Dr. Angela Mills Winter 2004 Office: mc a313 engl 2P62

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Dr. Angela Mills Winter 2004

Office: MC A313 ENGL 2P62

Extension: 4803 American Literature Since 1900

Email: amills@BrockU.ca Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 3pm to 4pm

Office Hours: Wednesday, 4 pm to 5pm

Thursday, 1pm to 3pm (or by appointment)

In-class Essay 15%

Essay 1 (1200-1500 words): 15%

Essay 2 (2000-2500 words): 25%

Seminar Presentation: 10%

Exam (3 hours): 25%

Lecture Attendance and Seminar Participation*: 10%
Seminar Presentations:

In groups of two, students will facilitate a seminar. I want to emphasize that these are not to be formal presentations. Rather, the partners will select one or two aspects about or approaches to an assigned text and offer commentary to the class. Presentations should last no more than 20 minutes. The partners will then be responsible for formulating questions for class discussion and for facilitating classmatesÕ participation in analysis of the text.

*Attendance and Participation Mark:

Attendance at lectures and seminars is required and will alone constitute half of this 10% grade. The other 5% will be based on active participation in the seminar sessions. Seminars provide an arena in which students are encouraged to engage directly with texts, posing questions, formulating responses. Solid participation in the seminar sessions consists of being prepared to discuss the texts assigned for the seminar, willingness to respond to the seminar leaderÕs questions and comments, and thoughtful involvement in the discussions introduced by the seminar presentations made by students. You can, moreover, enhance your level of participation by posting responses to material on WebCT, enabling others to engage in dialogue with you. These are not intended to be formal, developed responses; a short paragraph describing something that interests you or a well-formed question will suffice.

Essay Format:

Please use the MLA parenthetical documentation style. For those unfamiliar with this formatting system, there are many publications procurable for consultation, including the MLA Handbook, available in the library. You may also find information on-line at http://webster.commnet.edu/mla/index.shtml. I request, though it is an exception to MLA protocols, that a title page accompany your assignments.

Late Penalty:

Assignments are due in class on the dates specified in the syllabus. Late essays may be left in the essay box outside the English office (A310). Essays and assignments submitted after 3:30 pm on the due date will be penalized at a rate of 2% per day, including weekends. Essays more than 10 days late will not be accepted, and a mark of zero will be recorded for the assignment. Extensions will be granted only if a legitimate case is made to the instructor before the deadline (that is, not on the day the paper is due) and, of course, for medical reasons (note: a doctorÕs note is required).


Using anotherÕs words or ideas as oneÕs own constitutes plagiarism, a serious academic offense. If you use external sources for ideas and/or information for your assignments, whether books, journals, newspapers, magazines, or the internet , you must clearly and appropriately cite where your material has come from.

Required Texts:

Morrison, Toni. The Bluest Eye.

The Norton Anthology of American Literature. Ed. Nina Baym et al. 6th ed. 5 vols. New York: W.W. Norton, 2003. Vols. D and E.

Course Pack, on reserve in the library, available for photocopying.

Reading and Seminar Schedule
Jan. 7: Welcome and Introduction.
Jan. 12: Stephen Crane, ÒThe Blue HotelÓ and ÒAn Episode of WarÓ (C: 927-949).

Jan. 14: Jack London, ÒThe Law of LifeÓ and ÒTo Build a FireÓ (C: 972-987).

Seminar: Susan Glaspell, ÒTriflesÓ (D: 1203-1212).
Jan. 19: F. Scott Fitzgerald, ÒWinter DreamsÓ (D: 1642-1658).

Jan. 21: Ernest Hemingway, ÒA Clean, Well Lighted PlaceÓ and ÒHills Like White ElephantsÓ (Course Pack).

Seminar: Sherwood Anderson, ÒThe EggÓ and ÒDeath in the WoodsÓ (Course Pack).
Jan. 26: Robert Frost, ÒMending WallÓ (D: 1177), ÒBirchesÓ (1189), ÒNothing Gold Can StayÓ (1191), and ÒHome BurialÓ (1183-5).

Jan: 28: Ezra Pound, ÒIn a Station of the MetroÓ (D: 1286); William Carlos Williams, ÒThe Red WheelbarrowÓ (D: 1271) and ÒQueen-AnneÕs LaceÓ (1267); H.D. ÒHelenÓ (1308).

Seminar: Carl Sandburg, ÒChicagoÓ (D: 1230-1), ÒFogÓ (1232), and ÒCool TombsÓ (1233).
Feb. 2: Wallace Stevens, ÒThe Emperor of Ice CreamÓ (D: 1237), ÒAnecdote of the JarÓ (1241), and ÒSunday MorningÓ (1238-9).

Feb. 4: E.E. Cummings, ÒBuffalo BillÕsÓ (D: 1626), Ònext to of course god america iÓ (1628), and Òi sing of Olaf glad and bigÓ (1629).

Seminar: Edna St. Vincent Millay, [I, being born a woman] (D: 1611), ÒI Too beneath Your Moon, Almighty SexÓ (1612), and ÒI Forgot for a MomentÓ (1613).
Feb. 9: Countee Cullen, ÒYet Do I MarvelÓ (D: 1914) and ÒIncidentÓ (1915); Langston Hughes, ÒThe Negro Speaks of RiversÓ (1892), ÒI, TooÓ (1894), and ÒHarlem: A Dream DeferredÓ (Course Pack).

Feb. 11: ***In-class essay.

Seminar: Zora Neale Hurston, ÒHow It Feels to be Colored MeÓ and ÒThe Gilded Six-BitsÓ (D: 1516-1527).
Feb. 23: William Faulkner, ÒThat Evening SunÓ (Course Pack) and ÒBarn BurningÓ (D: 1790-1803.

Feb. 25: Flannery OÕConnor, ÒA Good Man is Hard to FindÓ (Course Pack) and ÒGood Country PeopleÓ (E: 2211-2225).

Seminar: John Cheever, ÒThe SwimmerÓ (E: 2043-2051).
Mar. 1: Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman (E: 2111-76).

Mar. 3: Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman.

Seminar: Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman.
Mar. 8: Joyce Carol Oates, ÒWhere Are You Going, Where Have You Been?Ó (Course Pack).

Mar. 10: Songs of the Car.

*** Essay 1 Due.

Seminar: Tillie Olsen, ÒI Stand Here IroningÓ (Course Pack) and Jamaica Kincaid, ÒGirlÓ (Course Pack).
Mar. 15: Allan Ginsberg, ÒHowlÓ and ÒA Supermarket in CaliforniaÓ (E: 2865-2874).

Mar. 17: Gwendolyn Brooks, Òkitchenette buildingÓ (E: 2279), Òa song in the front yardÓ (2780), ÒWe Real CoolÓ (2782), and ÒThe Bean EatersÓ (2782).

Seminar: Allan Ginsberg, ÒSunflower SutraÓ (E: 2873) and Robert Creeley, ÒI Know

a ManÓ and ÒFor LoveÓ (E: 2859-2861).

Mar. 22: Sylvia Plath, ÒDaddyÓ (E: 2972); Adrienne Rich, ÒDiving into the WreckÓ (2949), and Audre Lorde, ÒThe Woman ThingÓ (2981).

Mar. 24: Tim OÕBrien, ÒThe Things They CarriedÓ and ÒSweethearts of the Song Tra BongÓ (Course Pack).

Seminar: Diana J. Dell, short story, TBA.
Mar. 29: Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye.

Mar. 31: Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye.

Seminar: Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye.
Apr. 5: Louise Erdrich, ÒLove MedicineÓ (Course Pack) and Leslie Marmon Silko, ÒLullabyÓ (E: 2543-25550).

Apr. 7: Sherman Alexie, ÒTraveling,Ó Ò13/16,Ó ÒTranslated from the American,Ó ÒEvolution,Ó and ÒThe Business of FancydancingÓ (Course Pack).

Seminar: Inaugural Addresses (Course Pack).
Apr. 12: Exam Review.

*** Essay 2 Due.

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