Education 197 #Personal philosophy Essay#

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Laxmi Dulal

Dr. Dayze

Education 197

#Personal philosophy Essay#

The word success means to be able to do anything that the person wants on any field of the life. Many philosopher has been described the meaning of success in the different way that how they got success. For example, as per the famous British journalist, David Frost “Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally” (Frost. Para, 1. 2010). But in my point of view one should make an aim and give his time and work hard for his success, one cannot achieve the success naturally by just loving or believing it. The way to success is to determine that the thing which one can be able to achieve, and then find the right to get the goal.

To get a success one can use different strategies while they applying their procedure to be a work done. Procedure can be discover self-motivation, make a right choice and master the self-management. To discover the right choice by discovering the self-motivation is the way to success. For example, Puspa Basnet the CNN hero of the 2012 makes a goal to escape all the children from the Jail that their parents are still in the prison. She was self-motivated to do selfless service to help the children for that she always work with the children and she said that she will continue her service for more giving care for more children. The success means to able to get in to once achievable goal and able to give continuing to it. On the other hand to get success person should be on course at any time of the life.

To make a right choice also means that one makes his choice to go collage and get specific degree what he or she prefer. For example, I make choice to come to the collage thinking I will get success that what I want. For this I was self -motivated and had a strong ambition to become a Medical doctor. Before I make a choice I used to think about it and I know that it not easy to achieve this success. But by using my inner guide, I will work hard for and give my time for achieve my goal. In my point of view by making a right choice is not only to a person get success but he or she must be able work diligently and so their passion.

For my personal success I am doing every single that I have to. As I got my grade as “D” in my bi-science class realize that I should change my way of, for that I make an appointment with the professor so I can get suggestion from him to change my way of study. He suggests me that “failure is the builder of success”. There are different strategies to overcome out the problems in which we should able to figure out which way we should walk. For example, I fail the class because I used to memorize the notes that the teacher provide me. I learn that memorizing notes is not the good way to learn so I start read critically which leads me to understand my class notes and to do well in my exam.

In my English class I got a low score in my first essay which is in class essay I did not develop my argument in strong way. So I start to give my more time on learning grammar and practicing writing essay and read more books which can improve my English level. I always do pear review for my essay and always looks for help from those who about it. I have gone writing center and Penn State learning center for improving my essay. So I think if we are not able to do one thing yourself we need to think there are always people behind you who can help you.

To get success one should need to make choice which he can do. For example, if I am good on music but I make choice to become medical doctor that is not a right choice and should be able to hive his passion and hard work to achieve his goal. If we fail the first time never give up because if we give up that leads us to our destruction. So we should always think positive on what we are doing. We need to think like Thomas Alba Edison “I haven't failed; I've found 10,000 ways that don't work”. so we should learn from our mistakes to be a successful person.

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