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Early Fall Tournament (Westbrook – Packet 1)

1. One ruler of this name agreed to twenty-five articles known as the Bohemian Confession, which modified the earlier Peace of Kutná Hora, and he was succeeded by his son Rudolf II. Another ruler of this name was defeated at the Battle of Dornach and forced by the Treaty of Basel to recognize Swiss confederate independence. Yet another ruler of this name saw his death on the Hill of the Bells, years after he commissioned the construction of the white castle Miramare in Trieste and married the daughter of Belgian king Leopold I. FTP, give this name of this brother of Franz Josef, who was executed under orders of Benito Juarez after being proclaimed emperor of Mexico.

Answer: Maximilian (accept Maximilian II before Dornach)

2. Late in this work, the author asks if burning Etna will forget to thunder and recall her fires at the demand of a sage. In the Design section that opens this work, the author introduces a recurring theme by promising that he will steer “betwixt the extremes of doctrines seemingly opposite.” It was notably attacked by Swiss theologian Jean-Pierre de Crousaz and it was encouraged by Lord Bolingbroke, whose name appears in its address. Its main text discusses the titular concept with respect to the universe and with respect to happiness, which is the last of its four epistles. FTP, name this deist work which talks of vindicating the ways of God, one of two big essays by Alexander Pope, the other of which is “on Criticism.”

Answer: An Essay on Man

3. When this simpler relation is applied to three phenomena, including the single-electron tunneling effect, it has been suggested as a means of closing the quantum metrological triangle. It was verified by George Chrystal and a similar relation was devised by Henry Cavendish, years before its originator’s concept of contiguous particles. Its thermodynamic equivalent equates heat flow to the thermal conductivity times the difference in absolute temperature, and no device is known to satisfy it beyond any limit. Stating that the potential difference across an ideal conductor is proportional to the current through it, or that I equals V over R, FTP, name this simple law of electrical resistance.

Answer: Ohm’s Law

4. One work of classical music on this theme features the “Dance of the Antillean Maidens,” which is accompanied by maracas and tambourines. Other versions feature the arias “O Quante Volte” and “Ah, je veux vivre.” One take on it features a scene at the fair where a suspicious woman from Seldwyla is encountered, after which the “Walk to the Paradise Garden” is played, and the Dark Fiddler appears several times. That work sees central characters named Manz, Marti, Vrenchen, and Sali. Prokofiev, Gounod, and Bellini composed it, but it was uniquely set in a “village” by Frederick Delius. FTP, name this famous story originally written by Shakespeare about two star-crossed lovers.

Answer: Romeo and Juliet (or equivalents or even A Village Romeo and Juliet)

5. This is the name of a kooky paramilitary group formed within the Orange Order in the 1960s by the so-called “Beast of Kincora,” William McGrath. It is also the largest tributary of the Drina River, which flows near a namesake mountain and national park in Serbia. In Hindu mythology, she is the wife of the monkey king Vali in the Ramayana, and the wife of Brihaspati who is abducted by the god Soma and gives birth to a son named Budha. Meaning “star” in Sanskrit, FTP, give this name shared by Willow’s lesbian lover on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the plantation home of Scarlett O’Hara, and a perpetually drunken actress Reid of American Pie fame.

Answer: Tara

6. One ruler of this period was Queen Tausret, who ruled with the support of the official Bay and succeeded Saptah. At the end of it, Smendes seized power in the north at Tanis and generals like Herihor and Piankh gained control. The first ruler of it was known as the “son of the moon-god Iah” and erected the Tempest Stele and Donation Stele. Other rulers included Merenptah and Ahmose, who founded it after he won at Avaris over the Hyksos, who dominated the previous period, which ended with the 17th Dynasty. Occurring after the Second Intermediate Period, FTP, name this organized time of Egyptian history, a kingdom which isn’t the Old or Middle Kingdom.

Answer: New Kingdom (accept 19th Dynasty before Smendes)

7. In one of this author’s short stories, an immature errand boy Sidney has an awkward sexual experience with a beautiful actress Skelly while her husband watches. That story, “World Full of Great Cities,” joins stories like “Lot’s Wife” and “The Sound of Asthma” in a recently published collection, which begins with “I Don’t Love You Anymore.” Author of the posthumously published Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man, his fiction includes Picture This and Good as Gold, a 1979 satire. He remains most famous, though, for a book which features characters like Doc Daneeka, Clevinger, Cathcart, and Yossarian. FTP, name this American author of Catch-22.

Answer: Joseph Heller

8. Some major drugs used to treat this disease are isoniazid or INH and rifampicin or RMP. It will infect the Ghon focus or Ranke complex, and can be diagnosed through the use of a Pirquet Test or Mantoux Test. Named by Johann Schonlein, a vaccine to combat it was designed by Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin. Its symptoms include Pott’s Disease in the spine and scrofula, and it may be known as Prosecutor’s Wart. FTP, name this disease caused by the genus mycobacterium which can also be called consumption or TB.

Answer: tuberculosis (or anything meaning tuberculosis)

9. As an experiment, this man supposedly hired a gardener after discovering that he had lied about just being released from prison. Early on, he published a clinical study of organ function, but a more characteristic work details the sufferings of a young woman, The Case of Miss R. He introduced the titular construct in The Science of Living, and some of his disciples included Harold McAbee, Don Dinkmeyer, and Rudolf Dreikurs, as well as Rowena and Heinz Ansbacher who edited many of his works. The author of What Life Should Mean to You and The Neurotic Constitution, FTP, name this early Viennese psychologist who promoted the theory of “individual psychology.”

Answer: Alfred Adler

10. This philosophical stance is paired with “Sensationalism” and “Agnosticism” as “the most striking results of philosophy” in a work which says that it may have no foundation better than the supposition that a chimera lives in the moon. Australian philosopher David Stove labels this idea “A Victorian Horror Story” in two parts of his 1991 work The Plato Cult. In 1800, Friedrich von Schelling formulated a system of the transcendental type of this. Maybe most famously, a philosopher used the imagery of gestures made by his right and left hand in attempting a “Refutation” of this, that being a 1903 work by G.E. Moore. FTP, name this philosophical -ism which can assert that there is no direct knowledge of external objects, and is most logically contrasted with realism.

Answer: idealism (accept any type of idealism or word forms like idealist)

11. This man’s namesake museum contains his collection of over 250 gavels and a winning poker hand that was supposedly presented to him on his 95th birthday. He ran for county judge against Ettie Rheiner in 1895, and then later married her and had a son named Tully. For a time, the so-called “Board of Education” was known as his “Dog House” because of his ability to forcibly persuade fellow Congressmen. This one-time judge in Uvalde derided what he called “prayer meetings,” which caused men like Harold Ickes to claim that he was a traitor to the president. Nicknamed Cactus Jack, FTP, named this man who was replaced by Henry Wallace as the vice president to FDR.

Answer: John Nance Garner

12. One character in this work loses an eating contest to a woman called the Elephant, and another takes a black lover with the name Nigromanta. Foreign characters include Gaston, who returns to Belgium late in the novel to start an airmail company, and Pietro Crespi, an Italian musician who commits suicide after failing to marry the orphan Rebeca. A figure known as the Wandering Jew is found in the streets during a heat wave, and Meme’s lover Mauricio Babilonia is shot by her guard. Melquíades is a gypsy whose prophecies are finally decoded by Aureliano II, revealing the foretold history of Macondo. FTP, name this novel about the Buendía family and the titular time period, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Answer: One Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien años de solidad)

13. Discovered by Pierre Berthier, it can exist in four different types of deposits known as blanket, pocket, interlayered, and detrital. The affliction known as Shaver’s Disease often goes by the name of this, a material which may contain diaspore, bohmite, or gibbsite. The only major detrital deposits of it were notably discovered in Arkansas, and it undergoes the Bayer Process in its most important role, followed by a reduction of the product in the Hall-Haroult Process. FTP, name this rock from which aluminum is extracted.

Answer: bauxite

14. One of these was ordered built by Theodoric in 520 and sits outside of Ravenna. Thirteen imperial ones were constructed during the Ming Dynasty upon the rise of the third emperor Yongle. The original one featured statues by Bryaxis, Leochares, Timotheus, and Scopas and we know that it had a staircase flanked by lions and a quadriga on top of the roof. Designed by Satyrus and Pytheos around 353 B.C., its remains were unearthed by Charles Thomas Newton. Ordered built by Artemisia for her husband, the satrap of Caria, FTP, give the name for this “ancient wonder of the world” at Helicarnassus or the name for any massive tomb.

Answer: mausoleum (accept tomb or equivalents before Bryaxis, prompt afterwards)

15. When he buys a fortune-telling kit, he becomes convinced that Count Istvan Teleky is granting his wishes. His landlady is Mrs. Mendelbright, and at one point Myrt “Hubcaps” Lesh sells him a car that turns out to be a lemon. Although he appears friendly with the waitress Juanita, it soon becomes clear that his primary girlfriend is Thelma Lou. He was replaced by Warren Ferguson, after one last encounter with Ernest T. Bass, ending his time in Mayberry. FTP, name this classic TV character on The Andy Griffith Show, a bumbling deputy played by Don Knotts.

Answer: Barney Fife (either name)

16. Biographers of this man include Theodoric of Apoldia, Bartholomew of Trent, and Jordan of Saxony. Early in life, he participated in an embassy to the Lord of the Marches, a Danish prince whose daughter he was sent to procure. Works associated with him include a letter discussing his dealings with Pons Roger, an account by Sister Cecilia of his miracles, and his Nine Ways of Prayer. Canonized by Gregory IX, he gained his reputation by helping Cistercians battle the Albingensian heresy on orders of Innocent III. Sometimes associated with the Inquisition, FTP, name this founder of the Order of Preachers, an order named after him and contrasted with the Franciscans.

Answer: Saint Dominic de Guzman

17. Early events in the history of this nation include the ousting of Governor Vicente Emparán, which led to the establishment of the so-called Silly Republic or La Patria Boba, put to an end when its leader surrendered to Domingo Monteverde. Later, it saw the bloody rule of Jose Tomas Boves. The most decisive fight for its independence occurred when the army of Miguel de La Torre was routed and forced to retreat to Puerto Cabello in the Battle of Carabobo. Ruled for a time by a revolutionary known as “El Precursor,” Francisco de Miranda, the presidency was taken by Jose Antonio Paéz after its separation from Gran Colombia. FTP, name this nation since ruled by Hugo Chávez with capital at Caracas.

Answer: Venezuela

18. Its zeta and eta stars are both referred to as Al Dhibain, though the latter is usually called Al Dhibain Prior. It also contains the double star Kuma, which defines a corner of it along with Grumium and Rastaban. In addition, it houses both the Cat’s Eye Nebula and the North Ecliptic Pole. Its alpha star was once the pole star, a fact attested to by discoveries in the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and that alpha star has been named Thuban. FTP, name this constellation which shares its name with a ruler of Athens who promulgated a notoriously harsh law code, and is from the Latin for “dragon.”

Answer: Draco

19. Minor characters in this work include Ruffina Onissimovna, the owner of an apartment, and Pamphil, who carves wooden animals for his children. One chapter makes reference to iced rowanberries, which grow on a tree that the protagonist imagines is his love. Other chapters include “Opposite the House of Caryatids” and “The Highway and Forest Brotherhood.” Towards the end, the main character lives with Marina, before dying of a heart attack on the first day of his new job. His friends Misha and Nicky discover his presumed child Tanya during World War II. FTP, name this tragic novel about a man raised by his uncle Kolya who falls in love with Lara working in a military hospital, the most famous novel by Boris Pasternak.

Answer: Dr. Zhivago

20. Two types of foliage appear in the top center of this painting: a tree outside which is obscured from our view by a column and a blooming green myrtle in a jardinière that sits to the right of that column on the window sill. In the background are two cassoni; one maid in red stands next to them and rolls up her right sleeve and another maid in white kneels and sticks her head in, probably to remove or replace a gown. The central figure clutches a bouquet of roses in her right hand which bears a bracelet on the wrist, and has a small ring on the pinky finger of her left hand, which is clutching her genitals. The same model as the artist’s La Bella in the Pitti Palace, FTP, name this work which has a small dog curled up at the foot of the bed of a nude woman, the most famous painting of Venus by Titian.

Answer: Venus of Urbino

TB. This event saw a defense during the period known as the 55 Days, after which came a retreat in the Autumn Inspection. The Alpini Artillery Brigade helped to free the International Compound. The events were prompted by the assassination of Klemens von Ketteler, and it would see the wounding of Jutland commander Jellicoe. Originally fomented by the Dowager Empress, Cixi, it revolved around the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists. FTP, name this nativist rebellion of the Ching Dynasty which ran from 1899 to 1900.

Answer: Boxer Rebellion

1. Stuff about ancient shipwrecks, FTPE.

A. The deepest wreck subject to archaeological excavation, this 4th century AD Roman ship lies off the south end of Sicily, and shares its name with the Egyptian goddess who married Osiris.

Answer: Isis Wreck

B. This more famous 7th century AD find in the sand of the River Deben near Woodbridge in Suffolk netted a bunch of gilded Anglo-Saxon artifacts.

Answer: Sutton Hoo

C. This really significant shipwreck, discovered between 1984 and 1994 at the namesake site in southern Turkey near Kas, yielded a cache of trade goods from the late Bronze Age, including Mycenaean, Canaanite, and Egyptian artifacts.

Answer: Uluburun (or Ulburun)

2. In 1924, he shacked up with poet Jacques Prévert and Marcel Duhamel and some years later married the painter Kay Sage after traveling the American Southwest with her. FTPE:

A. Name this French painter of mysterious dreamy scenes like Mama, Papa is Wounded!.

Answer: Raymond Georges Yves Tanguy

B. Yves Tanguy was associated with this general movement, whose manifesto was published by Andre Breton and which is best exemplified by Salvador Dali.

Answer: surrealism

C. Tanguy was supposedly inspired when he saw a picture by this Metaphysical painter of The Soothsayer’s Recompense and Mystery and Melancholy of a Street.

Answer: Giorgio di Chirico

3. Works of Thornton Wilder, FTPE.

A. Joe Stoddard is the undertaker and Howie Newsome is the milkman in Grover’s Corners, the titular location of this famous play about the Gibbs and the Webbs.

Answer: Our Town

B. In this novel, Brother Juniper determines to investigate the death of five people on the titular ancient structure in Peru.

Answer: The Bridge of San Luis Rey

C. Wilder’s first full-length play, this 1926 work is a four-act farce about servants bossing their masters around, and my search informs me it’s also the name of a Peter Worsely book about cargo cults in Melanesia. How nifty.

Answer: The Trumpet Shall Sound

4. Name some homos, FTPE.

A. Named by Raymond Dart, this is traditionally considered to be the first species of the Homo genus, right after the australopithecines. Twiggy and George in the Olduvai Gorge are examples.

Answer: Homo Habilis

B. Represented by the Java Man, this famously “upright” species is traditionally considered to have followed habilis and preceded Homo sapiens.

Answer: Homo Erectus

C. Often erectus is said to be preceded by this slightly earlier species. They include the Nariokotome Boy discovered in Kenya by Alan Walker and Richard Leakey, and have a higher cranial vault than erectus.

Answer: Homo Ergaster

5. Name some losing American presidential candidates, FTPE.

A. When he wasn’t supporting Free Silver and making his “Cross of Gold” speech, he was a losing machine for the Democrats in 1896, 1900, and 1908.

Answer: William Jennings Bryan

B. When he wasn’t in jail, for example in violation of the Espionage Act in 1918, he was the usual candidate for the Socialist Party from 1904-1920.

Answer: Eugene Victor Debs

C. This sadly underappreciated figure from Tennessee apparently helped pass a bill to remove Indians west of Mississippi and darn nearly defeated Martin Van Buren running as a Whig in 1836.

Answer: Hugh Lawson White

6. Name these mythical beings from a mixture of legit clues and clues related to Final Fantasy X, FTPE.

A. When this aeon isn’t performing his diamond dust overdrive, he rides the bull Nandi and struts around as the cosmic dancer Nataraja, an incarnation of this Hindu destroyer god.

Answer: Shiva

B. This mammoth fish of pre-Islamic myth supports the bull Kujata on his back who in turn supports a giant ruby with an angel perched atop. Or, he may just be the “King of the Dragons.”

Answer: Bahamut (grudgingly accept Behemoth)

C. This lizard-like dude hangs out on the 80th floor of Via Infinito in X-2 and casts Heaven’s Cataract, which I guess makes sense, since he’s the Mayan rain god.

Answer: Chac (or Chaac, etc.)

7. Some related lit questions, FTPE.

A. This 19th century British author’s Parliamentary Novels include Phineas Finn and Phineas Redux, and he’s also known for writing Barchester Towers.

Answer: Anthony Trollope

B. This author of a Treatise on the Astrolabe wrote The Parliament of Fowls. He’s better known for some Canterbury Tales.

Answer: Geoffrey Chaucer

C. Tom Broadbent runs for Parliament and takes his friend Larry Doyle’s girl Nora Reilly in this comic play by George Bernard Shaw.

Answer: John Bull’s Other Island

8. Name these diagrams you’d encounter in economics, FTPE.

A. This famous inverse U-shaped curve represents tax revenue as a function of tax rate.

Answer: Laffer Curve

B. This curve plots income inequality by showing the poorest x percent for all x, and is used in conjunction with the Gini Coefficient.

Answer: Lorenz Curve

C. This diagram, popularized by Findlay and Grubert after its originator’s 1952 introduction, uses unit-value isoquants of two or more goods to deduce patterns of specialization and factor prices as they depend on factor endowments.

Answer: Lerner-(Pearce) Diagram

9. Name some mathematicians who have stuff named after them, FTPE.

A. This French mathematician gives his name to a “little theorem” which states that an integer “a raised to the prime p equals a mod p,” and a “last theorem” that was notoriously hard to solve.

Answer: Pierre de Fermat

B. This 18th century Italian woman is best known for the curve represented by 1 over x squared plus one, which is widely known as her witch.

Answer: Maria Gaetana Agnesi

C. This French guy gives his name to curves or figures described by parametric equations which may be traced by an oscilloscope or harmonograph, and are also known as Bowditch curves.

Answer: Jean Antoine Lissajous

10. Questions about trouble in Poland, FTPE.

A. This king was victorious over the Ottomans at Chocim and at the Battle of the Kahlenberg, lifting the siege of Vienna in 1683, making him surely the most pivotal ruler from the house of Sobieski.

Answer: Jan III Sobieski (or John III, prompt on Jan)

B. Stanislaw II was installed as the last king of Poland in 1764 as a paramour of this famous Russian empress.

Answer: Catherine the Great

C. Earlier, this oft-overlooked 1659 treaty made an attempt to establish a coherent unit of Poland-Lithuania, the Ruthenians, and the Cossacks. Russia quickly rendered it useless.

Answer: Treaty of Hadiach

11. Originally backed up by Silver Spur, her most significant recent album is American Girl. FTPE:

A. Name this singer whose hits include the 1985 country ballad “Old Flame” and the more catchy “Love’s Been a Little Bit Hard on Me” off of the Quiet Lies album.

Answer: Juice Newton

B. Juice Newton is better known for this even more catchy song, in which she waxes “the joker ain’t the only fool who’ll do anything for you.”

Answer: “Queen of Hearts

C. Though it’s recently been covered by Trick Pony, Juice’s single “It’s a Heartache” was more famously released by this singer of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

Answer: Bonnie Tyler

12. Name some photographers, FTPE.

A. A student of William Page and Samuel Morse, this guy remains famous for his photographic history of the Civil War.

Answer: Mathew Brady

B. Later a founder of the magazine Aperture, she became famous for work with during the Depression and bombing of Pearl Harbor, with the most famous photograph being her depressing “Migrant Mother.”

Answer: Dorothea Lange

C. A student of Lewis Hine, he set up the Photo League with Berenice Abbott. He’s written stuff like Time in New England and produced films like Native Land, but is probably best known for his Wall Street photograph.

Answer: Paul Strand

13. Cummings and Sam Croft are representations of power, the latter of which is contrasted with the outspoken Red Valsen. Other characters include Robert Hearn, Ridges, and Goldstein. FTPE:

A. Name this 1948 American novel, the first of its author.

Answer: The Naked and the Dead

B. Name the author of The Naked and the Dead, a one-time husband of Marilyn Monroe.

Answer: Norman Mailer

C. A better known example of American wartime fiction is this novel about Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley.

Answer: A Farewell to Arms

14. Answer stuff about Oregon, FTPE.

A. Mount Jefferson and Mount Hood are two peaks of this range in Oregon, a range which also includes Rainier and Mount St. Helens.

Answer: Cascades

B. This tributary of the Columbia River runs through Portland and Salem in western Oregon. You might be familiar with its valley, which is where you’re headed playing Oregon Trail, or would be if you didn’t die of cholera.

Answer: Willamette River

C. This freshwater lake in southern Oregon is drained by the Link River and sits very near its namesake town, noted for its waterfalls.

Answer: (Upper) Klamath Lake

15. Thermodynamic cycles, FTPE.

A. This most efficient theoretical heat engine named for a Frenchman consists of two isothermal and two adiabatic processes.

Answer: Carnot Cycle

B. This four-stroke internal combustion cycle sees a descending piston ignite charge on compressed gas, and consists of adiabatic compression, heat addition, adiabatic expansion, and heat rejection.

Answer: Otto Cycle

C. This more efficient but less powerful version of the Otto Cycle is an internal combustion process which works within a single turn of the crankshaft. It’s also called the five-stroke cycle, which refers to the backflow that occurs after intake.

Answer: Atkinson Cycle

16. Muslim practices, FTPE.

A. This is the fifth pillar of Islam, the mandated pilgrimage to Mecca.

Answer: hajj

B. This is the festival of breaking the fast held on the last day of Ramadan among Muslims, featuring the attending of special prayers and whatnot.

Answer: Eid al-Fitr

C. This is the full or greater washing away of sin, as opposed to the mundane partial ablution called wudu, and is a full-body cleansing especially done after childbirth and sex.

Answer: ghusl

17. Name some conquistadors, FTPE.

A. Searching for the land of Bimini, this guy spent his career surveying Florida in the early 1500s supposedly in pursuit of the Fountain of Youth.

Answer: Juan Ponce de León

B. Early in his career an aide in Darien, he was soon named governor of Cuba and Florida, and was joined by Juan Ortiz and his aide Luis de Moscoso in the first European expedition to see the Mississippi River.

Answer: Hernando de Soto

C. A member of the Panama expedition of Pedrarias Dávila, he was sent by Pizarro north and became governor of Quito. After a foray north into Chibcha land, he was convicted of executing his lieutenant Jorge Robledo.

Answer: Sebastián de Belalcázar (or Benelcázar or Sebastian Moyano)

18. Terms important in poetry, FTPE.

A. This is the technique of making words sound like the thing they describe, like buzz or zing.

Answer: onomatopoeia

B. This meter, the reverse of an iamb, consists of an accented syllable followed by an unaccented one.

Answer: trochee

C. This is a run-on line of poetry which carries over logic and grammar from one line to another in the poem.

Answer: enjambment (enjambed line, etc.)

19. One type is named after Gmelin, Graham’s type is another name for SHMP, and Seignette’s type is also known as Rochelle’s. FTPE:

A. Give the term used to identify these basic chemical substances, which also include a type named after Glauber.

Answer: salts

B. A salt bridge may connect the two half-cells in this type of electrochemical cell, which has a positive cathode and makes use of a spontaneous reaction. It’s also called a voltaic cell.

Answer: galvanic cell

C. When silica gel invades and partitions a salt solution, often the result are these rock formations with a hollow cavity that might feature quartz and other pretty chalcedony minerals on the inside.

Answer: geodes

20. By the Treaty of St Clair-sur-Epte, Charles the Simple agreed to settle this man in Normandy in return for his conversion in the early 10th century. FTPE:

A. Name this early Viking leader.

Answer: Rollo

B. Rollo is thought to be an ancestor of this man, a Norman who took England after the Battle of Hastings.

Answer: William the Conqueror (William I of England)

C. Much earlier in 793, the Vikings had earned their reputation by plundering Jarrow, once the home of this famous dude who wrote The Ecclesiastical History of the English People.

Answer: Venerable/Saint Bede

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