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Curriculum Vitae
Koç University Department of Philosophy Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey

Office #: 90 212 338 1622 Email:

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Minors in Philosophy, German Literature and Medieval Literature. (1996)

Dissertation: The Approach of the Unpresentable: The Sublime and the Language of the Lyric.

Committee: Prospero Saiz (Director); Ivan Soll, Philosophy; Fannie Lemoine, Classics and Comparative Lit; Reinhold Grimm, German and Comparative Lit.
M.A. in Comparative Literature and Philosophy. University of Wisconsin-Madison. (1989)
B.S. in Philosophy. University of Wisconsin-Madison. (1981)

(Philosophy) Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art; Phenomenology and Deconstruction; Kant and German Idealism.

(Literature) The Lyric; Modernism; Postmodernism.

(Philosophy) 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy. Environmental Ethics.

(Literature) Romanticism; Medieval Literature.

German, Turkish (high proficiency); French (proficient); Spanish, Latin, Classical Greek (Reading knowledge)

  • Assistant Professor (Doçent), Department of Philosophy. Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey (2013- )

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy. Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey. (2008-13)

  • Honorary Scholar, Department of Comparative Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison. (2006)

  • Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Literature Program. Koç University. (1999-2006)

  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of American Literature and Culture. Bilkent University.

Ankara, Turkey. (1997-98)

  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of English Literature and Humanities, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus. (1996-97)

  • Visiting Lecturer, Comparative Literature Dept., University of Wisconsin-Madison. (1995-96)

(15) “History, Historicism and the Task of Philosophy. Badiou contra Heidegger.” Method in Philosophy, Istanbul: Yeditepe University Press. Alberto Siani and Saffet Barbur, eds. Winter 2016.
(14) “Poesis and Praxis”; “Literature”. Article entries for The Nancy Dictionary. Peter Gratton and Marie-Eve Morin, eds. Edinburgh University Press. ISBN: 978-0748646456
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(12) “The Art of the Brain. The Emergence of Neuroaesthetics as a Field in Science and Philosophy.” Cogito 76, A Journal for Turkish Philosophy. Istanbul Turkey. Fall 2013.
(11) “Morality without the Law. Reconsidering Arendt’s Idea of the Banality of Evil,” Cogito 75, Summer 2013. Special Issue on Political Philosophy. Published in Turkish Translation: “Yasasız Ahlak: Arendt’in Kötülüğün Sıradanlığı Düşüncesi Üzerine Tekrar Düşünme”
(10) “Transcendence and Life: Nietzsche on the Death of God,” Kaygi. Uludağ University Journal of Philosophy. Vol. 20. Spring 2013. ISSN: 1303-4251.
(9) “Evil and the Experience of Freedom: Nancy on Schelling and Heidegger.” Research in Phenomenology, Vol. 39 (2009) 374-400.
(8) “Writing the Caesura: The Bird of Nothing and Other PoemsAbraxas, A Journal for Poetry. Vol. 44/45, Spring 2006. Abraxas Press, Madison WI. Ingrid Markhardt, Editor-in-Chief.
(7) “Sonlu Özgürlük, Sonlu Topluluk: Jean-Luc Nancy’nin Düşüncesine Bir Giriş”. A translation into Turkish of “Finite Freedom, Finite Community: an Introduction to the work of Jean-Luc Nancy,” by Ömer Albayrak. Çağdaş Fransız Düşüncesi Epos Yayınları, (2004). 157-78.
(6) “The Paradox of Experience: Black Art and Black Idiom in the Poetry of Amiri Baraka.” African American Review, Vol. 37, No. 2 & 3, (Summer/Fall 2003).
(5) “Lebenswelt and Technoscience. Husserl’s Crisis of the European Sciences Reconsidered.” Yeditepe Philosophy, Vol 2. (May 2003).
(4) “William Carlos Williams and the American Idiom”. Literary Studies: Beginnings and

Ends. Nicholas Pagan and William S. Haney, eds. University Press of America. (2001) 65-78.
(3) “Ethnic Studies: A Few Questions and Problems.” Tezcatlipoca: A Journal for Chicano and Ethnic Studies. Vol. 1, Issue 1. Spring 2000.
(2) “Ethnic Identities, Auto-Texts: Autobiography and Cultural Theory”, in The Changing Face of English Literary and Culture Studies in a Transitional Environment. Edwin Mellen Press, 1999. Pp. 40-51.
(1) Dictionary of Twentieth Century Culture: The African American Culture Volume. Bruccoli Clark, Layman, Inc. (Editor-in-Chief: Sandra Adell). December, 1996.

(1) “Exposition: Jean-Luc Nancy and the Ends of Art.” Theory, Culture, Society (Special Issue on Jean-Luc Nancy forthcoming in 2017)
(2) “Jacques Rancière’s new Sensus Communis.” Forthcoming in Jacques Ranciére. SUNY Press, Gary Aylesworth, ed. (Book of Essay on Jacques Ranciere forthcoming 2017).

(1) “Luce Irigary and Jean-Luc Nancy. Origin, Facticity and La Question du Sexe.” Journal of the CRNS. (Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Paris, France.)

(2) “On Hannah Arendt’s ‘Banality of Evil’. Between Thoughtlessness and Sensus Communis.” Philosophical Inquiries. An Journal of Philosophy. (Submitted June 10, 2016).

(1) “Towards a political ontology of violence: Image, Reality, Perception.” An essay to be presented at the NWO Internationalization Project: Towards a political ontology of violence. An EU-funded 3-year workshop to be held this year in Lisbon, Portugal, Oct. 24-26, 2016. To be published as proceedings.
(1) The Unpresentable. The Sublime in Modern Aesthetics.

Description: A book-length study of the importance of the idea of the sublime both in philosophical aesthetics and in contemporary art. Recently there has been considerable discussion and debate in the philosophy of art concerning the nature and function of the “aesthetics of the sublime” as proposed by Kant in the Critique of Judgment. Kant’s theory has been highly influential, especially in a number of theories concerning the postmodern. My study addresses several of the most important of these appropriations of the Kantian sublime that have been employed to evaluate the development of certain key tendencies in modern art and indeed, of the fate of modern art itself. Those theories include several in the phenomenological tradition, specifically, Heidegger and Gadamer, and in the deconstructive tradition, including Jean-Luc Nancy and Jean-Francois Lyotard

  • Reviewer for Cogito, a Journal of Turkish Philosophy. 2011-2014

  • Contributing Assistant Editor, Dictionary of the Twentieth Century. The African-American Culture Volume (Bruccoli, Clark, Layman Publishers, Inc.) (1995-6)

  • Referee. Yeditepe Philosophy. Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. (2007-2012)


  • Harvard University Visiting Summer Scholar Research Fellowship. July-September 2013. Harvard University, Cambridge MA.

  • Koç University Research Fellowship in the Department of Philosophy, UW-Madison, Fall 2006.

  • DAAD Summer Fellowship. Universität Regensburg, Germany. Summer 2004.

LECTURES AND PRESENTATIONS (selected from the last 10 years)

  • “Luce Irigary and Jean-Luc Nancy. Origin, Facticity and La Question du Sexe.” Twenty-Fifth Annual International Philosophical Seminar. Reading Luce Irigary’s Speculum of the Other Woman. 26 June–6 July 2016. Alto Adige, Italy.

  • “Facticity and Sexuality.” Symposium with Jean-Luc Nancy. April 17, 2016. Held in Strasbourg and Istanbul.

  • “Violent Forgettings: A Militant Anti-History of Philosophy”. Twenty-Fourth Annual International Philosophical Seminar: Reading Alain Badiou’s Manifestoes for Philosophy. 28 June–7 July 2015. Alto Adige, Italy.

  • “The Passing of Art: Jean-Luc Nancy’s Response to Hegel.” PHILHIST 2015. History of Philosophy Conference. 14-16 May, 2015. Nâzım Himet Cultural Center-Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey. Sponsored by DAKAM and TÜBİTAK.

  • “The New Sensus Communis.” A paper delivered at the International Philosophical Seminar, “Reading Jacques Ranciere’s Aisthesis”, June 28, 2014. Kastelruth, Italy. (To be expanded into a full-length article to be published in a volume on Jacques Ranciere with SUNY Press)

  • “The Fiction of the Neutral.” A Paper delivered at the Symposium for Phenomenology: “The Neutral In Question.” Perugia, Italy, July 4, 2014. (The paper serves as part of my book project on Hegel and Aesthetics.) (

  • “On the Advantages and Disadvantages of Neuroaesthetics for Life.” Koc University Conference on Biology, Neuroscience and Philosophy. May 23-24. Istanbul, Turkey.

  • “The Outside of Phenomenology. Jean-Luc Nancy on Sense and World.” To be presented at the Conference Phenomenology and its Futures, Society of Australasian Philosophy and Phenomenology Annual Meeting. University of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa. March 30, 2013.

  • “The Eternal Recurrence of the Self.” 2012 International Association of Philosophy and Literature, Talinn, Estonia, June 2. A panel on Nietzsche organization and chaired by myself.

  • “Two Versions of Exteriority. Jean Lyotard contra Bernard Stiegler.” 2012 International Philosophical Seminar on Bernard Stiegler’s Time and Technics. Bolzano, Italy.

  • “Art and the Absence of the World. Jean-Luc Nancy’s Les Muses.” International Philosophical Seminar, Bolzano, Italy, June 30-July 9, 2011.

  • “Topography and Truth in Jacques Ranciere’s The Politics of Aesthetics.” International Philosophical Seminar on Giorgio Agamben’s Homo Sacer, Bolzano, Italy, July 1-10, 2010.

  • “Heidegger on Dasein and Sexual Difference. A response to Ellen Mortensen.” Gender/Sexual Difference. A Reconsideration. International Symposium held in Istanbul, April 24, 2010.

  • “On Agamben: Bare Life, Bare Language and the Abyss of Sovereign Power.” International Philosophical Seminar on Giorgio Agamben’s Homo Sacer, Bolzano, Italy, July 2-9, 2009.

  • “Carnap and Einstein on Meaning and Metaphysics.” First Annual Philosophy Department Symposium, Koç University. November 20, 2008

  • “Orhan Pamuk’s The Black Book.” A lecture delivered at the Livingston Library, Livingston, Montana, USA. Sponsored by Montana State University. July 25, 2007

  • “Writing Amidst the Ruins. On Orhan Pamuk.” International Association of Philosophy and Literature. Annual Meeting. Nicosia, Greek Republic of Cyprus, June 5, 2007. A panel organized and chaired by Patrick Roney.

  • “Jean-Luc Nancy on Evil and the Experience of Freedom.” 2006 joint Colloquium of Comparative Literature and Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, December 7, 2005.

  • “The Duplicity of the Imaginary: Psychoanalysis and Revolt.” International Philosophial Seminar. Bolzano, Italy. July 3-9, 2005.

  • “What is at stake in Art Today? Reflections on Maurice Blanchot's The Writing of the DisasterInternational Association of Philosophy and Literature, Helsinki, Finland. June 1-5, 2005.

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