOCO Outstanding U.T. Permian Basin

Teaching Award, 1980

Finalist Chancellor’s Outstanding U.T. Permian Basin

Teacher Award, 1991; 2005

Nomination Chancellor’s Outstanding U.T. Permian Basin

Teacher Award, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005

Academic Scholarship Brigham Young University

Phi Eta Sigma, Scholastic honorary

Psy Chi, psychology honorary

Phi Kappa Phi, scholastic honorary

UCLA Alumni Award 1973, selected by University of California

the Division of Life Science Los Angeles

and presented to a doctoral graduate

for Distinguished Academic Achievement

Entry in Who’s Who in American Colleges, 2000, 2003

Post-Tenure Review, last renewed in August, 2008.


Faculty Athletics Representative Association, 2007-2013

Society for Research in Child Development, 1972-2013

American Psychological Association (Division 7), 1974-1993

Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development, 1977-2004

Society for Research in Human Development, 2004-Present

American Psychological Society, 1994-2013


Chair Department of Psychology, 1988-2005, 2009-2013

Chair of new On-line Academic Partner Psychology major, 2011-2013

Chair/Coordinator of Child and Family Studies, 2002-20

Director of the Center for Instructional Development, 2003-2008

Early Childhood Education Program, Coordinator, 1990-1996

Director of Center Counseling and Psychological Services, 1990-2005,



Retired Professor, August, 2013,

Professor of Psychology, University of Texas of the Permian Basin, 2010-2013
Associate Professor of Psychology and Education, University of Texas of the

Permian Basin, 1982-2009

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education, University of Texas of

the Permian Basin, Fall, 1974-1982

Lecturer – teaching Adolescent Psychology, Intelligence and Creativity, Lewis

and Clark College, Summers: 1977, 1978

Adjunct Assistant Professor – Developmental Psychology, UCLA, 1974

Teaching Associate – Developmental Psychology, UCLA, Summer 1973

Advisor for undergraduates engaged in individual research projects, UCLA, 1973

Co-leader of small (10 students) undergraduate practicum class in family research

and child personality measurement and experimental methodology, UCLA, 1972-73

Developmental Psychology at UCLA, 1969-72 with Dr. Terry Faw, Dr. Millard

Madsen, Dr. Wendell Jeffrey

Teaching Assistant

Learning Psychology, Developmental Psychology, 1968 with Dr. Larry

C. Jensen

Classes Taught:

UTPB Undergraduate – Child Psychology

Adolescent Psychology

Child/Adolescent Psychology, on-line

Life-Span Psychology, on-line

Adulthood and Aging Psychology

Language Development in Young Children

Social and Emotional Development in Young Children

Theories of Personality

Personnel Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Introductory Psychology

Psychology of Religion

Senior Research

Senior Research/Seminar, on-line
UTPB Graduate – Research and Design in the Social Sciences

Socialization and Personality (Life-Span Course)

Family Dynamics

Chaired more than 60 Masters Degree projects and theses in

Psychology and Early Childhood Education


Thompson, S. K., & Thompson, D. J. (April, 2010). Gender-Role Egalitarianism in

Adolescents: 1976-2010. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Human

Development, San Antonio, TX.

Thompson, S. K. and FAR working committee (October, 2009), 2009 FAR Fellows

Action Work Group: Improving Faculty Attendance at Athletic Events, FARA

Institute Report, Indianapolis.
Nieman, T., & Thompson, S. K. (April, 2008). Parenting styles and parental religiosity.

Poster presented at the Society for Research in Human Development, Little

Rock, Arkansas
Thompson, S. K. (May, 2007) Developing programs for cultural Issues: Cultural

Proficiency model. Presentation to Texas Faculty Developers Network, Houston,

Cagle, R. C., & Thompson, S. K. (March, 2006). Abstinence-Only programs in high

school: A case study. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Human Development, Ft. Worth, TX.

Beery, F.K., & Thompson, S.K. (April, 2004). Influences on parental non-compliance in the community health care environment. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Human Development, Park City, UT.
Morales, J.L., & Thompson, S.K. (April, 2004). Developmental issues in memory using Ginkgo biloba. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Human Development, Park City, UT.
Mitchell, K.S., & Thompson, S.K. (March, 2002). Adjustment of female adolescents in intact and remarried families. Poster presented at the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development, Austin, TX.
Thompson, S.K. (November, 2000). Normative cognitive changes associated with aging. Presentation to Continuing Education Conference: Alzheimer’s Disease Workshop: Current Treatments, Care, and Concerns. University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Odessa, TX.
Thompson, S.K. (May, 2000). Ethics and moral judgment. Presentation to Continuing Education Conference: Ethics for Medical/Mental Health Practitioners. University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Odessa, TX.
Thompson, S.K., & Thompson, D.J. (April, 2000). Trends in adolescent gender-role egalitarianism: 1976-1999. Paper presented at the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
Siegel, A., Moely, B., & Thompson, S.K. (March, 1998). History of child development: How can the past inform the future? Invited address at conversation hour, Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development, Galveston, TX.
Jenson, S., & Thompson, S.K. (March, 1998). Custodial grandparents and their parenting styles with their grandchild. Poster presented at the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. Galveston, TX.
Sneed, S., & Thompson, S.K. (April, 1997). Pre-schoolers’ comprehension of the concept of the counting concept. Southwestern Psychological Association. Fort Worth, Texas.
Masterson, R.M., & Thompson, S.K. (March, 1996). Moral judgments of abusive men and their partners. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. Park City, Utah.
Thompson, S.K. (March, 1994). Presidential address: Sex role egalitarianism in adolescents, 1976-1993. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. Austin, TX.
Thompson, S.K. (Spring, 1994). Effects of Divorce on Children. Conference address and seminar to Permian Basin Mental Health Workers. Odessa, TX.
Rathbun, S., & Thompson, S.K. (March, 1992). The relationship of adolescent identity status to the problems they report. Paper presented at the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. Tempe, Arizona.
Thompson, S.K., McQuitty, R.A., & Martin, P. (March, 1990). Socialization in kindergarten and third grade children. Paper presented at the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. Dallas, Texas.
Thompson, S.K., Carlisle, M.F., & Beaman, T.R. (April 29, 1989). A longitudinal study of extremely popular children. Paper presented to the Society for Research in Child Development. Kansas City, Kansas.
Nall, S.E., & Thompson, S.K. (April 14, 1989). Extreme popularity: Physical attractiveness as a determinant of popularity. Presentation at the Southwestern Psychological Association. Houston, Texas.
Thompson, S.K. (March 17, 1988). Adolescents’ attitudes about sex role egalitarianism: 1976-1987. Paper presented at the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. New Orleans, Louisiana.
Thompson, S.K., & Trott, P. (April 18, 1986). Sex role egalitarianism in gifted children. Paper presented at the Southwestern Psychological Association. Fort Worth, Texas.
Thompson, S.K., & Carlisle, M.F. (March 7, 1986). Extreme popularity in children. Paper presented at the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. San Antonio, Texas.
Thompson, S.K. (March 17, 1984). Adolescents’ attitudes about sex-role development: A longitudinal study. Paper to the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. Denver, Colorado.
Thompson, S.K., Brooks, W.S., & King, S.S. (April 9, 1982). When and how do adolescents become adults? Paper presented to the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development.
Thompson, S.K. (March 19, 1982). The development of independence and achievement in children. Invited to speak to the Permian Basin Perinatal Association.
Thompson, S.K. (February 19, 1982). The effects of societal changes in sex roles and adulthood attainment. Paper presented to Texas Tech Conference on Families and Close Relationships. Lubbock, Texas.
Thompson, S.K. (October, 1981). Is the child the parent of the adult: The relationship of early development to later development. Paper presented to Texas Council for the Social Studies, State Convention. Midland, Texas
Thompson, S.K. (April 2, 1981). Gender concepts, sex role deviancy and cognitive development. Invited by Eleanor Maccoby to participate in symposium, The Nature of Gender. Biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development. Boston, Massachusetts.
Thompson, S.K. (March 6, 1980). Application of Child Development in Education: Confessions of a Development Psychologist. Paper presented at Early Childhood conference: Anticipating the 80’s. Odessa, Texas.
Thompson, S.K., & Metts, P.C. (March 1980). A developmental study of sex role egalitarianism in adolescents. Paper presented at the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. Lawrence, Kansas.
Thompson, S.K., & Thompson, D.T. (1978). Semantics: Children’s use of pronouns and sex role context to determine gender. Paper presented at the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development. Dallas, Texas.
Thompson, S.K., Bates, J.E., & Bentler, P.M. (March 1977). Testing assumptions of gender identification by comparing gender-problem and normal groups of boys and their parents. Paper presented at meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development.
Thompson, S.K. (February 1977). The effects of implementing a debate format in a traditional lecture course. Paper for AAAS-SWARM. Denver, Colorado.
Thompson, S.K. (April 1976). Effeminacy in boys and parent dominance. Paper for AAAS-SWARM. Tucson, Arizona.
Thompson, S.K. (1975). Early gender role acquisition. Paper presented at the Texas Psychological Association. San Antonio, Texas.
Thompson, S.K. (April 1975). Societal changes in sex roles and their effect on children in the community. AAAS-SWARM. Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Thompson, S.K. (1974). Sex differentiation and the use of gender labels by 24, 30, and 36-month old children. Paper presented at Western Psychological Association. San Francisco, California.
Buchanan, J.P., & Thompson, S.K. (1972) Piaget’s theory of moral development: A quantitative test of stage and the uses of intent and damage information. Paper presented at the Western Psychological Association. Portland, Oregon.
Thompson, S.K., & Larm, C. (1969) The proactive and retroactive effects of electroconvulsive shock on memory in rats. Unpublished senior thesis.

(none at this time)


Smith, K. S., & Thompson, S. K. (2008). Increasing self esteem and achievement for students at-risk using strategy training for parents. Global Education Journal, 2008 (3), 79-94.

McCullough, D., McCullough, G. W., and Thompson, S. K. (2008). Basic Statistics and

Research Methods Training of Public Health Staff. Texas Public Health Association Journal, 60(1), 12-13.

McCullough, D., McCullough, G. W., and Thompson, S. K. (2008). Organizational

Capacity Assessment of Three Local Health Departments. Texas Public Health

Association Journal, 60(1), 13-17.
Thompson, S.K. (2000). Learned Helplessness; Moral Reasoning; Social Learning Theory. In Reynolds, C.R., & Fletcher-Janzen; E. (Eds.), Dictionary of Special Education, 2nd ed., New York: John Wiley and Sons. Pp. 1063-1065, 1208-1209, 1663-1664.
Thompson, S.K. (1999). Out of Chaos Comes a Lucid Dream. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development Newsletter.

Rathbun, S., & Thompson, S.K. (1994). The relationship of identity status with adolescent self-perceived problems and help seeking behaviors. Unpublished manuscript.

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Thompson, S.K. (Fall 1993). A mundane parent test. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development Newsletter.
Thompson, S.K. (Summer 1992). Fishing for students. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development Newsletter.
Thompson, S.K. (Summer 1991). Dressing the office for success. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development Newsletter.
Thompson, S.K. (Winter 1991). B.I.A.S. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development Newsletter.
Thompson, S.K. (February 1990). Graft, corruption, and intrigue: Tales of the NIMH secret agent. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development Newsletter.
Thompson, S.K. (Summer 1990). Secret convention rules. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development Newsletter.
Thompson, S.K, Carlisle, M.F., & Beaman, T.R. (1990). A longitudinal study of extremely popular children. (Report No. PS 018 292) SRCD Kansas City, Missouri, (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 310 877).
Thompson, S.K. (December 1989). The PETT. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development Newsletter.
Thompson, S.K. (September 1989). Doin’ what comes naturally. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development Newsletter.
Thompson, S.K. (Summer 1989). A case of androgynous father failure. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development.
Thompson, S.K. (April 1989). Helpful hints on improving teaching reputations. Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development.
Thompson, S.K., & Thompson, D.J.T. (Spring 1982). Instructor’s Manual, for Papalia and Olds, A Child’s World, New York, McGraw-Hill.
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Thompson, S.K. & Bentler, P.M. The priority of cues in sex discrimination by children and adults. Developmental Psychology, 1971, 5, 181-185.


FY2012 LEER,Submitted request (March 28, 2011) for Psychology Research Laboratories, $168,000.

UTTC/REACH awarded grant to develop web course for PSYCH 3341: Child and Adolescent Psychology first offered Summer 2010, $5,000.

Assessment of the teaching of Linguistics at UTPB. Consultant with Rebecca Babcock and others on methodology and assessment, to be submitted 2010.

STEM Grant research methods consultant for Kyle Beran and Diane Post submission to NSF. FY2007, Not funded, Resubmitted FY2008.

Training for Public health officers and personnel for assessing evaluation of functioning of Public Health services by each county, evaluation of ability to meet threats to community health from disasters and terrorist actions, training in statistical analysis of samples and trends. Grant for $37,500.

Research report:

Tri-Counties Public Health Preparedness Project: Andrews, Ector and Midland Counties. 2003-2004.

United Way of Odessa Grant for Center for Behavioral Analysis Applied Psychology. The assessment of Human Services Provided in Odessa. Awarded 1998. Total $9,000.

Research report:

Health and Human Services in Odessa 1999. Part I: Survey of Services; Part II: Directory of Agencies.
Houston Endowment Grant for the Enhancement of Retention through Student Services. Awarded for 1997 with matching funds extended through 2001. Total Award $250,000. Student Counseling Center Enhancement Total $78,000.


  1. Adolescent Egalitarianism—longitudinal study following sex role attitudes of adolescents from fifth grade through eleventh grade. Currently progressing.

  1. Adulthood Attainment—investigating how adolescents make the transition to adulthood in terms of physiological, chronological, sociological, and psychological factors. Comparison of how adults through the lifespan define their adulthood.

  1. Under my direction students have been investigating the role of grandparents after divorce, socialization processes at the dinner table, the quality of day care facilities in West Texas, characteristics of extremely popular children, sex roles in families with both parents working, modification of cooperation in Type A children, peer interaction in toddlers, anxiety in young children, identity status in adolescents, parent styles and hyperactive children, parent styles in helping with educational assignments, sex roles in gifted children, moral judgment of abusive spouses, appearance/reality distinction in children, and intervention to teach non-aggressive problem solving alternatives to children.

  1. Syntax, Pragmatics, and Semantics—a study of the ability to divorce syntax rules governing pronoun usage from the real world situational cues (clothes, activities, jewelry, etc.) in determining sex of characters in stories, 1977.

  1. Early Gender Development: dissertation—development of techniques designed to measure the language and conceptual facility necessary for normal acquisition of gender identification; examined early indices of gender awareness and sex typing in 2- to 3- year old children. 1973. P.M. Bentler, W.E. Jeffrey, Co-Chairmen.

  1. Infant Studies Project, Arthur H. Parmelee (Director)—large-scale longitudinal study comparing high and low risk premature infants with full term infants to determine stability of risk factors, cognitive and social development, and effect of early educational intervention. 1972-74. Dr. Leila Beckwith, Supervisor.

  1. Moral Judgment—development and application of technique to measure factors affecting moral judgment of children. 1972. Wendell E. Jeffrey, Advisor.

  1. Gender Identification in Boys: search for cause of gender deviancy by comparing families of normal, effeminate and clinical control boys (4-13 years). Development of measurement techniques (including parent report, behavioral observation, interpersonal relationship, kinesic analysis, behavioral preference and moral judgment), partial administration of project, 1970-74. P.M. Bentler, Director.

  1. Early Gender Development—creation of procedure by which to assess the discriminative importance attributed to different physical sex cues; examination of early awareness of gender permanence and sex typing. 1969-70. Peter M. Bentler, Advisor.

  1. Selective Exposure—examination of cognitive dissonance hypothesis by implementing ad lib techniques outside the traditional laboratory setting. 1969-70.


Society for Research in Human Development ,Past Presidents Council, 1991—2013

President of the Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development, 1994-1996.
President Elect of Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development, 1992-1994.
Chapter reviewer for Hetherington and Parke, Child Psychology, 4th ed., McGraw-Hill, 1992.
Grant reviewer for National Science Foundation

Consulting Reviewer for:

Worth Publishers, textbook reviewer for: Siegler, DeLoache, Eisenberg,

How Children Develop, 3rd edition, 2008.

Blackwell Publishing, textbook reviewer, Social Development (Paperback, 2006),

by H. Rudolph Schaffer.

Thomson/Wadsworth Publishers, textbook reviewer, Developmental Psychology:

Childhood and Adolescence 7e(2005), by Shaffer and Kipp.

Thomson/ Wadsworth Publishers textbook and statistics problems. Jackson,

Sherri L. (2004). Statistics Plain and Simple.

Houghton Mifflin, Review of book proposal Our Lives as Adults: Adult

Development and Aging. November 1999.

McGraw-Hill, Review of Santrock Child Development, 9th ed. October 1999.

Harcourt/Brace College Publishers, Review of Sternberg, In Search of the Human

Mind, 2nd ed., 1996.

Journal of Biological Psychology

Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography

Child Development

Psychological Reports

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

McGraw-Hill College Division

Brooks-Cole Publishers

Society for Research in Human Development

2004—present. Paper reviewer and Planner for Biennial Conferences.

Southwestern Society for Research in Human Development (SWSRHD):

President 1994-1996

President elect 1992-1994

Member of the Planning Committee

Editor of the SWSRHD Newsletter: 1980-1988

Chair of paper sessions, reviewer, chair session for conventions

Southwestern Psychological Association paper reviewer, 1986.


Hiring Committees Athletics 2010-2013 (Compliance Officer, Athletic Trainer, Cross-Country Coach, Softball)

Falcon Days Orientations and Advising 2010-2013

Elected member of University Grievance Committee 2010-2012

Member of School of Education Tenure and Promotion Committee 2010-2011.

Member of Graduate Council 2009-2013
Chair UTPB Commencement Committee 2010-2013

Chair of UTPB Animal Use and Care Committee (IACUC) 2009-2013

Develop on-line program to support on-line transition within Child and Family Studies and psychology 2009-2010.

FAR reports on athletics each semester to UTPB President, Faculty Senate, Athletics Committee, 2007-2013

Chair Faculty search committee for Clinical Psychology, 2010.

SACS Institutional Effectiveness reports for Psychology and Child and Family Studies, 2007-2009.

SACS Accreditation, Faculty Credentials committee, 2008-2009

Conducted Psychology Faculty Retreat, Balmorea, TX, August, 2009

Authored Child and Family Studies External Review Manual and guided evaluation process, 2009.

NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative Fellow, Invited to attend training seminar at NCAA National Headquarters in Indianapolis, October 2009.

SHARE board member for special education programs 2008.

FAR training and reporting at Red River Athletic Conference (NAIA); Heartland Conference Annual meetings; NCAA National Conventions, 1998--present

Member of selection committees for Division II athletics (coaches, compliance officer) 2007—present; selection committees for Education (early childhood education, special education, counseling), 2007-2010.

Chair faculty selection committee for experimental psychology 2008

Re-elected to Graduate Council 2007-present

Chair Animal Care and Laboratories Committee—2008-present

IACUC Federal training on-line

Psychology and Child Family Studies 5 year external review committee

SACS Committees; Faculty Qualifications and Governance Subcommittee; QEP workgroup. 2008-2009

Student Athletes Council, ex officio as Faculty Athletics Representative, 2007-2009

Student Leader training “Leadership Styles and their Effects” 2002, 2003,2004.

Co-designer of Child Development and Family Studies major, approved Feb. 2002

ExCET review of test taking skills for early childhood, Jan. 2002

Task force examining the feasibility of Bachelors in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree, 2002.

Presentation to selected regional high school students for UTPB Leadership Conference, “Personality Characteristics of Likable Teen Leaders,” Feb. 2001

Consultant for underrepresented populations in colleges grant proposal, Nov. 2001

Faculty Hamburger Chef for Student Spirit Day, 1998-2002

Commencement committee, 2000-2008

Chair of committee 2005

Social Science advisor for multi-disciplinary minor and major, 2000-present

UTPB Customer Satisfaction Task Force, 2000-present

SACS steering committee for re-accreditation, Athletics Program, 1999-2000

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR Day) Participant with my class, 1997

Chair Faculty Athletics Committee, 1995-present

Faculty Athletic Academic Advisor, 1995-present

Service on Presidential University Committees including: Research in Schools (Chair); Computer Center; Campus Recreation; Awards and Recognition (Chair); Library (Chair); Parking; Faculty Athletics; Faculty Grants; Faculty Mentoring.

Faculty Elected offices and Committees Graduate Council 1987-1994

Food Services Committee, 1992

Volunteer for Freshman Orientation Faculty presentation, Fall 1992.

Judge for Regional Science Fair, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997

Chairman Faculty Library Committee, 1990-1992.

Teacher Education Council, 1986-present

Judge for Excellence in Writing Award, 1991-1992

Faculty Governance 1985-1986

Senate Curriculum Committee, 1983-1985

Academic Affairs, Senate Committee, 1980-1982

Chairman Division Curriculum Committee, 1986-1987

Chairman Arts and Education Curriculum Committee, 1975-1981

Faculty Senator: 1979-1981, 1983-1985

President Faculty Senate, 1984-1985

Education Faculty Secretary, 1983-1984

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, local accreditation committee on Educational and Special Programs, 1988

Education Department Representative to UT System Coordinated Research Program in Teacher Education, 1984-1985

Regional Representative to hearings of the Select Committee on Higher Education, 1986

Teach Course on Fishing for Lifetime Sports in Physical Education Department, 1984-1989

Faculty Advisor for Phi Theta Kappa scholastic honorary 1980-1985; Psi Chi/Psychology Club 1983-1985.

Regional Representative for Council of Faculty Governance Organizations, State of Texas. 1986-1987 Newsletter Editor.

Spanish Language Commencement speaker, UTPB. Una Celebración Hispana el 13 de diciembre del 2003: Una Vida Larga. (A Long Life).

Faculty Brown Bag Luncheons: Generalizations from Generation: Generation X, Sept. 2000

Is There Religion After Education? Invited talk for the Center for Behavioral Analysis funded by Houston Endowment, Feb. 1998

Graduate Education in Psychology, UTPB Graduate Council Jan. 1996

Lunch and Learn: Test taking Strategies, Sept. 1992

Test Anxiety and How to Deal with It, Oct. 1991

Writing in the Social Sciences, Apr. 1991

Religion and Psychology: Revelation or Hallucination, Nov. 1990

News paper article in Midland Reporter Telegraph, Odessa American, “Thompson, Kreuger-Guardians of UTPB’s Student Athletes”, December 6, 2009.

Boy Scout Wood Badge Received, Eagle Scout Court of Honor Participant, February 7, 2009.

Boy Scout Family Life Merit Badge Counselor at Merit Badge Academy, Midland, Big Spring, January, 2009

Interview with Christine Stanley, Odessa seniors really shake it up: Northside dance group helps members stay healthy. Odessa American, December 2008.

Odessa Regional Hospital Clergy training for in-patient visitation care, Oct. 2008.

Teen Parent Center, ECISD, Workshop on Prenatal Issues, October, 2008

Guest Speaker for Rotary Club—Who is important in your life?: My Fishing Wall of Fame, March, 2008.

Wood Badge Community Service “Tickets”: Scout Troop Committee Chair 2008-2009; Odessa Parks and Recreation “Take Me Fishing” March, 2008; Boy Scout Softball Tournament, May, 2008; Merit Badge Academy Family Life Counselor, Big Spring, April 2008; Train the Trainer Instructor, May 2008--2009

Wood Badge Training, Buffalo Trails Scout Camp, October, 2007

Friends of Scouting Fund Raising, 2005-2008

Youth Camp Pioneer Hand Cart Trek, March, 2006

Youth Conferences for Church, 2001-2007

Judge for UIL high school debate – Lincoln/Douglas, Dec. 2001

Award for Outstanding Participation in Keep Odessa Beautiful, Oct. 2001

Organized 75 person clean up crew for Keep Odessa Beautiful, Oct. 2001

In-service training for Midland College faculty: How to handle Generation X and Is There Y Coming. August 2000

Guest on Krista Ironsides PM Program, KMID ABC: Disciplining Children. February 2000

Interview with Mike Barker, KMID TV, Education and Achievement. January 2000

Advisory board for the Odessa College Human Services Drug and Alcohol Program, 1999-present

Interview with KOSA CBS on Child Separation and Anxiety. April 1999

In-service training American Community College, Achievement Motivation and the Non-Traditional Student. March 1999

Interview on KMID ABC: Accidents by “Invulnerable” Adolescents. March 1999

Interview on KOSA CBS: Self-esteem and effects of parenting and preschools. March 1999

Interview Midland Reporter Telegram: Effects on children when classmates are killed in accidents. October 14, 1998

Interview on KMID TV Big 2 News, Jonesborough School Killings: Elementary School children committing violence. March 25, 1998.

In-service presentation to Odessa College Faculty: The ABCs of Generation X. January 1998

Interview on KMID TV Early Morning Show on Senior Research Convention. November 28, 1997.

Board of Directors, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Odessa. 1996-2001

Treasurer of Permian High School Gymnastics Parent Booster Club. 1995-1996

Coach YMCA girls’ basketball. 1992-1996

Consultant Ector Independent School District for Students Assisting Students program. 1995

“First Steps” Consultant and steering board member. National program to assist teenage mothers in parenting and preventing child abuse. 1995-present

Odessa college Twisters Gymnastics booster club officer or committee chair. 1981 to present

Permian High School Gymnastics Booster Club member. 1991 to present. Treasurer 1996.

Judge for the Regional Science Fair, UTPB each spring.

Debate judge for University Interscholastic League Regional Debate Tournament. February 1993.

Performer for fundraiser in Community Theater Variety Show. February 1993.

Interview on “The Use of Sex in Advertising,” KOSA TV. February 1993

Regional Coordinator for Social Services and Public Affairs Committee in my Church. 1992-present

“Working Couples and Family Adjustment,” Presentation to the Texas Junior Chamber of Commerce Convention. November 1992.

“Boss… Dictator or Colleague,” Presentation to the Midland Health and Welfare Association. October 1992.

Interview on the function of Heroes for Children, Odessa American. November 1992

Interview on Attachment and Day Care for Working Mothers, Odessa American. 1992

Invited Commencement Address for Greenwood High School Graduation. May 1992

Testing Consultant for the Crane Independent School District. Seminar for high school students who have no passed the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills exam. March 1992

Basketball Coach for Girls, YMCA. 1992-1993

In-service workshop for kindergarten teachers of gifted and talented. Ector County Independent School District. February 1992

“Creative Discipline and Guidance” Workshop for West Texas Opportunities Commission. January 1992

“Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten Teachers,” Ector County School District. 1991

“Life Span Changes and Personal Identity,” Midland Chapter of National Association of Purchasing Agents. 1991

Coaching assistant Girls YMCA Basketball team. 1991

President of the Odessa College Twisters Gymnastics Team Parent Club. 1988-1989. Vice-President. 1991-1992

“Attachment: The Confluence of Pediatrics and Developmental Psychology,” Texas Tech Regional Health Center. 1991

“Yelling at Brats: Discipline Styles in Day Care,” Regional Conference, Texas Department of Human Resources, March 1990.

“Middle Schools and Social Emotional Development of Students,” Trinity School. August 1990

“Parenting Education and Child Abuse,” Permian Basin Child Abuse Prevention Association. 1990

“Life Span Development and the Relation to Scouting Programs,” Girl Scout Council. 1990.

“Popularity in Adolescence.” Presentation to the Alternative Education Center, Ector County Schools. March 6, 1989.

“Negative Identity in Adolescence.” Presentation to the Alternative Education Center, Ector County Schools. February 27, 1989.

The effectiveness of New Year’s resolutions. Interview Odessa American. January 1989

“Those are mines footses.” And other aspects of language development in preschoolers. Presentation to the Developing Child.

Odessa American interview on effects of Jessica McClure accident. September 1988

Odessa American Interview on Adolescent behavior in shopping malls. 1987

Permian Basin Counselors Association conducted 3-hour workshop on Effeminate behavior in boys. March 1987

KMID news interview on adolescents with Mike Monsieur. 1987

KMID television interview “Conversations with Mike Barker” Adolescent Sex Roles in the Permian Basin. October 1987

KMID television interview on developmental aspects of fears. October 1985.

Odessa American interview on scientific approach to fishing. September 1985.

Parenting group, Odessa, “Fears and Emotions in Children.” February 1985

Surviving Spouses, Midland, “Changes over the Life Span.” November 1984.

Kermit Independent School District, “Vocational Trainees and the Effects of Work.” May 1983

Member of the Southwestern Basketball Officials Association. 1976-1983.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters, “The Effects of Divorce on Children.” April 1983.

“Foster Parents of the Permian Basin,” Early Parent-Child Interactions and Their Effects on Development. April 1980 and July 1982

Frequent speaker in Ector County High Schools and Junior High Schools on Child Development and Psychology. 1978

UTPB Psychology Club, “Parents, Children and Sex Roles.” May 1978

American Business Women’s Association, “On Being a College Professor.” May 1978

West Texas Association for Education of Young Children, “What Language Tells Us About Children.” March 30, 1977.

West Texas Society of Speech and Hearing Therapists, “Language Development.” January 17, 1977

Major Invited Speeches: KNFM radiobroadcast, ½ hour interview concerning “Sex Roles and Society.” August 2, 1975.

Seminar Television interviews: “Parents and Adolescents: What an Adolescent is Like.” 1983.

Regular talks to area high schools and junior high home economics and psychology classes concerning psychology and also child development.

Week of the Young Child, Winwood Mall Art Display, Panel Chairman KQIP-FM Interview. April 1979

Effective Living, host. 1979

UTPB Speakers Bureau. 1979-present

Gerontology Resource Advisor, Midland. 1976

Consultant for Odessa Day Care and Preschools. 1975-present

Referee for YMCA, Boys’ Club of Odessa, and Ector county schools. 1975-1976

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