Economic Well Being within the framework of moral norms of Islam

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Islamic Culture (purification&tolerance&Equality&Moral Values)

Economic System of Islam:
Goals of Islamic Economic Order

  1. Economic Well Being within the framework of moral norms of Islam:

  • Eat & Drink of what God has provided and act not corruptly, making mischief in the world” (Quran)

  • O You who believe! Forbid not the good things which God has made lawful for you and exceed not the limits, and Surely, God loves not those who exceed the limit.” (Quran)

    • God sets no quantitative limit to the extent of material growth.

    • Even equates the struggle for material growth with that of being virtue.

  • When the prayers is ended, then disperse in God’s earth and seek for God’s bounty” (Quran)

  • Islam asks for gaining mastery over nature because all resources have been created for mankind

  • Prophet Said: “There is no malady for which God has not created a cure”

  • Thus Islam seeks economic growth by not only exploiting natural resources but also advancement in tech to fulfillment of human needs.

  • Bukhari Shareef: “The hand that is above is better than the one that is below”

  • Beg not anything from the people”

  • Islam has prohibited from begging and urged to earn livelihood

  • Muslim society should create an environment where those that want to earn their respectable livelihood should have enough opportunities.

  • God desires to alleviate your burden, for man is created weak (Quran)

  • God desires ease for you, and not desires hardship for you. (Quran)

  • Thus shariah promotes welfare of people by safeguarding their life, faith, property, intellect and posterity.

  • However to achieve economic prosperity one must know the limits and it should not make economic welfare as an end and ignoring spiritual values, using unfair means and exploiting others helplessness to acquire the wealth.

  • Thus material and spiritual well being must go side by side in Islamic economic order and that is what is missing in other economic systems such as capitalism and socialism.

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