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Earthquake Essay, Research Paper


(A parrellel to Typhon)


The myth of Earthquake has three different purposes. First, its shows the power of Zeus, being able to maintain peace and order in the universe which he rules. Earthquake is the first challenger of Zeus?s great power. Earthquake is a very formidable foe that has tremendous strength and size. Zeus got rid of Earthquake by himself and was able to triumph, but the triumph would not have been possible without the support and help of other gods. The Gods all thought and worked together to defeat this horrible monster. Zeus sets an example for all modern leaders to follow in this myth.

The myth of Earthquake is also used to explain a natural phenomenon. Earthquakes can cause great destruction. Throughout time earthquakes have destroyed cities, and killed people. Earthquakes have caused millions of dollars in damage like the earthquake in San Francisco in 1989. Earthquakes have always been feared greatly by people who have experienced them or heard of them and will frighten people for as long as life goes on.

The myth of Earthquake also explains the Bermuda Triangle, another phenomenon in nature. Many ships have disappeared while traveling through the Bermuda Triangle. According to this myth Poseidon the Sea God a funnel of water, that cannot be seen engulfs whatever passes over it. Because it is not detectable many things are sucked into the funnel. The Bermuda Triangle is responsible for the disappearance of many ships in the present day.


1. Give examples of natural occurrences that can cause harm or destruction to man.

2. Have you ever experienced an earthquake? If so was it a large earthquake or a small earthquake. How did you deal with it?

3. What is the name of the system used to rate earthquakes? What is its purpose?

4. Look at articles that involve disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. Do any of the cases have similarities

5. Do you believe that ships truly disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?


Earthquake was the first major challenge to Zeus?s reign over the universe. After the war between the Titans and the Gods, the Titans were imprisoned in Tuataras. The mother of the Titans, Gaea, sought her imprisoned children. Gaea wanted revenge on Zeus and all of the Olympian Gods, so she had a son with Tuataras. Gaea named her son earthquake. He was supposed to revenge the imprisonment of Gaea children. Earthquake grew into enormous monster, which was stronger than anyone that had ever lived. Earthquake?s appearance was down right revolting. Earthquake seemed to be a mix of many different animals. His head was made up of fifty lion?s heads, fifty tiger?s heads, along with one large mouth that spewed out hot lava. His gigantic arms were covered in snakes, like that of medusa?s head, but these snakes were much larger and bit with deadly venom. Earthquake made all sorts of strange sounds, none that could be interrupted by any of the Gods. He often roared like a lion, or hissed like a snake. Earthquake?s legs were covered in a poisonous tar that instantly killed whomever it touched. Earthquake was equipped with fins on the bottom of his legs that were also cover in that poisonous tar. This allowed him to swim, scale walls, or travel across land at tremendous speeds. His body reached high into the sky and his arms reached from the far east to the far west.

Earthquake gained full strength and was determined to kill Zeus. He was on the island of Crete, and now at his mothers command was going to challenge the rule of Zeus. Earthquake proceeded across the sea, leaving a trail of dead life in his path. He finally hit the mainland, and scorched his way toward Mount Olympus. Zeus, with news of this beast, warned the Gods of this horrible monster. The Gods were scared, but remained at Zeus side. Earthquake was approaching fast, and Zeus had to think of something. Earthquake began spewing hot lava, along with blowing a fierce wind out of his gigantic mouth. Zeus countered throwing raining lighting bolts down upon Earthquake. The earth trembled and everyone above and below were terrified, even the Titans in Tuataras.

Zephyrus, the west wind, led the Gods to a place of secrecy. He directed the Gods to Mount Aetna in Sicily. Here, inside the volcano, was a hidden lake. The Gods sought refuge here and thought hard on a way to defeat this gigantic monster. Meanwhile Earthquake had torn up the countryside of Sicily in route to Mount Olympus. When he found Mount Olympus empty he was enraged. He now traveled faster than ever, toward the sea, killing whatever was in sight. Zeus could not stand to let this go on. Once Earthquake had safely passed Mount Aetna, Zeus emerged and followed the powerful Earthquake.

Approaching from behind, Zeus showered thunderbolts down upon Earthquake, though greatly stunned, Earthquake still possessed much power. Stunned, Zeus hurled a spear, which permanently damaged Earthquake. Earthquake and Zeus struggled, immortal on immortal, for power of the universe. Zeus fought with great tenacity, but the large and powerful Earthquake overwhelmed him. Earthquake, in control, pulled the spear out of his body and used it to cut off the feet of Zeus. He took Zeus?s feet and placed them in a deer?s skin. He then took Zeus to the island of Crete where he held him captive in a cave that was well concealed. With Zeus?s feet cut off, it was unlikely that he would be going anywhere. Earthquake left a creature that was half bull, half maiden in charge of the cave.

When Earthquake had fought Zeus he saw no other Olympian Gods around, so he wasn?t careful in taking Zeus to Crete. He left a trail of charred countryside behind him

and a trail of dead fish in the ocean. After Zeus had given up all hope of being rescued

Zephyrus and Hermes the Wayfinder arrived at the edge of the cave. They had followed the path blazed by Earthquake. Hermes and Zephyrus were very careful not to awake the sleeping creature, which guarded the cave. They stealthily retrieved Zeus?s feet from the deer?s skin and put them back onto the Loud-Thunderer. Carefully the three escaped from the cave and returned to Mount Aetna. Here all of the Gods had been thinking hard of a way to destroy Earthquake.

Zeus?s brother Poseidon, the Lord of the Sea, thought of an idea. Poseidon remembered that in between three different islands there was a water funnel that is impossible to see, but its inhaled anything that passed over it. The funnel led directly to the center of the earth, where whatever it inhaled would be trapped for the rest of eternity. This idea appealed to Zeus. Zeus knew that because Earthquake was immortal, that he must trap Earthquake somewhere where he would never be able to escape. This was the perfect idea, and now all Zeus had to do was lure Earthquake in between these three islands that created a triangle.

Zeus came out from hiding in his chariot and found a surprised Earthquake, for he thought Zeus was still in the cave. Earthquake lost all of his sense and chased after Zeus. Zeus flew across the ocean towards the funnel. He saw the three islands, so he knew where he had to lead Earthquake. Zeus flew around the funnel, knowing he would be sucked in if he passed over it. The Lord of Black Clouds positioned himself on the other side of the funnel, which led Earthquake to swim right into the funnel. He was quickly engulfed into the funnel, and not even his great strength could pry him away from its hold. As Earthquake was sucked into the funnel he was roaring loud as he could. Zeus had finally defeated the great monster, not with his strength but with his mind.

The funnel between the three islands still today engulfs whatever may pass over it. Still today Earthquake occasion shifts his massive body, and every time he shifts, depending on how much he shifts the earth shakes. Earth parts and huge crevices form. The land is moves until he finally gets to a resting point. This small movement by the gigantic monster causes much damage.


Working together

Today many humans have trouble getting along and working together. They believe that they have the best idea, and that no one else has anything worth while to say. In this myth Zeus, the all-powerful ruler of the universe takes advice from his brother. He doesn?t believe that just because he is the ruler of the entire universe that he has all the answers. He recognizes that in order to be a successful ruler you must listen to other people?s advice, and trust in others as he did. If Zeus had thought he had all the answers, then the great monster Earthquake would have destroyed Zeus.

Many leaders of countries today could follow the example that Zeus set. If they follow this example they will be successful. Many leaders wish to become dictators and make all of the decisions. This, in most cases, causes their downfall. Anyone who believes that they don?t need any help from anyone is bound to fall.

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