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Eduardo Carril Nieves

English 3101- Sec. 036

Prof. Ellen Pratt

October 23, 2014

Rhetorical analysis: Axe commercial: Even Angels Will Fall.

Imagine you self, walking down the street and from nowhere angels start falling from the sky for no reason. This rhetorical strategy is used by the author, especially to convey to the audience how powerful the product is, and in a certain aspect convince their specific audience to purchase this product. The axe excite is the new body spray cologne that the axe company brings to the sale. As usual, the axe company makes commercial in where it shows that making use of their fragrance, women would feel more attraction by men’s. It is precisely in this commercial that we can see clearly how the body spray even attract beings out of this world like angels.

We can see how the director shows different angels falling from the sky as the gates of heaven were opening of in different places in a town area in Europe. The first angel shown in the commercial falls near to a town plaza, which was very busy and full of people. A kid noticed something falling, and once it hit the ground the whole plaza was shocked when they noticed it was an angel. More angels kept falling in alleyways and streets, and noticing from the commercial, the colors of the clothes and wings all match the angel’s skin color. They begin to sense an attraction for something specific, they don’t know what but begin a search through the whole town for what they came to seek in earth. On their search they pass a lot of people, even a blind man could notice an angel walking pass him. The whole town freezes once they see the angels walking all in the same direction. Then they all arrive to a local plaza in where it was a men getting ready to leave the plaza and he gets surprise when he saw all this females angels noticing him. Here we can notice how the angels were looking him with feeling of desire and lust and takes their halos and shatters into pieces. At the end of the commercial we see how the men sprays the body spray and instantly another angel falls.

The rhetorical strategies used in this commercial were based on the credibility that angels would leave heaven and stay in earth for a man that smells good. The commercial tries to persuade people by making them think that using this new body spray will attract even the most beautiful women in the world. An example that shows this in the commercial is when the beautiful angels with different tones of skin color fall from sky one by one; and went straight to the men that was making use of the body spray. There we can see how powerful the attraction is represented in the angels that they even leave heaven to find from where this attraction is coming.

From other side, some rhetorical terms or strategies that everyone could easily note in the commercial is the target audience and the values presents in the commercial which can be seen in the angels. Angel are pure, divine beings, souls, which can’t be seen and the author is making them the focal point in the commercial. They play an important role when it comes to values since the audience is focusing on the reaction and actions that the angels are going to make. Since the target audience is for men between ages 18 to 24, including models, transforming them to angels, makes the target audience desire the product and maybe purchase it. According to the Media Literacy Project, “This commercial uses several persuasion techniques to better engage their target audience. Among these are: Humor- by the looks on the peoples face, making it funny to the target audience; Fear- the commercial talks about mainly on the reaction the guy is going to take once he sees the angels, putting fear in the viewer’s mind that if they can’t keep their cool, they’re not manly enough; Beautiful people- the women in the commercial are basically models, implying that if you use Axe you will land gorgeous women; and Association- this commercial plants the association in your mind between Axe and manliness or Axe and getting lucky with the ladies.” The appeals that mostly relies are pathos because it make the audience gets attach to the emotion of desire and attractiveness. It makes the audience think that if they applies the product the all the women even the most beautiful ones will desire him.

The commercial was clearly fulfilling its purpose because every man wants product or recipe that attract women more easily. So in this commercial the director tells you that making use of this new body spray it will make even the most beautiful women’s in the world to desire you. He even use the angel to tell you that you will attract even pure and beautiful women’s from heaven.

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Peer Editing Worksheet: Rhetorical Analysis

Writer: Eduardo Carril Reviewer: Janpierre O. Ortiz Toro

for the writer:
1. If you were to sum up your main point (thesis) about this text, what would it be? That the commercial tries to persuade people by making them think that using this new body spray will attract even the most beautiful women in the world. Remember, it should be the rhetorical strategies used in the text, not about the product itself. Please mark it with a star on your draft. If it isn’t there, come up with one and write that on the draft.

2. What in particular do you want the reviewer to check?

If it has the characteristic of a rhetorical analysis
For the reviewer: Write answers on the back of this sheet if necessary.

1. Does the opening section contain an overview of the topic that orients the reader? Yes. Does it look like the writer has focused the topic narrowly enough to deal with it adequately in 4 pages or so? Yes

2. Is the thesis clear, adequate, and supported by the data and arguments provided? If not, how could it be improved? The thesis is clear and its supported by arguments.

3. Is there enough content? Of the eight questions listed on the assignment sheet, are enough of them answered to make an interesting analysis? What else might be covered to make the analysis a solid meal for the reader? I think there is enough content that answer the eight basic questions, but, a list of the products sells could be a good add to the writing.

4. Comment on the organization and coherence of each paragraph and of the draft as a whole. Are the transitions adequate? Mark on the draft where you see any problems with coherence or organization. There are some problems with the coherence between sentences two and three on page two, but overall, he prepared a good essay.

5. Is there a good balance between describing the text and analyzing it? That is, does the essay just report what is in the text, or does it do that AND discuss how the text makes an argument for its audience? (Note: it would also be a problem if there are only analytical statements without supporting details from the site.) How might the balance be improved?

There is good balance between describing and analyzing the text, as soon as he describes what’s in the text, he analyze it in his own words.

6. Is the essay properly formatted using MLA style? Is there too much quoting or paraphrasing from the text or other texts that support it?? Mark on the draft any problems you see here, particularly missing citations. Note: If all of your info is from the site, just be sure you use quotation marks for their exact words. If you do outside research (e.g. about the companies that are “on the defensive,” you will need to say where your information is from. If you don’t know how to do a bibliography, just cite them informally for now.)

He used MLA format properly, he just have to change the page number to the right, he also used quotation marks when needed.

7. As a reader, are you left with any questions about the issue that should be further clarified or supported? Be as specific as you can.

I would like to know if there was an improvement on the selling of the product after the making of this video clip to see if it was effective.

8. What do you like best about the essay?

The fact that he integrated extra information about the topic presented on the video clip is a good sing and I liked it. He bring us information about how Media Literacy Project analyzed it and what they thought when they saw the video clip.

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