Dulal Laxmi Dulal Professor: Madav Kefle esl 15 Date: 04/06/2013

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Laxmi Dulal

Professor: Madav Kefle

ESL 15

Date: 04/06/2013

Private VS Public Hospital in United State

Health problems have become a major issue in The United States. As the population grows every day and environmental pollution worsens, many people are in search of better health care. Private hospitals in the United States are built to provide competitive health services for all people. However, not all people in the United States are able to afford the private hospital. So, the US government has built many public hospitals for people with low income. The differences between these two health care systems are significant in America. The private hospital gives better health service and offers faster service, but the public hospital is more affordable. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast public hospitals and private hospitals in the United States.

In this essay first I am going to compare the health services that are provided by public hospitals and private hospitals. Second, I will compare the cost that each hospital charges for the services that they provide for their patient. I will be talking about the medical equipment they use to give better service and for patient satisfaction.

A private hospital gives better service than a public hospital in the United States. While both hospitals are built to give good service for the people, private hospital gives better health care. For example, Temple University Hospital of Philadelphia gives very good service to its patients. In my experience, this hospital gives immediate treatment. When my uncle went to the Temple University Hospital with a serious brain tumor, he was put in the emergency section and surgeons did major surgery immediately. As my aunt said, he was provided with a doctor and a nurse for twenty four hours. On the other hand, my uncle visited the public hospital many times and never got cured. Doctors at the Cotman Hospital in Philadelphia just checked him and gave him a prescription. They never gave him a good check-up, so he became the victim of a brain tumor. He was never charged for their service, but he didn’t receive good service.

Private hospitals are more costly than public hospitals in the United States. Private hospitals are owned by an individual or group for profit. They get less financial support or no support from the government. So to make their profit, they increase the service charge for their health services. For example, when we came to The United States for the first time, my dad was taken to the emergency room at Area Hospital in Philadelphia for two hours. He was discharged after two hours of service, but in one month we got a bill for ten thousand dollars. Private hospitals are really expensive. On the other hand, public hospitals are built by the Federal Government of the United States. In fact, public hospitals are free for low-income families. Also, government provides Medicare, which can cover all medical bills from the hospital. It is easier to afford a public hospital than a private hospital.

Private hospitals have all kinds of equipment and are more advanced than public hospitals. It is important to know that the more advanced equipment they have, the easier and safer it is to give service to the patient. Private hospitals have every available type of medical equipment and machine so they can provide a better cure. For example, private hospitals have equipment like Del Ars X-ray systems, Special Multi-Rad, and MRI machines. On the other hand, public hospitals do not have good and advanced equipment. Because they lack the equipment, they are forced to refer their patients to private hospitals in serious cases. Whatever the equipment that public hospitals have, it is old and some of it is useless— for example, some public hospitals do not have X-ray machines. For example, last time I went to Cottman public hospital for checkup my chest. But I did not get service because they need my Ex-ray to check my chest. So they send me to Jeans Hospital which is private hospital in Philadelphia. Private hospital has better and advanced medical equipment then Public hospital in the United States.

We should know which hospital we should go for better health services in the United States. In one hand the private hospital gives better health service and offers faster service, and on the other hand, public hospitals are more affordable. Equipment that the private hospitals use is way better than public hospital. Therefore, private hospitals are far better than public hospitals. But both hospitals are created to provide service for different people. Therefore, we should utilize both types of hospitals to remain healthy. This way the poor and the wealthy can be provided with services, in order to improve the future of our people.

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