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  1. Two of our students got distinction in main subject and one of them got 94%. Many students got distinction in their main papers , and one among them got 94%.

  2. Mathematics Dept. Seminar was conducted exclusively for the third years students, one girl student was felicitated with a text book and Rs. 1000/- cash because she topped in the class and expected to get some rank in the University.

  3. One student Miss. G. Sai Sangeetha, 2011-14 batch Zoology Dept won first prize for the essay competition on Communal hormony and National Integration conducted by Education Dept, Govt of Pondicherry. She was awarded cash prize. Rs.6250/- for the first prize at Statelevel competition.

  4. Our college students got top rank in Volley ball tournament this year 2014 . Khokho competition was also attended by our students in Sept. 2014.

  5. Two NCC camps were attended by our college students: (i) for senior cadets camp in the month of August 2014 and (Ii) for juniors in the month of Sept. 2014. Lt. Dr Yoginder Singh, Dept. of Commerce, accompanied the Junior cadets.

  6. Drinking water facility (Aqua Guard ) was provided to students at the second floor.

  7. Each department of the college got Inverter in order to avoid the power crisis.

  8. Under the UGC scheme, computers, Printers, photocopying machines were provided to each Dept.

  9. Many visual teaching aids were procured for each Dept. like, Smart board/ interactive board, Pen tablet, LCD projector with screen, white board, TV etc.

  10. Some useful/ latest equipments worth Rs. three lakhs were purchased by the Science Dept. of the college.

  11. Health camp was organized by our college.

  12. Many books worth Rs. 45000/- for each dept. of the college were purchased in the year 2014 under UGC fund.

  13. Banners for the college main block, Career & Counseling, IQAC were kept in the college.

  14. A well organized conference hall was made in the year 2014.

  15. Administrative block was renovated by PWD, Yanam. Principal’s Chamber was furnished with AC.

  16. Regular Examination Under Pondicherry University was conducted successfully by our college staff in the month of May and June 2014.

  17. Distance Education examination was also conducted by our college in the month of June 2014 .

  18. The college campus was cleaned twice In the year2014.

  19. Study tour was conducted by various depts. for the college students in the month of August and Sept. 2014.


  1. Assistant Professor of English, Mr. R. Murugan, was transferred in February 2014 and an Assistant Professor, Mr Vijayapalaniraja, was posted on service placement in the month of July 2014.

  2. Assistant Professor of Hindi, Dr. K. Rajesh, was transferred in February 2014 and then posted back here on service placement in the month of July 2014.

  3. Assistant Professor of Zoology, Dr S. Rajsekhran, was transferred in March 2014 and an Associate Professor, Dr K. Ramudu, was posted in his place.

  4. Assistant Professor of Commerce, Mr. Remy James was transferred in Februray and Mrs Sridevi was posted here.

  5. Dr U. Pitchaimani was posted here as Principal in February 2014.

  6. Dr. R. Sundaram took over as Principal in the September 2014.


  1. Three days meet was held in our college organized by Career and Counseling from 22nd Sept. to 24th Sept. 2014.

  2. ICT Program was conducted by our college from 8-9-14 to 11-9-14 in the conference hall. All the faculties attended the programme.


6.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership

6.1.1 State the vision and mission of the Institution and enumerate on how the mission statement defines the institution’s distinctive characteristics interms of addressing the needs of the society, the students it seeks to serve, institution’s traditions and value orientations, vision for the future, etc.?

Better class room coaching and involvement in student activities to improve the quality education through regular counselling
6.1.2 What is the role of top management, Principal and Faculty in design and implementation of its quality policy and plans?

The Principal consults the Council on various issues covering all aspects of teaching and administration.

6.1.3 What is the involvement of the leadership in ensuring :

  • The policy statements and action plans for fulfillment of the state Admission

  • formulation of action plans for all operations and incorporation of the same into the institutional strategic plan

  • Interaction with stake holders

  • Proper support for policy and planning through need analysis, research inputs and consultations with the stakeholders

  • Reinforcing the culture of excellence

  • Champion organizational change

IQAC activities

6.1.4 What are the procedures adopted by the institution to monitor and evaluate policies and plans of the institution for effective implementation and improvement from time to time?

Council meetings arranged and discussed time to time.

6.1.5 Give details of the academic leadership provided to the faculty by the top management?

By conducting seminars, workshops and training programmes

6.1.6 How does the college groom leadership at various levels?

Through various extra co-curricular activities, NSS and NCC and sportsactivities

6.1.7 How does the college delegate authority and provide operational autonomy to the departments/ units of the institution and work towards decentralized governance system?

The Departments are given freedom in academic matters and to implement student welfare schemes

6.1.8 Does the college promote a culture of participative management? If‘yes’, indicate the levels of participative management.?


6.2 Strategy Development and Deployment

6.2.1 Does the Institution have a formally stated quality policy? How is it developed, driven, deployed and reviewed?

Yes. Institution have a formally stated quality policy
6.2.2 Does the Institute have a perspective plan for development? If so, give the aspects Considered for inclusion in the plan.

Yes. There is a plan to have an additional building block and to start PG courses in a few Science subjects.

6.2.3 Describe the internal organizational structure and decision making processes.?

The College Council consisting of Heads of Departments is invariably consulted

6.2.4 Give a broad description of the quality improvement strategies of the institution for each of the following

  • Teaching & Learning

  • Research & Development

  • Community engagement

  • Human resource management

  • Industry interaction


6.2.5 How does the Head of the institution ensure that adequate information (from feed back and personal contacts etc.) is available for the top management and the stake holders, to review the activities of the institution?

Council meetings done periodically

6.2.6 How does the management encourage and support involvement of the staff inimproving the effectiveness and efficiency of the institutional processes?

Regular staff meetings are held and the views of all the teachers are solicited in all academic, discipline and administrative matters
6.2.7 Enumerate the resolutions made by the Management Council in the last year and the status of implementation of such resolutions.


6.2.8 Does the affiliating university make a provision for according the status of autonomy to an affiliated institution? If ‘yes, what are the efforts made by the institution in obtaining autonomy?

Yes. However, this institution does not qualify for autonomy at this juncture

6.2.9 How does the Institution ensure that grievances/ complaints are promptly attended to and resolved effectively? Is there a mechanism to analyze the nature of grievances for promoting better stake holder relationship?

Through student grievance cell
6.2.10 During the last four years, had there been any instances of court cases filed by and against the institute ? Provide details on the issues and decisions of the courts on these?

6.2.11 Does the Institution have a mechanism for analyzing student feed back on

Institutional performance? If ‘yes’,what was the outcome and response of the institution to such an effort?

The student feedback is taken into consideration generally

6.3 FacultyEmpowermentStrategies
6.3.1 What are the efforts made by the institution to enhance the professional development of its teaching and non teaching staff?

Coordinal understanding between teaching and Non-teaching staff members

6.3.2 What are the strategies adopted by the institution for faculty empowerment through training, retraining and motivating the employees for the roles and responsibility they perform?

Through training programmes , ICT training through IQAC , and orientation and refresher courses from time to time
6.3.3 Provide details on the performance appraisal system of the staff to evaluate and ensure that information on multiple activitiesis appropriately captured and considered for better appraisal.

6.3.4 What is the outcome of the review of the performance appraisal reports by the management and the major decisions taken ? How are they communicated to the appropriate stakeholders?

Through feedback received from Self Appraisal reports
6.3.5 What are the welfare schemes available for teaching and non teaching staff? What percentage of staff have availed the benefit of such schemes in the last four years?

Welfare schemes are available in the Govt. of Pondicherry

6.3.6 What are the measures taken by the Institution for attracting and retaining eminent faculty?

The Government reserves the right to transfer staff according to norms, and the Institution generally does not have a say in such matters

6.4 FinancialManagementandResourceMobilization
6.4.1 What is the institutional mechanism to monitor effective and efficient use of available financial resources?
By State and Central funds allocated to the Education Dept, Govt of Pondicherry

6.4.2 What are the institutional mechanisms for internal and external audit? When was the last audit done and what are the major audit objections? Provide the details on compliance.?

External audit is done time to time . Each department has stock registers maintained by HOD. This is the Internal audit.

6.4.3 What are the major sources of institutional receipts/ funding and how is the deficit managed? Provide audited income and expenditure statement of academic and administrative activities of the previous four years and the reserve fund/ corpus available with Institutions, if any.?

Regularly, periodically , annually the budget allocation under plan and non-plan heads are received from the frinance department , Govt of Pondicherry. Thereby , utilization of funds are done subject to availability. If deficit arises it is informed to the authorities for further allocation of funds to meet the deficits.
6.4.4 Give details on the efforts made by the institution in securing additional funding and the utilization of the same (if any).?
With the help of PWD, and Electricity departments the necessary attempts are carried out periodically to fulfill the deficit.

6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System(IQAS)
6.5.1 Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC)

a. Has the institution established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)? If‘ yes’,what is the institutional policy with regard to quality assurance and how has it contributed ininstitutionalizing the quality assurance processes?

Yes, institutional policy with respect to quality assurance are mentioned in the

separate IQAC head of the college website”drsrkgac.gov.in ”.
b. How many decisions of the IQAC have been approved by the management/authorities for implementation and how many of them were actually implemented?
Some suggestions are given by the IQAC members ; some of them are mentioned in the current IQAC meet. Mostly are approved by the authority because those decisions were made in the presence of the Chairman of the IQAC who is the principal also.

c. Does the IQAC have external members on its committee?

If so, mention any significant contribution made by them.?
Yes. They usually come to our college during IQAC scheduled meetings and they suggest us how to imrove the quality of our teaching . Some external member is from industry side so they also inform us regarding some vacancy for students in the industry whery they are working.
d. How do students and alumni contribute to the effective functioning of the IQAC?
As such we do not have regular meet with the Alumni , however, as and when we require we call them and all are local . They give some seminar also for our students and they encourage their juniors.

e. How does the IQAC communicate and engage staff from different constituents of the institution?

Members of the IQAC all heads of the departments of this college. Some members are common to different constituents of the institution. We have good coordination among the members of the other constituents of the institutions

6.5.2 Does the institution have an integrated frame work for Quality assurance of the academic and administrative activities? If‘ yes’, give details on its operationalisation.?

Every year, firist year students are admitted and the classes start from the very next day. The time table of each dept. is to be submitted immediately mentioning the hours allotted to every faculty member.The syllabuses are to be finished in time every semester.The principal has to inspect every now and then whether all the classes are running or not.

6.5.3 Does the institution provide training to its staff for effective implementation ofthe Quality assurance procedures? If‘yes’, give details enumerating its impact.?
Many students of our college got distinction in their examinations and one of our students Miss.Nakka Chaitayanaya from maths got 94% marks in the main subject and expecting university rank also.

One student Miss. G. Sai Sangeetha, 2011-14 batch Zoology Dept won first prize for the essay competition on Communal Harmony and National Integration conducted by Education Dept, Govt of Pondicherry .

One student Miss. Jyothi Krishnaveni, Dept of Mathematics, 2013-16 batch was given prize from Govt of Puducherry for Perunthalaivar Kamaraj Birth centenary essay competition. Mr. Ramakrishna Durga Rao, Dept of Zoology 2011-14 , 2014-15 batch was given second prize for the above said competetion
6.5.4 Does the institution under take Academic Auditor other external review of the academic provisions? If‘ yes’,how are the outcomes used to improve the institutional activities?
Only internal review . The Heads of department from all the courses of our college are asked for : (i) to submit their time table (ii) the details of the status of the course completion . If the syllabus is not completed by some of the sfaff, they are advised to take extra classes to complete the same within time.
6.5.5 How are the internal quality assurance mechanisms aligned with the requirements of the relevant external quality assurance agencies/ regulatory authorities?
The Dean, College Development Council, University of Pondicherry, along with a team of three four members, visits our college every year and inspects each department and points out deficiencies, if any.
6.5.6 What institutional mechanisms are in place to continuously review the teaching learning process? Give details of its structure, methodologies of operations and outcome?

Faculties are sent for Orientation , refresher courses, seminar and conference , and some other training programs now and then for learning and teaching as well. Sometimes, the faculty members are asked to give seminars also in our college to present what they learnt outside the college.

6.5.7 How does the institution communicate its quality assurance policies, mechanisms and out comes to the various internal and external stake holders?

Any other relevant information regarding Governance

Leadership and Management which the college would like to include.
IQAC Report enclosed

7.1 Environment Consciousness

7.1.1 Does the Institute conduct a Green Audit of its campus and facilities?

7.1.2 What are the initiatives taken by the college to make the campus eco-friendly?

Energy conservation

Use of renewable energy
Water harvesting
Check dam construction
Efforts for Carbon neutrality
Hazardous waste management
e-waste management
7.2 Innovations

7.2.1 Give details of innovations introduced during the last four years which have created a positive impact on the functioning of the college.

7.3 BestPractices

7.3.1 Elaborate on any two best practices in the given form at page no.98, which have contributed to the achievement other Institutional Objectives and/ or contributed to the Quality improvement to the coreactivities of the college.?

3. Evaluative Report of the Departments Enclosed department wise
The Self-evaluation of every department may be provided separately in about 3-4 pages, avoiding the repetition of the data. Enclosed

1. Name of the department

2. Year of Establishment

3. Names of Programs/ Courses offered (UG,PG,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Integrated

Masters; Integrated Ph.D.,etc.)

4. Names of Inter disciplinary courses and the departments/ units involved

5. Annual/ semester/ choice based credit system (programme wise)

6. Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments

7. Courses in collaboration with other universities, industries, foreign institutions, etc.

8. Details of courses/ programmes discontinued (if any) with reasons

9. Number of Teaching posts












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