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3.3 Research Facilities

3.3.1 What are the research facilities available to the students and research scholars within the campus?

Net resources, web techno logy, LCD, and powerpoint projectors including scientific equipments, Gel chromatography, microphotography system, UV spectrophotometer etc.
3.3.2 What are the institutional strategies for planning, upgrading and creating infrastructural facilities to meet the needs of researchers especially in the new and emerging areas of research?

Not applicable

3.3.3 Has the institution received any special grants or finances from the industry or other beneficiary agency for developing research facilities? If‘ yes’, what are the instruments/ facilities created during the last four years.


3.3.4 What are the research facilities made available to the students and research scholars outside the campus/ other research laboratories?

Not applicable
3.3.5 Provide details on the library/ information resource center or any other facilities available specifically for the researchers?

Internet facility available, bar coding etc.

3.3.6 What are the collaborative research facilities developed/ created by the research institutes in the college. For ex. Laboratories, library, instruments , computers, new technology etc.

Yes all resources mentioned are created

\3.4 Research Publications and Awards\

3.4.1 Highlight the major research achievements of the staff and students in terms of

  • Patents obtained and filed (process and product)

  • Original research contributing to product improvement

  • Research studies or surveys benefiting the community or improving the services

  • Research inputs contributing to new initiatives and social development


3.4.2 Does the Institute publish or partner in publication of research journal(s)? If ‘yes’, indicate the composition of the editorial board, publication policies and whether such publication is listed in any international database?


3.4.3 Give details of publications by the faculty and students:

  • Publication per faculty- Enclosed bio-data

  • Number of papers published by faculty and students in peer reviewed journals ( national/ international)- Enclosed

  • Number of publications listed in International Database (for Eg: Web of Science, Scopus, Humanities International Complete, Dare Database- International Social Sciences Directory, EBSCO host, etc.)- Enclosed

  • Monographs

  • Chapterin Books

  • Books Edited

  • Books with ISBN/ ISSN numbers with details of publishers

  • Citation Index

  • SNIP

  • SJR

  • Impact factor

  • h-index

3.4.4 Provide details (ifany) of

  • research awards received by the faculty

  • recognition received by the faculty from reputed professional bodies and agencies, nationally and internationally

  • incentives given to faculty for receiving state, national and international recognitions for research contributions. --Enclosed

3.5 Consultancy

3.5.1 Give details of the systems and strategies for establishing institute-industry interface? Nil

3.5.2 What is the stated policy of the Institution to promote consultancy? How is the available expertise advocated and publicized? Nil

3.5.3 How does the institution encourage the staff to utilize their expertise and available facilities for consultancy services? Nil

3.5.4 List the broad areas and major consultancy services provided by the institution and the revenue generated during the last four years. Nil

3.5.5 What is the policy of the institutionins haring the income generated throug consultancy (staff involved: Institution ) and its use for institutional development?


3.6 Extension Activities and Institutional Social Responsibility


3.6.1 How does the institution promote institution- neighbor hood- community network and student engagement, contributing to good citizenship, service orientation and holistic development of students?

Through extra co-curricular activities and their participation

3.6.2 What is the Institutional mechanism to track students’ involvement invarious social movements/ activities which promote citizenship roles?

Involvement in co-curricular activities

3.6.3 How does the institution solicit stakeholder perception on the overall performance and quality of the institution? -----------

3.6.4 How does the institution plan and organize its extension and outreach programmes? Providing the budgetary details for last four years, list the major extension and outreach programmes and their impact on the overall development of students.


3.6.5 How does the institution promote the participation of students and faculty in extension activities including participation in NSS, NCC, YRC and other National/ International agencies?

Student enrollment and participation in various special camps, national integration camps and Adventure, trekking camps, pre RD and RD camps.

3.6.6 Give details on social surveys, research or extension work (if any) undertaken by the college to ensure social justice ?

Through NSS

3.6.7 Reflecting on objectives and expected out comes of the extension activities organized by the institution, comment on how they complement studentsacademic learning experience and specify the values and skills inculcated. ?

3.6.8 How does the institution ensure the involvement of the community in its reach out activities and contribute to the community development? Detail on the initiatives of the institution that encourage community participation in its activities?

NSS and NCC, Red Ribbon club

3.6.9 Give details on the constructive relationships forged (ifany) with otherinstitutions of the locality for working on various outreach and extension activities?

Extraco-curricular activities

3.6.10 Give details of awards received by the institution for extension activities and/ contributions to the social/ community development during the last four years? Enclosed

3.7 Collaboration

3.7.1 How does the institution collaborate and interact with research laboratories, institutes and industry for research activities. Cite examples and benefits occrued of the initiatives-collaborative research, staff exchange, sharing facilities and equipment, research scholarships etc. Nil

3.7.2 Provide details on the MoUs/ collaborative arrangements (if any) with institutions of national importance/ other universities/ industries/ Corporate (Corporate entities) etc. and how they have contributed to the development of the institution.


3.7.3 Give details (ifany) on the industry-institution-community interactions that have contributed to the establishment/ creation/ up-gradation of academic facilities, student and staff support, infrastructure facilities of the institution viz. laboratories/ library/ new technology/ placement services etc.


3.7.4 Highlighting the names of eminent scientists/ participants who contributed to the events, provide details of national and international conferences organized by the college during the last four years. Nil

3.7.5 How many of the linkages/ collaborations have actually resulted informal MoUs and agreements? List out the activities and beneficiaries and cite examples (ifany) of the established linkages that enhanced and/ or facilitated–Only By University

  1. Curriculum development/ enrichment

  2. Internship/ On-the-job training

  3. Summer placement e-government society, puducherry

  1. Faculty exchange and professional development

  2. Research

  3. Consultancy

  4. Extension

  5. Publication

  1. Student Placement

  1. Twinning programmes

  1. Introduction of new courses

  2. Student exchange

  3. Anyother Enclosed

3.7.6 Detail on the systemic efforts of the institutionin planning, establishing and implementing the initiatives of the linkages/ collaborations. Any other relevant information regarding Research, Consultancy and Extension which the college would like to include.

Will be undertaken later


4.1 PhysicalFacilities

4.1.1 What is the policy of the Institution for creation and enhancement of infrastructure that facilitate effective teaching and learning?

Through Governament procedures

4.1.2 Detail the facilities available for

a) Curricular and co-curricularactivities–class rooms, technology enabled learning spaces, seminar halls, tutorial spaces, laboratories, botanical garden, Animal house, specialized facilities and equipment for teaching, learning and research etc.

Available and enclosed

b) Extra–curricular activities– sports, out-door and in-door games, gymnasium, auditorium, NSS, NCC, culture alactivities, Public speaking, communication skills development, yoga, health and hygiene etc.


4.1.3 How does the institution planand ensure that the available infrastructure is in line with its academic growth and is optimally utilized? Give specific examples of the facilities developed/ augmented and the amount spent during the last four years (Enclose the Master Plan of the Institution/ campus and indicate the existing physical infrastructure and the future planned expansions if any).?

UGC and Government assistance
4.1.4 How does the institution ensure that the infrastructure facilities meet the requirements of students with physical disabilities?

As per the MHRD regulations ramps slopes and banisters are provided in the college

4.1.5 Give details on the residential facility and various provisions available within them:

  • Hostel Facility–Accommodation available

  • Recreational facilities, gymnasium, yoga center,etc.

  • Computer facility including access to internet in hostel

  • Facilities for medical emergencies

  • Library facility in the hostels

  • Internet and Wi-Fi facility

  • Recreational facility- common room with audio-visual equipments

  • Available residential facility for the staff and occupancy

  • Constant supply of safe drinking water

  • Security

4.1.6 What are the provisions made available to students and staff in terms of health care on the campus and off the campus?

Public health and hygiene services through Government public health service scheme
4.1.7 Give details of the Common Facilities available on the campus–spaces for special units like IQAC, Grievance Redressed unit, Women’s Cell, Counselling and Career Guidance, Placement Unit, Health Centre , Canteen, recreational spaces for staff and students, safe drinking water facility, auditorium, etc

Yes all available

4.2 Library as a Learning Resource

4.2.1 Does the library have an Advisory Committee? Specify the composition of such a committee. What significant initiatives have been implemented by the committee to render the library, student / user friendly? Yes. The committee consists of all the Heads of Departments.

4.2.2 Provide details of the following:

  • Total area of the library (inSq.Mts.)

Map enclosed

  • Total seating capacity- 20

  • Working hours (on working days, on holidays, before examination days, during examination days, during vacation) 8.45a.m-5.45p.m

  • Lay out of the library ( individual reading carrels, lounge area for browsing and relaxed reading, IT zone for accessing-resources)


4.2.3 How does the library ensure purchase and use of current titles, print and e-journals and other reading materials? Specify the amount spent on procuring new books, journals and e-resources during the last four years.

Through Government procedure

Library holdings
























Inclusive of text Book

Journals/ Periodicals



























4.2.4 Provide details on the ICT and other tools deployed to provide maximum access to the library collection?

  • OPAC

  • Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals

  • Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple databases

  • Library Website

  • In-house/ remote access to e-publications

  • Library automation

  • Total number of computers for public caccess

  • Total numbers of printers for public access

  • Internet band width/ speed 2mbps 10mbps 1gb(GB)

  • Institutional Repository

  • Content management system for e-learning

  • Participation in Resource sharing net works/ consortia( like Inflibnet)

All available
4.2.5 Provide details on the following items:

  • Average number of walk-ins

  • Average number of books issued/ returned

  • Ratio of library books to students enrolled

  • Average number of books added during last three years

  • Average number of log in to opac (OPAC)

  • Average number of log in to e-resources

  • Average number of e-resources down loaded/ printed

  • Number of information literacy trainings organized

  • Details of“weeding out”of books and other materials

4.2.6 Give details of the specialized services provided by the library

  • Manuscripts

  • Reference

  • Reprography

  • ILL(Inter Library Loan Service)

  • Information deployment and notification (Information

  • Deploymentand Notification)

  • Down load

  • Printing

  • Readinglist/ Bibliography compilation

  • In-house/ remote access to e-resources

  • User Orientation and awareness

  • Assistance in searching Data bases

  • INFLIBNET/ IUC facilities

All are available

4.2.7 Enumerate on the support provided by the Library staff to the students and teachers of the college.

All supports provided

4.2.8 What are the special facilities offered by the library to the visually/ physically challenged persons? Give details. Not applicable

4.2.9 Does the library get the feed back from It susers? If yes, how is it analyzed and used for improving the library services.(What strategies are deployed by the Library to collect feed back from users? How is the feed back analyzed and used for further improvement of the library services?) N0
4.3 IT Infrastructure

4.3.1. Give details on the computing facility available (hard ware and software) at the institution.

  • Number of computers with Configuration (provide actual number with exact configuration of each available system)

  • Computer-student ratio

  • Stand alone facility

  • LAN facility

  • Wi-Fifacility Yes

  • Licensed software

  • Number of nodes/ computers with Internet facility. All Depts provided Internet


4.3.2 Detail on the computer and internet facility made available to the faculty and students on the campus and off-campus?
4.3.3 What are the institutional plans and strategies for deploying and upgrading the IT infrastructure and associated facilities?


4.3.4 Provide details on the provision made in the annual budget for procurement, up-gradation, deployment and maintenance of the computers and their accessories in wise for last four years) Enclosaed

4.3.5 How does the institution facilitate extensive use of ICT resources including development and use of computer-aided teaching/ learning materials by its staff and students?

Through e-governance society, Puducherry

4.3.6 Elaborate giving suitable examples on how the learning activities and technologies deployed (access to on-line teaching- learning resources ,independent learning, ICT enabled classrooms/ learning spaces etc.) by the institution place the student at the centre of teaching-learning process and render the role of a facilitator for the teacher.

Report enclosed

4.3.7 Does the Institution avail of the National Knowledge Network connectivity directly or through the affiliating university? If so, what are the services availed of? yes

4.4 Maintenance of Campus Facilities

4.4.1 How does the institution ensure optimalal location and utilization of the available financial resources for maintenance and up keep of the following facilities (substantiate your statements by providing details of budget allocated during last four years)? PWD













4.4.2 What are the institutional mechanisms for maintenance and up keep of the college?


4.4.3 How and with what frequency does the institute take up calibration and other precision measures for the equipment/ instruments?

4.4.4 What are the major steps taken for location, up keep and maintenance of sensitive equipment (voltage fluctuations, constant supply of water etc.)?

Any other relevant information regarding Infrastructure and Learning Resources which the college would like to include.

Through government of Puducherry, Instrumentality


5.1 Student Mentoring and Support
5.1.1 Does the institution publish its updated prospectus/ handbook annually? If‘ yes’, what is the information provided to students through these documents and how does the institution ensure its commitment and accountability?

College Calendar and College Magazine are regularly published and circulated

5.1.2 Specify the type, number and amount of institutional scholarships/freeships given to the students during the last four years and whether the financial aid was available and disbursed on time?

Student Merit scholarships are provided by the Government.

5.1.3 What percentage of students receive financial assistance from state government, Central government and other national agencies?

All reserved students (SC/OBC) are provided financial assistantance as per the Eligibility criterion

5.1.4 What are the specific support services/ facilities available for

  • Students from SC/ST,OBC and be economically weaker sections

  • Students with physical disabilities

  • Overseas students

  • Student to participate in various competitions/ National and International

SC/OBC are given fellowship regularly

  • Medical assistance to students: health centre, health insurance etc.

  • Organizing coaching classes for competitive exams

  • Skill development (spoken English, computer literacy, etc.,)

  • Support for“slow learners”

  • Exposures of students too the institution of higher learning/ corporate business house etc.

  • Publication of student magazines

5.1.5 Describe the efforts made by the institution to facilitate entrepreneurial skills, among the students and the impact of the efforts.

Yes it is imported through counselling
5.1.6 Enumerate the policies and strategies of the institution which promote participation of students in extra curricular and co-curricular activities such as sports, games, Quiz competitions, debate and discussions, cultural activities etc.

Through sports, NCC and NSS activities and also participation of various national and Training programmes

additional academic support, flexibility in examinations
∗ special dietary requirements, sports uniform and materials
∗ any other

5.1.7 Enumerating on the support and guidance provided to the students inpreparing for the competitive exams, give details on the number of students appeared and qualified in various competitive eexams such as UGC-CSIR-NET, UGC-NET,SLET, ATE/CAT/GRE/TOFEL/GMAT/ Central/ State services,Defense, Civil Services, etc.

UGC NET coaching done with the help of UGC XII plan grant
5.1.8 What type of counseling services are made available to the students (academic, personal, career, psycho- social etc.)

Parent teacher counseling done

5.1.9 Does the institution have a structured mechanism for career guidance and placement of its students? If ‘yes’,detail on the services provided to help students identify job opportunities and prepare themselves for interview and the percentage of students selected during campus interviews by different employers (list the employers and the programmes).

Career guidance and counseling done

5.1.10 Does the institution have a student grievance redressal cell? If yes ,list (ifany) the grievances reported and redressed during the last four years.

5.1.11 What are the institutional provisions for resolving issues pertaining of sexual harassment?

Utmost care taken through counseling to overtake such incidents through counseling by the class tutors

5.1.12 Is there an anti-ragging committee? How many instances (if any) have been reported during the last four years and what action has been taken on these?

Yes anti-ragging committee has been formed. No report of ragging reported.

5.1.13 Enumerate the welfare schemes made available to students by the institution.?

Adi Dravida welfare schemes are available

5.1.14 Does the institution have a registered Alumni Association?If

‘yes’,what are its activities and major contributions for institutional, academic and infrastructure development?

Yes. Yet to be registered

5.2 StudentProgression
5.2.1 Providing the percentage of students progressing to higher education or employment (for the last four batches) highlight

The trends observed.

Student progression


UG to PG


PG to M.Phil.


PG to Ph.D.



• Campus selection

• Other than campus recruitment

Not applicable



5.2.2 Provide details of the programme wise pass percentage and completion rate for the last four years (cohort wise/ batch wise as stipulated by the university)?

Furnish programme-wise details in comparison with that of the previous performance of these are institutional that of the Colleges of the affiliating university within the city/ district.

5.2.3 How does the institution facilitate student progression to higher level of education and/ or towards employment?

Through career guidance and counseling done periodically

5.2.4 Enumerate the special support provided to students who are at risk of failure and dropout?

Counselling through parent teacher

5.3 Student Participation and Activities

5.3.1 List the range of sports, games, cultural and other extra curricular activities available to students. Provide details of participation and program calendar.

NSS and NCC and sports special camping programmes, Adventure programmes, Trekking camps, combined Training camps, Pre-Republic day parade and Republic day parade etc.

5.3.2 Furnish the details of major student achievements in co-curricular, extra curricular and cultural activities at different levels:University/ State/ Zonal/ National /International, etc.for the previous four years. ?


5.3.3 How does the college seek and used at a and feed back from its graduates and employers,to improve the performance and quality of the institutional provisions?

Through counseling cell

5.3.4 How does the college involve and encourage students to publish materials like catalogues, wall magazines, college magazine, and other material? List tthe publications/ materials brought out by the students during the previous four academic sessions.?

College Magazine published periodically

5.3.5 Does the college have a Student Council or any similar body Give details on its selection, constitution, activities and funding.?

Student council, with representatives from every class. A nominal amount is collected from students every year towards this.

5.3.6 Give details of various academic and administrative bodies that have student representatives on them.?

5.3.7 How does the institution net work and collaborate with the

Alumni and former faculty of the Institution.

Any other relevant information regarding Student Support and Progression which the college would like to include.?
IQAC meet
IQAC meeting was conducted by the coordinator in room number- 317, 2nd floor, on 18th September 2014 at 3.30pm. The chairman along with all the members ( except the member from outside the college ) were present in the meeting. Some important suggestions were given by some members of the committee:

  1. How and when conduct the meeting without much disturbing the classes, It was decided to conduct IQAC meeting with all the members Quarterly ie (i) during the beginning of the second week of November, (ii) the last week of March and (iii) July every year.

It was also decided to conduct ICT meeting ie faculty development program in the second week of November.

  1. Communication was the highlighting point during the meeting. How to improve our communication using the present technology available with us. Our effective communication should be made maximum using visual teaching like using computers, internet, star board, TV etc. These facilities are provided by UGC to all the departments of the college.

  2. The chairman of IQAC suggested to have another communication scheme among the staff members ie INTERCOM.

  3. Some member suggested increased speed of the internet provided by BSNL, Yanam in order to do browsing faster.

  4. Some members suggested to have ICT training for a week instead of three or five days.

  5. When we have good communication technology, we should do something more on placement side to attract our students.

  6. Download 2.37 Mb.

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