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Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP) Bibliography Version1

Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP)

Heritage Council INSTAR programme
EMAP Bibliography 1

The Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP) is funded by the Heritage Council INSTAR 2008 grant scheme and involves collaboration between various partners (e.g. UCD, QUB, CRDS, ACS, MGL) as well as a wider international expert group.

This EMAP research programme is, amongst other things, currently engaged in re-viewing the current EMAP database, examining data in early medieval excavations in Ireland, 1930-2004 and is also preparing a series of publications – principally a major report. An important part of this EMAP’s research is the creation, for the first time, of an online searchable bibliography of all early medieval archaeological books and papers published since the nineteenth century. Obviously, the scale of this task (reviewing data on all books, book articles, journals, monographs etc.) is vast, but is by no means insurmountable. The bibliographical database program ENDNOTE is being currently used to compile and organize this bibliographic data. At this moment, the database contains 4,200 references and it is thought that this figure could rise to between 6-7,000 references by the end of 2008.
Ultimately, the EMAP bibliography will be available online on a dedicated EMAP website to download or to search online. Keywords are being constructed to allow the user to search for essential information about the character of the archaeology, its date, location and category as well as other particular relevant information. The scale of the task means that detailed attention needs to be applied periodically to maintain clean and consistent data within the bibliographic library. However, all going well, it is expected that this resource will be available on an online searchable format by early-mid 2009. The draft bibliography – downloaded from ENDNOTE and prepared in sections as a Microsoft Word file below is the first provisional results of this review which has been ongoing since May 2008 – essentially 1.5 month’s work by EMAP.
This bibliography will form one part of EMAP’s ongoing role in disseminating and communicating early medieval archaeological information to archaeologists and the wider general public alike – and to facilitate research by all parties in this key period of Ireland’s past. For the moment, we encourage you to take this bibliography and use it as you will – hopefully future iterations can be made even more useful and researcher friendly.
The EMAP bibliographical review is by no means complete. If your – or other - papers are not included here, it is simply because we have not go to the relevant journal or publication yet (and please do send us information on them) and it is very likely that some references currently contained within it may be removed, edited or changed by the end of the project. A whole range of national and local journals still remain to be examined as do articles from edited books and recent unexamined publications. EMAP welcomes opinions about the bibliography, not least comments about our omissions and errors.
Interested readers can contact the project and send suggestions for other books and papers to emap@ucd.ie

Aidan O’Sullivan, Lorcan Harney, Finbar McCormick and Thom Kerr

EMAP July 2008

Table of Contents

General Publications 4

Politics and Identity 9

Ethnicity, Political Groups and Genetics 9

Gender 14

Kingship and Hierarchy 15

Gaming, feasting and recreation 19

Early Medieval Settlement 20

Rural Settlement 20

Lake Settlement 50

Coastal Settlement 58

Urban Settlement 61

Secular Building 69

The Church and Religion 72

Excavated Ecclesiastical Settlements 73

Ecclesiastical Burial 78

Ecclesiastical Building and Architecture 82

Art and Crafts 98

General Art 98

Ecclesiastical Sculpture 103

Miscellaneous Sculpture and Stonework 125

Illumination and Manuscript Production 137

Ecclesiastical Metalwork 142

Non-Ecclesiastical Metal and Ironwork 151

Some evidence for Iron and Metalworking 162

Some evidence for Glass work 165

Non-Ecclesiastical Burials and Cemeteries 167

Agriculture: Some evidence for Crop husbandry, Animal husbandry and Fishing 172

Trade and Exchange 183

Early Medieval Coinage and Bullion 187

Early Medieval Travel: Some evidence for trackways, routeways, bridges, pilgrim roads and material-culture 192

General Publications

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