Dystopian Survey Question 8

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Dystopian Survey Question 8

This project gave you freedom to choose your book. It also gave the opportunity to work in smaller groups. In a couple of sentences, tell us what you thought about this approach.

It was more enjoyable since I was not forced to read a book and I had a choice

I like this approach because one, you can choose a book you are truly interested in and two, I feel more comfortable sharing with a group of people I'm friends with rather than people I don't really talk to.

It made it much more interesting

I liked not having to read the same thing as the entire class, but also having a couple of other people to consult with.

I really liked how the choice was left up to us. I also liked hearing other's opinions about the book.

Having a choice definitely made reading more enjoyable, because the book i chose seemed interesting to me

It was a great idea to give seniors an option. It made me enjoy the book a lot more then in the past.

I thought it made reading the book more enjoyable, and lessened the work load

I liked having options, it allowed me to choose a book I enjoyed reading. I do wish other high school assignments had been like this one.

I liked that we were able to work with people, but that it was not as many as the full class. I enjoy working with my peers and feel that it helps me understand the book as a whole more.

i thought it was a good approach, especially to be allowed to choose our own books and read without having to take graded notes. I enjoyed the book talks and the opportunity to discuss with other classmates the events and themes in the book.


Working in small groups made me do the work because the group was holding me accountable.

I liked how we were able to be in book groups and choose the book. I would have liked to choose my own group as well because there were certain members in my group that I don't really care to work with but over all it all ended up working out.

I thought it was really cool. It was cool to have freedom in school for once.

The added freedom was night. However, I didn't like that we didn't know our essay beforehand. I would've picked another book if that was the case

I thought being in smaller groups really gave everyone a change to engage in conversation and express their thoughts about the book.

I thought that it was pretty cool. I do not however like how we have to write a massive paper afterwards. I loved reading the book, but the essay afterwards reminds me why i don't read in my free time. If school didn't overload us with so much work that needed to be done outside of school then maybe students would be more likely to read.

Allowed us to have collaboration.


I really liked choosing our own book. It is more enjoyable when you are reading something that actually interests you.

I'm not sure the groups were that necessary just because the summative project was an individual essay instead of a group project? we could technically all read different books and then have a discussion about dystopia in general. Idk.

yeah, i enjoyed the freedom to choose. yeah, it did make it more enjoyable.

I enjoyed picking my own book rather than being assigned to a certain book. It allowed me to be truly invested in my book and become interested in other books as well. I enjoyed picking our own groups because I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts on the text.

I liked being able to choose y own book because that way, it felt less like i was being "forced" into reading a book that I had no interest in. I also think working in small groups led to much better discussions.

Being given the option to choose our book actually caused me to read my book. Normally, when we are assigned a book I sparknote it and just rely on the one kid who actually reads in class for anything sparknotes doesn't cover.

I thought it was easier.

It was nice to hear thoughts from your friends about the book and everyone in the group was intrigued by the book's content

i liked the approach of this project and being able to have an open discussion rather than being told what to talk about everyday in class. I feel like we got to have deeper conversations and discuss more rather than read off notes

I do appreciate the ability to have choices

Me likey.

I liked this approach because it allowed us to pick books that seemed interesting as opposed to being forced to read a specific book.

I really liked being able to choice the book, because when I am interested in a book it is more easy to analyze and read. Being able to work in a small group was very beneficial too! I liked bouncing ideas off of each others.

i liked being able to choose my group, because i felt comfortable sharing my ideas. i liked having options

I liked being able to be in our own groups, so it wasn't had to discuss.

I thought it was a good idea. It gave us a sort of landscape to talk to each other and get input from the book. It allowed me to understand the central theme and ideas better.

I liked being able to choose my own book because it let me research it more before choosing it. I liked working in smaller groups because you were able to talk about more and make deeper connections.

I really enjoyed the smaller book talks! My group had lively conversations since we all got to choose our book.

The concept of having a limited amount of options made the unit mroe enjoyable. If there wasn't one book I enjoyed I would pick the mu friend chose..

I liked the approach as I get to read a book that I wanted to read.

I liked being able to choose the specific book that we were assigned because I could choose something more interesting for me. Having a choice did make reading better because I was more interested in what I was reading. I think this assignment is better because we are more likely to actually read the book.

I thought it was cool, but dystopian sucks let us pick the genre

I ended up working in a similar group as i was placed in before. It was nice since i was already comfortable sharing with the group i was with.

Yes, generally I like having the option to choose a book, since it can be a bit boring to have to read a book one has already read or does not really like. If more assignments were like this, I would like that.

I appreciated being given the option instead of only having one choice.

I really enjoyed this approach because in the past, being told or forced to read books made them less enjoyable. This was the first unit in English class throughout high school that I actually was excited to read each night.

I really liked that you could pick your own book.

I loved the whole group work, i didn't enjoy the paper, it is very complex and i felt like it was one of the worst papers i have ever wrote.

I liked it. I wish more project were like this

I liked the options because it allowed me to be more comfortable with the book and the group.

I loved it. It made it easier for every voice to be heard and to have more freedom with reading.

Yes, it was very good that I was able to choose a book. Since all of the books are related to a dystopian society, it was great that I was able to choose one for my tastes.

I liked that we were able to pick our own books and schedule things out that worked the best for our schedules. The only thing I didn't like was that my group consisted of only 2 people so during our discussions it was sometimes difficult to continue a conversation when there were only 2 inputs on the story.

I liked having a choice, it allowed me to choose a book I actually wanted to read rather than be forced to discuss a book I didn't like for a month+

I like how there was more personal and intellectual conversations. Because of the small groups, group members were asking questions not a teacher.

I liked being able to choose a book that I was interested in and I felt more comfortable working in a small group rather than with the entire class.

Yes I enjoyed being able to choose which book to read. Having a choice allowed me to pick a book I'd be more interested in. Yes, I wish other assignments offered a choice option.

It was great we could pick the book that we would enjoy.

I really enjoyed this process. My group got pretty passionate about our book, so our book talks ended up being incredibly interesting and I definitely looked forward to them!

I liked being able to choose the book. I really enjoyed reading it in small groups because it gave us a chance to discuss and share ideas about the book.

I liked the freedom. I think it is better to be able to chose the book and actually be interested in it.

I liked having an option on which book i could read rather than being forced to read one book, especially since the options were more modern. This also gave us the opportunity to come to conclusions on our own, rather than as a class.

I enjoyed being given more contemporary options and being able to chose my book

I thought it helped because it allowed us to pick the book that we were most interested in and discuss it in smaller groups where everyone's thoughts are heard.

I very much enjoyed being able to choose my own book to read. Often times when we're forced to read a book, it can take alot of the excitement out of the experience. I also enjoyed working in the groups as well, so I could share my thoughts and ideas about the book.

this was a good approach because you and a group that you personally work well with could collaborate on the book while reading it, making it easier to pick up on symbolism and other authorial choices that I may have missed

I really liked this option even though I picked the book the whole class would have had to have read anyway. I think it was fun that we all got to read different books, but got to explore the same themes. I also liked it in smaller groups better because it was easier for me to talk and share my ideas without getting overwhelmed. I could interpret the novel better.

I thought that it made things more interesting

it felt easier for me to make my voice heard. I felt more comfortable and thought the conversations were more involving with smaller groups

I liked it more than the traditional projects

I think it was good, I just wasn't a huge fan of the in class work with handmaids. I feel like the time would have been better spent with our own individual novels.

I think it was good that we could chose what book we could read. It allowed us to pick a book we would enjoy and its easier to decide in smaller groups.

I liked the idea of the book clubs because it made discussing the book easier. I was able to hear everyone's opinion on it.

I liked having the option to choose my book. I appreciated that all the books offered to us fit into different genres like romance and survival

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