Economic Globalization

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Economic Globalization

  • Sociology 2, Class 10
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  • Announcements
    • Midterm next class: Feb 9
      • Bring something to write with!
      • Midterm review sheet handed out previously
        • Available on the course website
    • NO SECTION during week of midterm!!!
      • No section meetings Feb 8-12
    • One week 5 reading won’t be on the exam:
      • Brawley, Mark R.  2003.  “Globalization and Domestic Politics”  Pp. 107-130 (Chapter 5) in The Politics of Globalization.  Toronto, Ontario:  Broadview.
  • Agenda
      • Wrap up and more midterm review.

Midterm Info

  • Topic coverage:
    • All class lecture material
      • Lecture notes on course website
    • All readings up through Week 5
    • Commanding Heights video, Episodes 1 & 3
      • Available via course web page…
    • Exam Format:
      • Closed book / closed notes
      • Mix of short answer/multiple choice, medium length, and perhaps one short essay question.

Globalization and Governance

  • Issue: Can we do anything about the negative consequences of globalization
      • As Stiglitz recommends we “reform governance”
      • What does he mean?
  • Governance: Ruling, governing, or managing
  • Sovereignty: Supreme power over a body politic; freedom from external control (Webster)
      • Related term: autonomy

Governance: Definitions

  • Treaty: An agreement among nations to follow certain rules
      • Ex: GATT: “General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade”
        • Set rules for global trade, prior to the WTO
      • Ex: Montreal Protocol on CFC emissions
        • An environmental treaty, in which countries agreed to ban the use of chemicals that damaged the Ozone layer.

Governance: Definitions

  • IGO: Inter-governmental Organization: An organization whose members are governments
        • Again, purpose is usually to negotiate or enforce agreements among governments
      • Ex: The World Trade Organization (WTO)
        • Members created it as a forum to manage world trade
      • Ex: The World Bank
        • Governments created it to reduce poverty and encourage development via loans and projects
      • Ex: European Union
      • Ex: UNEP: The United Nations Environment Program
        • Branch of the UN; urges nations to address environmental issues

Key Players in Global Governance

Civil Society

  • Issue: States and corporations are not the only players in global governance
  • Civil society: citizen activity in the public sphere that is not part of the state or business sector
      • Includes things like: Citizen participation in organizations, protest activities
  • Social movements: Sustained efforts by members of civil society to challenge existing governance and produce social change.

Governance: Definitions

  • Some components of civil society:
  • NGO: Non-governmental Organization
      • A domestic association
        • Clean Water Action; The Nature Conservancy
      • Also sometimes called “non-profits” or “associations”
  • INGO: International non-governmental organization
      • An association that is international in membership and (typically) scope
      • Ex: Greenpeace, WWF

Governance: Issue to reflect on…

  • Issue: Who should be able to participate in making the rules for governing globalization?
      • Just states?
      • Domestic or international NGOs & social movements?
      • Random people?
      • What would a more democratic “global governance” look like?

Video: Commanding Heights

  • Wrap up: Inequality, governance, and the future of globalization
      • Episode 3, Chapters 17-end (28 minutes)
        • If time allows…

Midterm Review

  • Additional review, for those who wish to stay…

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