Draft, Jan 22, 2010 Summer Programs promoted by outside organizations

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Whale Camp

Discover yourself, writing and illustrating a book of poetry and stories, on Grand Manan Island ... with whales, dolphins, seals, puffins, eagles and your imagination.


Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing

ACA-accredited outdoor adventure camp & travel program for ages 8-18. Rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, caving, backpacking, mountain biking & more.

Woodberry Forest Summer

In our Summer Adventure Program, grades 7-12 learn from gifted educators while focusing on one major course. It's the ideal place to experiment intellectually or just get ahead in school.


World Horizons International

Summer travel for teens includes community service, language and cultural immersion. Project locations: Iceland, Fiji, Costa Rica, Canada, Dominica, Maine, Utah, Hawaii.

Yale Summer

We seek exceptionally promising students of all backgrounds and educate them to develop their intellectual, moral, civic and creative capacities to the fullest.


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