Does Culture Matter? E. M. Forster

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Does Culture Matter
for Democracy(1936). moo Page
5. Brandenburg Concertos Pieces of music composed by Beethoven, the famous German composer. guy Dante Dante Alighieri (1265 - 1321); Italian poet, author singe of the poem Divine Comedy comprising the ’Inferno.... ’the Purgatorio’ and ’the Paradiso’. The gridi Inferno is a description of Hell. banti mosaid of Santa Sophia famous Church in Istanbul containing beautiful smth pavements.

crooners singers of popular sentimental songs. A storm in a cocktail the usual phrase is a storm in a tea-cup meaning exaggerated fuss. Mr. Jack Payne & Mr. well-known dance band leaders. Henry Hall
6. pretentiousness showiness. amusement-mongers those who spread amusement. the clansant tea witih dancing. madrigal an unaccompanied song. peers equals. ribald vulgar. Racine Jean Racinie (1639 - 99); French playwright famous for his tragedies. Stravinsky (1882 - 1972) Russian composer renowned for his experiments in music. Cezanne (1839 - 1906) French impressionist painterguffaw A loud laugh Mrs. Lea vis Q. D. Leavis, critic and teacher priggishness a sense of over-precise morals. kow-tow Chinese ceremony, figuratively used to mean selfabasement. stiffnecked stuck-up. jettisoned abandoned.

Sinclair Lewts (1885 - 1951) American novelist and the first American writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize. Babbitt a novel by S. Lewis whose maini character rebels against middleclass society. The word has been adopted into the language to describe a social type. mediumistic séance a meeting of people who believe in spiritualism. A medium - a person through whom spirits are said to communicate. guy fellow singed slightly burnt. gridiron a grating for cooking over a fire. banter to joke or jest at another. smirk To smile affectedly.
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